Personality Development15 Tips For Your First Year In College

15 Tips For Your First Year In College

“Every beginning feels uncomfortable, but how you react to them will eventually make it most of the moment.”

If you are here on purpose, I am going to assume you are or will be a first-year in college; the campus looks new, exciting, and a little hectic. But soon, you will be juggling through classes and a new set of schedules. If the anxious feeling has come to you by now, you should know that the people around you have not figured it out yet too. So, Take a chill seat, knowing you will figure out by these tips. This college guide will impact your “college life.” The tools are a direct source for exploration opportunities. Take notes for a practical and effective life as a first-year in college!.

Tips To Survive In the First Year Of College

Be Healthy

Be healthy.
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During tedious college class periods, healthy food might be the last thing on your mind. But accept this; your body needs energy and stamina to work efficiently. As a college student, you want quick and nutritious food. You want to use your brain and body to their full potential. Yes, coffee can give you energy but will not recharge and refresh you as much as 8 hours of sleep can.

Attend Your Classes

Attending class.
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Attending classes can be challenging for college students, especially when you have the freedom to enter the gate and leave as you feel. But attending classes is not limited to attendance marks; it’s a part of academic success and opportunities to grow as an individual. When you share your doubt and concerns with a professor during class hours, they love to help, and you get the ideas to score effectively. So, it would be best if you did not miss classes. The tools that can be helpful during your classes for note-making can be Notebook, bookwormhub, Chegg, cram.

Be Part Of Social Groups

Social group
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This can be one of the memorable decisions for your campus life. This will help you form social bonds with many strangers, who might later become your best buddies. Society groups such as editor, debate society, and fashion society build your skills, creating an impression on your resume. Join social groups because college is all about exploring. So, take the risk, mess up and grow with it. You will learn to adapt to the exciting things and opportunities on this journey.

Learn A Skill

Speaking in front of an audience.
Source- The Campus Career Coach

Explore your interests in Public speaking, communication, reading, writing or art, etc. If your interests are not in any of these fields, don’t feel demotivated. In your freshman year, you explore different areas. Some skills can be content writing, creative writing, communication, leadership and management, graphic designing, etc. This will be useful for the college events and later for your resume.

Tool: Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass, Pinterest

Schedule The Study Period

Organised study area
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In college life, you need to do work hard but work smart. Be observant of which time works best for you to study to be more effective and maximize your productivity. Take time out of your daily routine and study in a quiet place. Your 3 hours of sincere and quality study will make you score well in academics. Try different ways of studying- footnotes, mind maps or flashcards, etc. See what makes you understand better and faster. Doing this will improve your knowledge and help you to score better in exams.

Tool: Google Calendar, Pinterest Study Tips, Mind Maps, Flashcards

Time Management

Time management.
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Time management is not about pressured productivity, and it can get all your work done within a limited time. Good time management starts from commitment and realistic yet achievable goals. Things that can be quickly done in your day-to-day life, for example- the habit of studying, exercise, mindfulness, and good sleep. Getting these essential things done is going to make a difference. Manage your time accordingly, challenge your habits, and do not drain yourself by overtasking.

Nutritional Food

Healthy college meals
Source- Sophia Lee

Your energy comes from the food you consume. Your body will only work and function properly if you have nutritious food. But if you don’t, your body will run out of energy and will feel lethargic. You will not feel fresh or be able to focus in the class. So, if you need a budget-friendly, college nutritious, quick, and easy recipe, send your request in the comments.

No To Credit Cards

No credit cards.
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One of the most intelligent decisions you can make for your future is not using credit cards. The interests often get higher than the principle, and you will forever be anxious to pay it back. Do part-time jobs or paid internships while doing your degree. The earnings from these will help in your small spendings or on things you like.

Hardship Does Not Escape

Take the 't our of can't.
Source- Live Well Flow

Hardship comes in different ways at different phases of your life. Being anxious or nervous is expected in college. However, during these phases, you should know to have a healthy mindset. Take conscious thoughts into consideration, understand what you can control or what you can change. By analyzing these, you will be able to keep yourself in a good state of mind.

Try At Least One New Thing

Never stop learning
Source- Industry Connect

“Everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” – George Addair.

You can never know what you are capable of until you give it a go. In college, every opportunity will bring out something new in you. Keeping yourself away from opportunities for fear of judgment or feeling incapable will lead you nowhere. If you decide to do it, do it, because you will gain something from it for sure. Don’t take opportunities lightly; participate in them and prove yourself wrong.

Get the Right Internship

Get the right internship
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You can choose an internship according to your skill or academic interests, giving you clarity for the future. An internship will connect you to new people and new opportunities. The fun part of an internship is you feel independent as you earn money and gain professional skills simultaneously.

Tip- whenever you are applying for an internship, make sure the company is legitimate, and you check all official documents required before joining.

Tool: Instagram, Linkedin, Internshala

Don’t Limit Yourself Only To Your Major

Several paths and courses.
Source- College Transitions

“ A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows from there ”

Instead of struggling after graduation, you should take this step beforehand. Your major does not confirm a job for you. Your zone will not open gates of opportunities for you, and you need to research it. So, keep looking out for opportunities and make the best of them.

Build Real Connections

Building connections
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Anybody can make casual friends who become a day-to-day part of your college life. These friendships have an impact on your life as well. You have the authority to choose your friends wisely. Hence, choose friends that make you grow, explore opportunities, and align with your purpose. Even if those friendships don’t stay forever, they will make you grow stronger as an individual.

Take Out Time For “Self-love”

Time to love yourself.
Source- India TV

Constant hustling with assignments, fest, programs, studies, friends, and games will take your time and make you exhausted. Self-love is not about doing what you like but what’s needed for you. Take out 2 hours a week which you will spend without your phone. Go outside, spend time understanding your week, your goals, your confusions, and learn about yourselves. You should not miss this appointment with yourself and make the best use of it.

Have Fun

College students having fun.
Source- Student Extras

The college is for 3 to 4 years, so you should be productive, but the fun is also essential. Make those late-night snacks in the hostel, go on a college trip, and not miss out on the fests. Those are moments when you can place your anxious thoughts aside and be in the moment. Observe, meet new people, eat whatever you want, but among all this, “Be yourself.” Avoid being anxious about what you have to do next. Relax, it’s your moment, enjoy it.


I hope these 15 tips help every first-year student. If you want us to cover quick and nutritious food recipes for college students, let us know in the comment section.

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