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10 Astonishingly Underpaid Jobs That Deserve More Salary

While growing up, we all had dreams to become something. We did not care about the money or the salary we would receive by doing those jobs; we just cared about our dreams and passions.

And then, as we grow up, we are required to care for the finance that comes with the job. It becomes the reality of choosing a profession. You are also made to understand that money comes with hard work. But soon, you realize that some jobs are too underpaid.

On that note, here is the list of 10 most underpaid jobs that deserve more salary

1. Teachers

Underpaid Jobs That Deserve More Salary
Source: Texas A$M Today

Teachers are the most hardworking people on this planet. Their job is to create leaders, scientists, artists, sportsperson, etc. It is not easy; we all know it. We see them standing from the first ray of the day till the last bell. We hear them speak all day long. Be it any teacher and most of them (if not all); they give their best in providing knowledge. If they don’t deserve the best salary, then I don’t know who does.

2. Psychologists and mental therapists

Underpaid Jobs That Deserve More Salary
Source: Online PshycologyDegree Guide

Mental therapists are not just the most underpaid workers, but also they are not given most of the respect they deserve. They are not just ‘doctors for crazy people’; they treat humans and shed new life upon them. While even today, many Indians parents tell their children to become an MBBS doctor, not any other. Isn’t it just the worst? Psychologists and therapists deserve more salaries.

3. Maids and house-helpers

Underpaid Jobs That Deserve More Salary
Source: Work Wave

Everyone knows how much work they put into doing their jobs. They hardly own any holidays and even after that their salary is minimum. Apart from the financial help they are given, the amount of respect they deserve is even more. They clean and help us greatly, but are we at least respecting their hard work? Uhm. Something to think about.

4. Nurses

Source: India TV News

Doctors are the most respected profession today (and we are not complaining at all, they highly deserve it), and they are paid well too (again, not complaining), but what about the nurses and other staff? They accommodate vitally in medical tasks and perform the basic yet crucial jobs of the hospital. Their salary is not as much as it should be.

5. Social Worker

Source: Maryville University Online

Forget about the wages they acquire; the brutality performed on social workers and activists is even more inhumane. Many cases have been reported that say that social workers are cruised and even assaulted on the streets. Recently, a case was reported in Delhi, where a social worker who feeds stray animals was beaten up. Is this humanity? Is this how humans treat society?

It is even shameful to point out the salary they receive.

6. Delivery Women/Men

Source: Hey Sigmund

The smile that comes on our face when the delivery-help comes in with our Amazon or Flipkart order (the bubble-ness is literally on the next level when our food is being delivered), but are we at all involved in the person’s hard work? It is literally not that difficult to say thank you to them and give them 5 stars because they deserve so. Next time, keep that in mind.

7. Farmers/Agricultural Workers

Source: The Economic Times

Okay. There is no need to even point out the need to put their name on this list. They deserve it so much. They work for us, they work to fill our stomachs, and they work so hard. In the year 2014, it was reported that 12,360 farmers committed suicide in India. The government ceased putting out reports of farmer’s suicide in 2015.

This is an important issue everyone is responsible to put their hearts into. We need to give what they deserve.

8. Librarians

Source: Book Riot

Again, they are very underpaid workers. We all know how the physical and traditional types of books are polling towards abolishing them at all. With this, the librarians and other library staff too are toning down. Even their salaries have come down at numerous rates.

9. Mechanics

Source: Word Templates Online

Ever, while passing down the road, you noticed some workers in the heat handling the repairing of things? Ever wanted to do that? Obviously not! because it is too tough to do. The money they achieve and the work they do is, is totally incomparable and unjust. They need better, they need more.

10. Traffic Police

10 Underpaid Jobs
Source: Deccan Herald

Another respectful profession that we often tend to ignore is Traffic Officers. The saddest part is, we notice all the hard work they do yet we don’t care to acknowledge it. Traffic Police is another great example of underpaid workers. And there is no actual need to exaggerate why because we have all seen their daily struggles and hard work.

Final Words

Next time you see a person on their job, putting their best efforts, make sure you give the respect they very much deserve. At least, do the bare minimum. Let us give people what they deserve.

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