Personality Development15 Things That Make You Less Likable

15 Things That Make You Less Likable

It’s a natural human tendency to crave appreciation. We all want to be liked by other people. But often, we make some mistakes that cause people around us to distance themselves. We don’t want that, right?

Have a look at the 15 things that make you less likable:

1. Making conversations revolve around themselves.

Things That Make You Less Likable
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Narcissism is something that is not liked by people. If you are someone who is a narcissist and like to turn every conversation to you, then it will not be socially acceptable.

2. You complain about everything.

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There are problems in everyone’s life, but someone who is always cribbing about it is not liked by people. Make sure to complain less about your life and live more.

3. You always act busy for other people even if you are not.

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If you are always busy with other people, then soon you are going to lose your friends. If your friends need you for something, then make sure to help them. They are going to help you when you are in need.

4. One-upping someone else

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It is a bad trait as it makes you a jealous person. This behavior just makes you unlikable to other people. You do not need to do this, and you can just be happy with your own experience.

5. You gossip a lot.

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There are too many people who spend a huge amount of their time gossiping about others. This habit is not only wasting your time, but it is also making you a bad person who just likes criticizing other people.

6. You love to share everything.

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If you are someone who is sharing every little detail about their life, then it is not correct. There could be numerous things that can make the other person uncomfortable, and hence they will avoid having any conversation with you.

7. Being passive-aggressive

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Being passive-aggressive does nothing but show your lack of strength, courage, smartness, etc. If you are suffering from this problem, then make sure to talk to someone. It just consumes your time and makes you mentally unfit.

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8. Being late

Source: buzzfeed

Arriving late and not realizing the importance of your as well as others’ time is a huge sign of immaturity. This is a trait that is extremely unlikable, and it proves how unorganized you are.

9. You can never say nice things about people.

Source: nicknotas

If you are capable of only pointing out the bad things about a person, then make sure to change this habit. There are people who do such kinds of things just because they are jealous or they are just trying to bring those people down.

10. Making zero effort in getting to know people

Source: scienceofpeople

You cannot always expect the other person to keep the conversation going. Make an effort to interact equally and ask questions to keep your conversation nice and smooth. If you don’t practice this, then people will keep their distance from you, and you will be unable to make any new friends.

11. You are a negative person.

Source: journey

This is a trait that everyone hates. People avoid being with anyone who is just too negative about everything. There are so many good things in the world, and it is actually not that tough to be a positive person.

12. Checking your phone while talking to someone

Source: healthline

This is bad etiquette. You should always avoid checking your phone every minute while you are in the middle of a conversation with someone. Try to be a listener and pay attention to what that person is trying to convey.

13. Social cues are not your forte.

Source: tbae

If you are unable to pick the social cues that the other person is trying to give you, then you will automatically become an unlikable person.

14. You make money-focused conversations.

Source: nytimes

Money-focused conversations all the time are just too boring and unimportant. Talking about your finances and investment with your friends is a good habit, but trying to turn every conversation related to money will make you a money-minded person.

15. You brag a lot.

Source: psychologytoday

People who show off a lot or just brag about everything they own make them less likable. It’s good that you won such things, but constantly talking about it and unnecessarily showing it off doesn’t make you any cooler.

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