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10 Best Indian Poetry Societies You Can Join!

If you have a deep endearment for poetry, then why are you still sliding through mere ‘poems and prose’ books? Live the eloquent and intriguing realism that an open mic poetry event spreads and join the poetry society of India. The cheering of the crowd, the refreshing odour of cold beer or the warm coffee, the recitation of emotions, and the effect of everyone’s solicitude that gets mashed up in this surreal ambience that drifts everyone together in the poetry society of India. It is an event that everyone should live in, even if poetry is not really your thing.

Now, where to go for this milieu? Many poetry clubs and organizations have taken a load to bring back the days of artistic poetry and the craze of envelope around it. So hold on to your diary and read further to find out the best Open Mic Poetry platforms in India.

1. Indian Poetry Club

Indian Poetry Club
Source: Twitter

One of the most famous poetry societies in India is the Indian Poetry Club. Started their journey in May 2013, they are highly devoted to engaging the range of poets and their skills. A standard yet comfortable poetry platform in India for everyone to feel the beauty of spoken words.

2. Illusion Open Mic

Illusion Open Mic
Source: Facebook

Illusion Open Mic is a Pune-based poetry society of India, located in Maharashtra. It is one of those poetry clubs that are running in providing a poetry platform in India for young and talented artists to vocalize their minds. You might also get free coffees, and it is always enjoyable, right?

3. The Poetry Club – TPC

The Poetry Club – TPC
Source: 17QQ

The very talented Ankita Shah has made this poetry society of India, and her role is to make people fall in love with poetry culture again, and so far, she is succeeding with her TPC. If you want to be part of this revolution, join the extra-ordinary TPC and let poetry reach the hearts of the millions.

4. Poetry Couture

Poetry Couture
Source: Twitter

Thriving in the 24/7 alive cities of India, also called metropolitan cities, our Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. They mainly venture their inner poets in intimate places like café or parks, gardens. It is one of the most insightful poetry clubs to participate in this poetry society of India. You can recite or just hark to other’s magnificent telling.

5. Poets Corner

Poets Corner
Source: Sup Delhi

This is an Indian-based poetry society of India that brings safe space to young and beaming writers and poets. They organize several events that are fun and engaging. So go at this very second and check out their social media pages.

6. Delhi Poetry Slam

Delhi Poetry Slam
Source: YouTube

The most famous literary poetry society of India, which is based in the capital city of the country. They have published famous poetry books. They are also responsible for organizing one of the biggest poetry writing competitions across India called Wingword.

7. Kaafila

Source: WhatsHOT

Who says no to a Kaafila, right? Here you will find yourself dipped in the very culture and tradition of our beautiful poetry society of India via this amazing poetry open mic. They give you an opportunity to find your voice in the crowd and uniquely present yourself. Definitely an excellent place for the poetry platforms in India.

8. The Social House

The Social House
Source: YouTube

Based in Delhi, they are a very famous poetry clubhouse. They own a successful YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. Find yourself amidst poets and raise your voice in front of their mic. It will be worth it.

9. Poems And Kahaniyan

Poems And Kahaniyan
Source: Events High

This club, too, has a successful venture on social media, including YouTube. If you want the world to hear your poems and ideas, then let this be your platform. Allow yourself to grace your skills and inhale the praise of the crowd by being a part of the poetry society of India.

10. The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

They are recognized as ‘A Poetry Open Mic with a Creative Twist’ and if indeed it is for a very solid reason. They are not only liable for sharing beautiful poems but also provide opportunities to the fellow poets to become pals, amis, and hence organize games as an ice-breaker. Isn’t it fun?

What are you still waiting for? Find your suitable poetry society of India and build an abode to shine through.

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