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20 Fantastic First Date Tips You Definitely Need.

First dates could be the beginning of an everlasting relationship or an experience filled with lessons for you to apply on your next first one, which might turn out to be the beginning of an everlasting relationship. Whatever the case is, first dates are important and also very scary.

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20 Fantastic First Date Tips You Definitely Need

1. Choose fun location

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Everyone goes on a lame dinner date; you choose something different and fun, but more importantly, something that you both enjoy. Hence, make sure you both have an equal and recognised say in the location of the date.

2. Don’t go to a movie

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Just to be clear, don’t choose a movie outing for your first date, not even if it is a marvel film. A movie date will not help you guys have a heartful and real conversation, and you will fail to know each other.

3. Dress fab and honest

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Obviously, the first impression either slays or fails. Make sure you do your best to look stunning and neat. Also, your look should translate your personality, so don’t try to grease a façade. Just be real without your overall feel!

4. Let them know you are looking forward to the date

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The date will become even more exciting if you and your date are aware of the fact that you both are really looking forward to meeting each other and spending a really nice time together. Don’t shy away here.

5. Don’t be late

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Okay ouch! It is somewhat a deal-breaker for many. Being punctual is not just a mere ‘manner’ but also speaks heights about your personality. Hence, just don’t let your date wait more than 10 minutes.

6. Smell good

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Looking good is one thing, smelling good is an exceptional point that can either captivate your date greatly or make them objectively unimpressed. Smelling good is one of those ‘un-said key points to rock any first date.

7. Maintain eye contact during conversation

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Don’t be aloof whilst talking with them. Engage well and enthusiastically by making subtle and smooth eye contact. You should also keep asking relevant questions while they are sharing something meaningful, nodding, smiling, etc.

8. Don’t talk about exes

Source: Men’s Health

This is a big NO-NO. Let bygones be bygones already. Concentrate on your present because that is what really matters. Here, your date is your present and could be a beautiful future so just don’t RUIN it by struggling with your past.

9. Let your phone sleep for a while

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This broken habit can fragment the mood off if you are continuously involved in your gadgets. So, just switch off your phone for a while. This will show your date that you actually care enough to invest in the ‘relationship’.

10. Music can do magic

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Share your favourite music and artists, with each other. Share your playlists and favourite jams. Music, no kidding, is the real cupid.

11. Genuinely listen

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Don’t just sit and eat, while they are telling you about their favourite childhood movie. Go along with the conversation. Intake what they are telling you and be highly engaged. LISTEN, DON’T JUST HEAR.

12. Smile

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Avoid looking dull and stultified. It only wrecks the tone of your date. Maintain being cheerful and maintain a smile while lively live the time of your life.

13. Subtle touches are a win

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If you continuously fondle or touch your date, it will look too desperate and, honestly, is a shiver turn-off signal. But again, subtly stroking and caressing the tips of the fingers and shoulders can be a good classic move, go for it.

14. Pre-prepare some random topics to discuss (but not too random)

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You need to keep the conversation going, to be able to have a remarkable date. For that, prepare some topics that you can use to engine a conversation. For example, if you are having a meal in a restaurant, just say- I like this restaurant food, it’s one of the best. What are your favourite restaurants? Or you can say- So, how was your weekend?

15. Give them compliments

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Compliments are the best. They are the ideal way to show your interest sprucely. Notice little things of them that attract you and then mark them in a compliment.

16. Don’t try too much

Source: Women’s Health

It is a date after all. Don’t stress too much on the first date. Stressing can overwhelm you and just screw your game. Give your best and go with the flow.

17. Be yourself, and just that

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One of the most important things is to not build a wall between your date and your true self. Let them like you for your amazing self.

Be real and honest because these are the primary stones for a budding partnership.

18. Talk and let talk

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Exactly. Make sure both the individuals are equally involved in the conversation. Don’t just be the nodder or even the talker. Be presently together.

19. Come out interesting

Source: Men’s Health

Abandon all your jejune self at home and be the most enthralling and fun you could be. Don’t just get stuck on talking about mundane and tiring topics, rather talk about things that are bold and make both of you laugh.

20. Last but definitely not least, have fun

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‘Cause at the end of the day, having fun is the only thing that matters.

Final tips

First dates can be scary and intimidating. And it is okay to feel so! But remember IT IS JUST A DATE. Two people are involved in this, so be frankly real and raw while enjoying this experience. That’s all, you are good to go.

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