9 Reasons Why Paulo Coelho Is One Of The Best Writers


With more than 1,000,000 books being published per year, it is quite a quest to select the bestsellers, the best writers, the highly absurd books, and so on. But most importantly, it is crucial to choose the book that has the mileage to win the most hearts. That is where Paulo Coelho comes in!

A good writer manages to capture and project a beautiful story in a book. A best-selling book must have the power to communicate with the readers, and must not be created with the sole intention to gain popularity in the market.

Stories that are unique and compelling to the readers can make a difference in people’s way of thinking are worthy enough to be the best. Moreover, it is only the best of the writers who can compose a worthy book. And as mentioned before, here enters Paulo Coelho, one of the best writers today. Don’t agree? Here is a series of arguments to suggest why Paulo Coelho is one of the best writers today.

1) Paulo Coelho’s Books Are More Than Just Stories

Paulo Coelho - books
Source- Amazon

Paulo Coelho is what we call a gem and, he is definitely one of a kind in the field of writing. His works speak more than just a mere tale. It tells you heights of morality, it gives you hope, it gifts you something to hold on to, it will overwhelm you with pleasure, and it will provide you a chance to be aghast with surrealism.

2) His Words Possess Magic

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This Brazil based author works with practicality in the circle of spirituality. Coelho’s writing style is quite refreshing and not-so-conventional, definitely in a good way. His stories are exquisitely designed in words that come across as magical. He has a format that he sticks to, which is alluring in many ways.

3) He Is The Author Of The Alchemist

Source- IMDb

I win right here with this argument. The Alchemist is a story, which stays deeply engraved in every avid reader’s heart and mind. I am going to leave it just here, because much of a description is not required when it comes to this book.

4) His Works Are Always Interesting

Source- The Bloggers Club

As you read along with the chapters of his books, you will get more and more drawn into his storytelling style. You will find new meanings disguised in every line of his books. There is something about Paulo Coelho’s works that directs your whole attention into it. His books are highly recommended to people who are only beginning their journey as readers.

5) He Is A Teacher

Source- Medium

All his books are based on moral values and often signify the importance of believing in oneself. His statements about the fundamental realities of life are mind boggling. You will learn novel perceptions and develop a mature outlook towards life and yourself. In simpler words, Coelho gives you something via his stories – the best of all gifts.

6) He Will Make You A Believer

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As the previous point suggests, Coelho gives something to his readers, a belief. His perception about faith in life, and the flourishing sense of hope in heart will provide you with a chance to believe in the power of the universe, and realize the fact that it has got your back, no matter what.

7) His Books Are Uniquely Written

Source- Amazon

While The Alchemist remains to be his best-marketed book, all his other works are just as deserving to be read. Every story is different and carries a message that needs to be told. While his book Veronika Decides to Die explores the notion of suicidal thoughts and the ways to overcome one’s fear of life, Coelho’s another book Eleven Minutes makes the readers experience erotica and romance genres (without any vulgarity, I must add, unlike other erotica-themed books, not that there’s any shame in that) in a single book. All his books are special in their ways.

8) Simple, Yet Captivating Writing

Source- BBC

A good writer knows how to tell, a brilliant writer knows how to communicate, and Paulo Coelho is one of the brilliant writers. He never uses heavy vocabulary or tries to overdo his writing. He is simply a SIMPLE storyteller. Therefore, his writings have attracted millions of reading enthusiasts.

9) An Inspiration

Source- Everyday Power

Paulo Coelho was once called crazy and a freak, as all the geniuses are usually called in the beginning of their career by the blind, conformist society. His attitude about taking a stand made him gain this label, but he never let it bother him or his journey towards achieving his dreams. Even today, he is extremely criticized for his strong viewpoints.

Once a classic hippie, this man has fought his battles over time. Thus, he rightfully deserves all the fame he has acquired today.

We are all different individuals, and everyone has varied ideas and models of thought. It is only natural for people to feel attracted to distinct works of art. Paulo Coelho may or may not be your favorite, but no one can deny his powerful writings, which definitely makes him one of the best writers of the time.

20 Small, Cute And Elite Dogs To Adopt!


Dogs are one of the most adorable animals there is, and hence justifiably, are the number one pet animal in the entire world. They are also loyal, fun, and loving animals who will get instantly attached to their owners. And who doesn’t want that? No one! Humans crave an excellent companion, just like any dog.

But sometimes, it becomes challenging for some people to home a dog because of their scanty apartment house or any other reason and hence choose to shelter a small dog breed. And if you are one of those people, you have come to the right place.

List Of 20 Small, Cute Dog Breeds To Adopt!


Everything a Pug Owner Needs to Know About Taking Care of Their Dog |  Better Homes & Gardens

Pugs are one of the warmest and cheerful pets of all. They are only 10-13 inches high, so notably petite.


How to identify a Pure-bred and Healthy Beagle puppy | Beagle Care
Source: beaglecare

Want an intelligent, gentle, and tiny dog? Beagle is for you then. You can cuddle with them all day and night; they won’t mind at all.

Australian Terrier-

Australian Terrier Breed Information Guide: Facts And Pictures | BARK
Source: bark post

They are pretty friendly dogs with an energetic heart and could easily suit small apartments.

Indian Spitz-

Source: Wallpaper Cave

If native Indian is what you want, why look more? They are excellent guard dogs, along with their playful persona.

Scottish Terrier-

Keeping your Scottie Physically and Mentally Fit – Ready, Set, Puppy!
Source: readysetpuppy

They are adorably peculiar. A bit sporty and will be ready to tag along with you everywhere. And if you get bored, sit and stare at their charming face.


Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Dog Breed Information - American Kennel Club

They are a scarce dog breed. You could look at them and wail with cuteness because they are the cutest dog there is.

Lhasa Apso-

Source: Daily Paws

You can call them from a good long-distance, and they will come running to you, such is their hearing sensibility. They love their owner a little too much. But too much is not a thing when it comes to animal love?


Source: Wallpaper Access

If small is what you need, the dachshund breed must allure you. They are nimble and love to play with their owner and even with other dog breeds.


Everything You Need To Know About The White Pomeranian - All Things Dogs –  All Things Dogs
Source: allthingsdogs

One of India’s most popular dog breeds, Pomeranians, are intelligent and social dogs who love attention. Also, they bark a lot.

Toy Poodles-

Toy Poodle Puppies: More Than Just Cuteness! - Simply For Dogs
Source: simplyfordogs

They fit tiny houses and small families very pleasantly. Poodles are the second most intelligent dog breed in the world. They can be trained and love new games.

Shih Tzu-

9 Things You Didn't Know About the Shih Tzu – American Kennel Club

Much like Lhasa apso, they love their owners a lot. They are happy, a bit stubborn, and affectionate dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier-

Yorkshire Terrier - Full Profile, History, and Care
Source: thesprucepets

Gorgeously proud animals, Yorkshire terriers are very much befitted for the saying bold and beautiful.

Also, they are small.


Things You May Want to Know About the Applehead Teacup Chihuahua – Petsmont
Source: petsmont

They might be the only dog breed on this list that could be a bit aggressive; at least they have a reputation. But they are also active and vibrant pups.

French Bulldog-

French Bulldog, Dog Breed & Advice, Size & Life Expectancy, Learn More
Source: prettypup

If you are looking for a friend in a dog, a French bulldog might be just the perfect breed for you. They are the best companion dogs, and you can laugh at their farts all day long. Yes, they fart a lot, A LOT.


Bulldogs | Cesar's Way
Source: ceasarsway

Bulldogs are highly obedient and docile pets to own. They will try to shield you and love you with their most genuine heart.

Cocker Spaniel-

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information
Source: vetstreet

They might be a few inches higher than all the other dogs on the list; we can call cocker spaniel medium heightened with their 36 cm to 43 cm body. They are no way you will find a more quiet, loving, and beautiful dog breed. They are just so pretty.

Jack Russel Terrier-

Jack Russell Terrier | Description & Facts | Britannica
Source: britainnica

You might be thinking- I need a small dog but also one who is immensely bold, fearless and energetic, and, also yeah, cute. How is that even possible?

Well, worry no more. Jack is just what you need.


Phalène - Dog Breed Information ( Health, Appearance, Personality, &
Source: ohmylovelypets

They are just as sharp as they look. They are pleasant to have around and will crave to go on walks every day.

Miniature Pinscher-

Miniature Pinscher
Source: dogster

They are one of the most playful breeds with witty genes. Miniature Pinscher is elegant and could perfectly brighten up your life.

Indian Stray-

cute, small dogs
Source: Unsplash

The ones who need more love, respect, and a home.

So find your best companion and give them a home!

Glow up!- 20 Things You Must Eat To Radiate Wellness.

How many glow up videos on YouTube or Instagram reels have you watched of one-day ‘so-called’ instant glow up that only contains a parlour visit and an excellent expensive shower? Uh, God! Could this be any more a façade? Yes, to burst your bubble, you don’t get glowed up in one SINGLE day, just by flowering some money here and there. It takes internal cleansing and overall healthy consumption of fruits and veggies to have an authentic effect that will stay with you for a reasonable amount of time until the next glow up.

Social media and everything you consume out of it is too fake to believe, hence get yourself over here and invest in items that will purify you internally, both mentally and physically.

Here Are 20 Foods You Can Eat To Have The Best Glow Up!


Tomatoes for glow up
Source: Healthline

Eating tomatoes can have such a health benefit on your skin that you are deeply unaware of. Other than the undeniable metabolic health benefit, they are very much rich in carotenoids and contain a good amount of Vitamin C, which boosts one’s immune system and activates skin-glow.


Source: Alabama Extension

Well, well, well, water! It is no secret that water provides the most necessary aid to one’s body and skin. No one can deny the infinite list of benefits that we obtain from drinking a good amount of water daily, ranging from gorgeous hair to better mental health and even fewer period cramps. It washes away all the ‘negative’ substances from the body. It makes your skin clear and radiating, and it is the most simple and effective remedy for a glow up!


Source: Chemistry World

Ginger is that underrated food item that is miraculously potent in providing necessary treatment to one’s body. Ginger is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It helps in treating dark spots and enriches the production of collagen. You can also put ginger in as many meals as possible to get the best glow up effect.


Source: Chef’s Mandala

This glorious fruit, avocado, is again a perfect breakfast requirement that you must pack your fridge with. Avocados is again a brilliant remedy in diagnosing many skin ills. It beautifully nourishes and quite nicely softens the skin overall. It also helps in reducing stress, how about that?

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
Source: The Indian Express

Something that is not entirely known to many people is that sweet potatoes help in many-many ways. It not only increases skin growth but also fights away skin ageing. Also, they are incredibly delicious, aren’t they? Sweet potatoes make your glow up tasty and effective!

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens
Source: Harvard Health

Growing up, we learned that eating greens is vital, but did we take it seriously, and have we inculcated the habit of digesting good greens daily? I doubt so! But the benefits of these leafy greens, like kale and spinach, are very crucial. Once we get used to their taste, we find its best since they are motivated by antioxidants.


Source: Verywell Health

Remember Jack and his magic beans? Though the ‘normal’ beans are not as magical as the ones Jack had, it does have sort of magical effects on your skin. You can find visible changes in your body internally and externally once you begin to have a daily dose of these yummy beans. You will notice your glow up soon once you add beans to your diet.


Source: Unsplash

The taste of beetroot might not be universally loved, but we can arguably say that the health benefits, and of course, glow up benefits obtained by it, are tremendous. It is strong with vitamin C; beetroots are just another great fruit to add to your diet. It clears away the dead skin. If you don’t want to eat it, you can also apply it as a face pack.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice
Source: Healthy Recipes 101

Yes, lemon juice is not only excitingly tasty but also thoroughly healthy. It clears away all the dirt particulars off the skin and even decreases all the amount of oil. Don’t think twice about it, and mix some lemon juice in your water. Now!


Source: Live Eat Learn

Why do rabbits are ever-glowing, energetic, and beautiful creatures? Is it because their favourite meal is, well, carrots? We would leave this to be researched by authentic scientists. A natural bent tan-protection element, carrots help in reducing skin-damaging and ageing. Again, get your glow up on with nourishing carrots!


Source: Britainnica

Egg whites are another perfect solution for rough and damaging skin. It helps in improving the skin texture and motivates a good glow up.


Source: gardening know how

Watermelons are our favourite fruit in the summers (sorry, mangoes-shippers). Apart from gifting radiance to your face, it also works in helping clear and reducing body waste.


Source: country living magazine

This tasty and beautiful-looking fruit is rich with alpha-hydroxylic acid and hence is another great die product. It helps in applying a gorgeous glow to your face. Don’t miss it!


Source: Havard health

Kiwis are the most underrated fruit of all. They are immensely needed for your glow-up routine. Make sure you eat kiwis if you work late and are often attacked with puffy eyes.


Source: yummy toddler food

Why eat only one beneficial stuff at a time? Smoothies are a tremendous skin-improving medicine you must drink. Also, these smoothies are genuinely health-boosting.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate
Source: eMedi Health

Oh, Oh! Did you not just jumped after reading this? I know, right. Dark chocolates are not just tasted delicacies but also great skin moisturizing help. They help in beautifying you.

Green Tea

Green tea

We know how helpful and recommended green teas are for burning carbs and maintaining a healthy body. It is high time also to acknowledge how beneficial it is for the skin too. Switch your coffee or milk tea for some green tea, and notice the benefits!


Source: live science

Yes, yes, and again, yes, you can use it as a face mask or even as just a part of your dinner salad, yet it will help you get that celebrity glow up.


Source: thespruceeats

Turmeric is not only a taste-booster of your sad and dull meals but also is an excellent skin-beautifying food item that you don’t want to miss. They make your skin soft and lights it from within. It is an excellent antioxidant and gives you’re a stunning skin.


Source: thespruceeats

Now we will talk about this delicious fruit that we all love wholeheartedly. It is patented, primarily acting as an anti-ageing fruit, but at the same time, pomegranate is a fantastic elastin-producing fruit that we can easily afford to eat amongst our usual meals. It would be best if you had this in your salad (fruit salad, obviously) as well.

In Conclusion

Don’t trust the trends, please. An internal glow up is the HONEST glow up. Plus, it’s healthier! Add these fantastic foods to your diet, and let us know the results!

What to Wear On A First Date?

Isn’t the first date quite nerve-wracking? You stress out several times for a million things. You panic over everything, thinking whether your date will go right. One of the biggest concerns is undoubtedly your choice of clothes and the overall look that you display. It is believed that clothes tell a lot about a person, and people tend to read them based on their choice of outfit. Thus, you need to make a statement with your chosen outfit so that your date’s eyes are stuck on you, admiring your presence the entire time.

One thing to be understood is that your outfit choice will change as per the venue and the timings of the date. It will not be impressive if you wear a pair of casual jeans to a dinner date and black midi dress to a coffee date. It sounds more like a date blunder!

For the first date, make sure you don’t overdo it. Make sure you are clad in garbs that make you look elegant and flawless. Furthermore, you must stay confident and comfortable in your outfit. Don’t force yourself to wear something that is not up to your standards or comfort level.

So don’t worry, pondering over your date attire because we have got your back. Sit back and read along to find just the perfect outfit for your date.

1) Brunch Date

Brunch as a first date
Source- Pinterest

Don’t go wearing a sophisticated maroon dress for your 11 AM brunch date. You don’t wish to look intimidating on your first date, right? A brunch date look should be creative, artistic and kind of funky. Wear light makeup and sexy hoops to match your attire.

You can choose to wear a funky crop top with ripped jeans. It is the most winning and easy outfit that will help you achieve a significant look. The funky-ness can be added by a top that has a dauntless colour pattern or rash quotes written all over it. With this, get overly tattered jeans to bring out the best look possible. The other outfit idea for a brunch date is a cool t-shirt dress. This dress is prominent in fashion today. Wear a messy bun with cat eye makeup to complement your attire.

2) Coffee Date

Source- Pinterest

If your first date is getting coffee, you should go for something cute, plain, straightforward, yet fab. Trust me; you don’t need bold highlights or clothes to appear for the coffee date. Just be comfy in whatever you wear.

Wearing an off-shoulder ruffle frock will make you look dinky and adorable on your coffee date. With this, wear glossy lipstick and wedge heels to look exceedingly good. The other outfit suggestion would be a lace tank top with a pair of shorts. Drop your blunt tunes and raise your vibrancy with a very trendy lace tank top and low-rise short pants or simply a pair of shorts. Pair this chic and casual look, and you will appear gorgeous for your coffee date.

3) Evening Date

Source- Pinterest

Evening dates as a first date are mostly the trickiest ones. You get confused about whether to look casual or spirited. Well, don’t you worry. Here are some suggested outfits that will make your evening date look a hundred per cent win.

A bustier top paired with a skirt will be a good choice for your evening date. This bold top is enough for you to shine like a star on your evening date. Pair it with a skirt to attain the best look. Tie your hair into a high ponytail if you have long hair, or clutch it with a cute tic-tac clutcher if your hair is short.

If you are not in the mood to wear a skirt and bustier top, go ahead with a jumpsuit of any pattern. Remember when jumpsuits were the go-to outfit for any outing? It still manages to be in vogue, just like the old days. Wear a jumpsuit to give yourself a sophisticated and spunky style to carry on the evening date.

4) Dinner Date

Source- Pinterest

Dinner dates are meant for unleashing your inner diva. Wear bold makeup with an emphasis on eye makeup to look bold and hot. Your first date will be a success if you’re feeling great. And how do you feel great? By looking the part. For your first dinner date, wear a well-fitting dress or something that you’re comfortable in and makes you feel sexy.

Tulip skirt dress is in trend, and there is no going wrong with this if you were to wear it on your first date. You can choose to wear silhouette sandals or even normal-edged heels to complete the look. If you like being experimental and daring with outfits, then choose a jacket to wear with a long casual maxi dress. You can awaken and embrace the queen within you with this dress.

In Conclusion

So experiment with the above suggestions and go on your first date wearing your perfect outfit. However, don’t forget that being your true confident self is what matters the most. No matter how clichéd it sounds, just be yourself and charm your date with your true personality! Happy first date!

9 Myths And Facts About Rabbits As Pets


Rabbits are one of the most beloved pets of all time. They are adorable and sensitive. Even after being immensely adored, rabbits are mistreated and abandoned as pets. Often people tend to disown them when they feel ‘bored’. There are many misconceptions about raising and nurturing rabbits as pets. People with zilch knowledge about bunnies and their lifestyle initially shelter them and later fail to give them a nourishing abode. This results in rabbits’ miserable conditions.

So, are rabbits an easy pet to take care of?

Well, the answer to the question is a ‘yes’ and a huge ‘no’. Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits prefer to be in a group or at least in pairs. They require attention and love in a considerate amount. They will make sure to let you know when to be engaged with them and when to leave them alone.

Rabbits are pure vegetarians. Hence, they eat everything green like hay, fresh veggies, weed, etc. You would have to refill their food and water bowls at least thrice a day. One of the most common facts about rabbits as pets is that they are always hungry and will rankle around you until you feed them.

You have to be consistent and friendly with them, as they might feel lonely in the initial days in the new surroundings. They require personal space on some days when they don’t seem as active as on the average days.

So let’s get to know the basic myths and facts about rabbits as pets that many people might not know. By this, you can bust the rabbit myths to take care of your lovely pet.

1) Myth- They Need No Company

rabbits as pets.
Source- Blue Cross

Rabbits as pets do love playing, running, or in general, having fun. They crave human affection. They are socially and physically interactive.

2) Myth- No Grooming Sessions Required

Rabbit being groomed
Source: The Spruce Pets

One of the basic myths about having rabbits as pets is that rabbits are pretty low-maintenance, which is not true. Just like other pets, bunnies need conventional conditioning, regular nail trimming and bathing.

3) Myth- Short Lifespan

Source: The Spruce Pets

You will hear people say that rabbits as pets live up to a maximum of 4 years, which is a rabbit myth. Their average lifespan is 7-8 years, and the healthy ones could even touch up to 12 years. So, if you are caring enough to keep your rabbits in a healthy and sustainable environment, they will live a longer life.

4) Myth- Love To Be Cuddled

Cuddling rabbit
Source: Youtube

Originally being prey animals, pet rabbits possess an intuitive nature to revolt when held in an embrace. Hence, some rabbits may not like to be cuddled or raised. But they never detest human touch in general. You could gently pat them or kiss them. They will relish it.

5) Myth- Can be Left Alone For A Few Days

Sad rabbit
Source: Everything Bunnies

Pet rabbits loathe being left alone besides during their nap time. According to the facts, they would seek you and run around you to get your attention. Leaving a bunny alone for more than 8 hours will probably daunt them. If you are a full-time working person who lives alone, a rabbit may not be the best choice for you as a pet.

6) Myth- Rabbits Don’t Like To Play

Rabbit eating
Source: Best Friends Resources

This stands true to a certain extent. Bunnies are a bit lazy, but they require muscle training like dogs. They engage in a little less vigorous workout compared to dogs. They love to run with their human parent. They will follow your hands and play around with inanimate objects. So, make sure you rabbit-proof your house before taking up rabbits as pets.

7) Myth- It Is Okay To Keep Them Caged

Caged rabbit
Source: The Guardian

With no adequate familiarity and knowledge, many owners like to leave their pets in the cage for more than 24 hours, which is brutal. Rabbits begin to exasperate if they are shut in a cage for too long. It’s essential to ensure that rabbits get a good amount of time to wander around and play.

8) Myth- They Are Messy And Smelly

Rabbits as pets.
Source: Petsial

Out of all the facts about rabbits, this one has to be the biggest lie out of all the myths about rabbits because bunnies are experts in personal grooming. They keep themselves clean and make sure that they don’t exude bad odour.

9) Myth About Rabbits And Babies

Baby and rabbit.
Source: HuffPost

A lot of people ignore the fact that rabbits are sensitive creatures. Kids are naïve enough to get a hold of rabbits in a bit of a harsh manner. They might tightly clasp the ears of your rabbit and could end up hurting the little pet. You cannot keep a living creature to amuse and entertain your kids. If you want to keep rabbits as pets, you need to know the pros and cons of keeping them by not getting blinded by the rabbit myths.

In Conclusion

Rabbits as pets are indeed amazing to own. They want owners who cherish them just like their own children. They will delight and warm your heart. Furthermore, they will reciprocate the same love that you shower upon them. If you are ready to get a rabbit, make sure you give them a good life. But also take the necessary precautions before bringing them into your life and home.