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10 Things That Scream Old Money

We can all tell by looking at some people that they are screaming old money. They would have completely different lifestyles, body language, etc. They have every luxury in their lives that people can only dream of.

Let’s have a look at some of the things that scream old money:

1. Horse Sports

Source: thedenvergazette

Events like horse racing are only for the elite people. The entry tickets for these events are very high, and people with old money can only afford it. During these events, people connect with several billionaires and make relationships.

2. History

Source: bizjournals

Old money always has a long history. There is no overnight success or just some miracle that happened in their lives. It is always the utmost hard work and 1% luck. The record is the proof of this and one can always know by looking into it.

3. Family Tree

Source: newyorker

Nothing screams old money harder than the family tree. It shows the presence of all the wealthy people who are a part of that family. These are people who never had a single divorce and they are full with middle names.

4. A member of the board

Source: greatboards

You will always find the people with money being part of several boards. It is benefitting for both of them in several ways. The organizations get someone reputable and wealthy as their board members and the person will make sure to look after their interests.

5. Straightforward answers

Source: independent

People with old money don’t care about offending anyone. They believe in giving straightforward answers and taking the path of truth. They do not worry about hurting other people’s emotions with their truth because in the end, truth is always bitter.

6. Not replacing things until it is necessary

Source: permanentstyle

Being rich doesn’t mean buying endless things and never using them. Rich people are more conscious about these things and they think twice before spending their money on anything. Even if they are spending money, they make sure to buy quality things that they can use to death.

7. Ivy League Universities

Source: bestcolleges

All the old money have attended the best universities in the world. They all have a spectacular alma mater and it is their pride. They know that spending money on education is like an investment. It is always going to bring you fruitful returns.

8. A knowledge of languages, classical music, dance, etc.

Source: barbican

Amazing knowledge in art and culture is one of the signs of old money. It could be an inherited knowledge or an acquired skill. Whatever it may be, they are good at at least one of these skills which helps them stand out from other people.

9. Avoid talking about money

Source: businessinsider

This is one of the significant sign about old money. These people never talk about cash and will always dodge such money related questions as they do not like discussing them. They are smart with their money.

10. Time is more valuable

Source: indiatimes

Old money knows that time is more critical and valuable than money. You can take their money but they would never allow you to waste their time. It is one of their most valuable resources and they believe in protecting it with the help of various staffs.

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