Health & Wellness10 Realistic Micro Habits to Live a Good Life

10 Realistic Micro Habits to Live a Good Life

The secret to success is the tiny and micro habits that you follow daily. Success is a process, and it requires several months and years. One cannot become successful in their life by following these things and making it a habit. On the other hand, practices bring consistency to your life, thus making you a better person.

Let’s have a look at some of the micro habits to live a good life:

1. Start your day with gratitude:

Micro Habits to Live a Good Life
Source: greatergood

Having a feeling of gratitude daily is very important. It helps you in realizing how privileged you are, and it makes you a humble person. Moreover, it teaches you to be grateful in life, and that is directly proportional to your happiness and peaceful mind.

2. Laugh:

Micro Habits to Live a Good Life
Source: cnn

Laughing is the best medicine, we all have heard it. Laughing produces good hormones and helps your body in making more defense cells. It also maintains skin elasticity and might help you with those wrinkles on your face. So, never forget to laugh and make other people laugh.

3. Drink a glass of water before breakfast:

Micro Habits to Live a Good Life
Source: hopytapy

We sleep at night for long hours and our organs don’t get water. Having a glass of water right after you wake up or before breakfast is one of the best things you can do with your body. It will make you healthy by improving your immune system.

4. Make your bed:

Source: wellandgood

There is something peaceful about making your bed right after you wake up. It makes your room look organized and clean, and you will feel relaxed. A tidy room also boosts your creativity and productivity and you will feel a lot better throughout the day.

5. Look for happy and good conversation topics:

Source: lovepanky

We live in a society where we constantly feel pressure. Having an excellent and meaningful conversation with someone is better than anything else. Good conversations boost your mind and you will be instantly filled up with energy.

6. Slow down at dinner:

Source: nerdynaut

Dinner is the last meal of the day and you will be going to sleep after that. Make sure to have a light and healthy meal at your dinner time. The best way to enjoy your dinner time is with your loved ones after switching off every gadget. Just talk about the whole day while enjoying your healthy meal.

7. Enter your workplace with a smile:

Source: gallup

We all have a stressful life, and most of us hate going to work, but remember that this is the job of helping you lead a better life and fulfil all your dreams. So always make sure to enter your workplace with a smile as it will decide the whole day. It will increase your energy level and you will feel a lot better while working.

8. No screen before bed:

Source: whowhatwear

Make this a habit. There should be no screen before going to bed. Instead, take this time out for yourself. Make sure to meditate before going to bed or read your favorite book. It will help your mind and body relax and you will feel much more rejuvenated the other day.

9. Less caffeine, more water:

Source: self

Caffeine has mostly dominated our adult life. This caffeine might give you instant energy, but it is damaging your body in the longer run. Substituting water with coffee is the best thing that you can do with your body. It will make you healthy and refreshed throughout the day.

10. Keep gossip on minimum:

Source: mentehealth

Gossiping isn’t cool. Try to stay away from any gossip and do not start one by yourself. It just brings down the morale of that other person. You will never like some buzz happening about you. So, why do something like this for someone else? Don’t ever do anything that you wouldn’t want for yourself.

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