Stop and Adopt These 8 Healthy Eating Habits

Eating being quintessential for human survival is one of the things we do everyday on a loop. Plus healthy eating habits are even more...

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20 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

In this face-paced world, it is super essential to keep our mind, body, and soul healthy. It is believed that it takes us 21...

11 Things To Know Before You Turn Vegan

'Veganism,' as they say, is a practice of abstaining from using animal products, especially in your diet. One who refuses to use animal products...

Has the Commercialization of Festivals Withered their Real Importance?

Modernization has hit the world hard. The way puberty is to teenagers, commercialization is to festivals. With each passing era, the definition of a...

10 Fermented Foods For A Healthy Gut

Fermented Foods are simple to make, delicious to eat, and are loaded with goodness that keeps us healthy and improves our immunity. Fermentation is...


Is Anorexia a rising hidden disorder?

TRIGGER WARNING: ANOREXIA What Is Anorexia? Anorexia is a psychological eating disorder, which impacts people drastically that they get tormented to gain even an inch of...


20 Small, Cute And Elite Dogs To Adopt!

Dogs are one of the most adorable animals there is, and hence justifiably, are the number one pet animal in the entire world. They...


Summer Fashion Trends 2020 You Should Try ASAP

Since a new season is just around the corner, the opportunity for new summer fashion trends in fashion is also here to create a...


Homemade Granola & It’s 3 Delicious Variations

Eating nice, healthy breakfasts are a big part of having a good lifestyle. Having said that on most days I feel like I wake...

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