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Here Are 20 Fun And Productive Things You Could Do

Are you bored much? Yeah, me too! But you know Science tells us boredom often leads to great ideas and lots of creativity. When we allow ourselves to be bored, we give ourselves space to create something new… and that in turn leads to some very productive ideas and creations.
So, here’s a list of 20 things you can do when feeling bored….and turn this low into a dopamine high!

1. De-Clutter Your Space

Decluttering your space is a fun, productive way to utilise your time when you are feeling bored.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Declutter
Image Source : Slideshare

Cleaning is therapeutic they say and it truly is. But you know what’s a notch better? Decluttering. When you remove things from your surroundings that are of no use or bring no value anymore, there’s space for new. It not only feels lighter and spacious to the eye but mentally too. So, declutter and organise your room; it results in a neater, cleaner organised head space too!

2. Learn A New Skill

Learn a new skill.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Learn Something New
Image Source : Skillshare

Never a bad time to pick up on a new skill. No Matter how much you know and how skilled you are, there will always be something new you could learn. Whether it’s learning a new instrument to play or creating something with your wooden tools. It could something as simple as propagating a new plant. Whatever you do pick, stick by it and find more joy!

3. Read!

Things to do when you’re bored – Read
Image Source : TheGoodBook

Reading is something so so joyful. Whether you pick up fictional books or read interesting blogs, it is such a wonderful way to spend your time. It strengthens our neurological pathways and helps us stay active.

4. Colour In A Colouring Book

Colour in a colouring book.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Adult Colouring Books
Image Source: VeryWellMind

Colour in a colouring book— did this one make you laugh? Cus you aren’t a child anymore? No! There’s colouring books for adults too now. With such gorgeous intricate patterns to colour in….get on it and watch time float by.

5. Get Started On A Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Puzzles
Image Source: OprahDaily

Get yourself those 100piece and 500 piece jigsaw puzzles and find a way out of the boredom. It’s a great way to spend time and slow down and get focused.

6. Plan Your Next Big Thing

Plan a trip!
Things to do when you’re Bored – Plan New Things
Image Source : CreativeLive

Sometimes when we’re feeling low and de-motivated it’s a great idea to allow yourselves to feel it. But, as you do….think or even plan something exciting. Plan something to look forward to. Start a personal project. Get Exploring and Get Going again!

7. Go For A Walk

Go for a walk.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Go for a Walk
Image Source: NBCNEWS

Walking is relaxing, a nice way to stay active and just lovely in general. It heightens all the senses and brings forth this fresh perspective. So, if you’re feeling low, get those socks and shoes on and get walking. And when you do, stop and smell the roses.

8. Listen To Music

Listen to music.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Listen To Music
Image Source : Esquire

Music is therapy and has been this safe space I resort to when I need an out. Music heals. Listen to some new music & just be or if you sing and play an instrument, maybe create some music too.

9. Make Playlists

Make playlists.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Make Playlists
Image Source: IphoneHacks

Arranging your space around is nice, there’s something satisfying about sorting your music. Make playlists on Spotify, AppleMusic or whatever software you listen to music on. You could arrange them based on your mood. And voila, every time you feel things are getting boring, do not fret! You’ve created a playlist, and now you have ready made playlists for every mood.

10. Bake Something

Bake something.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Bake Something
Image Source: WeekenedEdition

There’s something fun about making something, even better when you get to eat it. So if you like to bake and cook, get that apron on and get baking! It is never a bad time time to eat something sweet.

11. Make A Video

Make a video.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Make a Video
Image Source : VideoProductionTips

Have a smartphone with a camera? start shooting. Something as tiny as taking single frame snippets of things around you…. to later compile into a music video maybe? You could even give yourself a certain theme and shot accordingly and make little films.

12. Paint Your Wall

Paint a wall.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Paint Walls
Image Source : LipstiQ

Holding a paint brush and making those strokes on paper is super relaxing and satisfying…. but if thats boring too then forget papers? Paint a Wall Mural.

13. Move Your Body

Move your body.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Movement
Image Source: MindBodySol

Sometimes when we move our bodies our brain releases endorphins that release stress. So exercise, do some stretching or follow a movement routine. Because, movement = instant joy.

14. Write!

Things to do when you’re Bored – Write
Image Source: HorizonHome

Writing helps us sort our thoughts and gain some clarity and perspective on things. So it’s always a nice idea to jot down and release through words. So simply write with a free flow whatever comes into your mind. This clears and makes way for new thoughts and new ideas. You could even start a blog to pen down your thoughts, ideas or whatever you would like to share with an audience.

15. Watch Funny Cat Videos

If you’re not in the mood to create, allow yourself to feel that feeling but make it funny. Watch some funny cat videos on YouTube and get yourself laughing. It’s a nice way to refresh-reboot and begin again, whatever it is that you need to do in that moment.

16. Take A Shower

Take a shower!
Things to do when you’re Bored – Take a Nice Hot Shower
Image Source : TheList

Sometimes, taking a shower helps us feel better. Take a nice bubble bath or a hot shower and feel fresher to take on things. It’s always a good idea to relax and take care of yourself.

17. Re-Watch Your Favourite Movie(s)

Binge-watch movies!
Things to do when you’re Bored – Re-Watch Favourite Movies
Image Source : CaveHomeTheatre

Nothing better than a movie marathon right? Watch your favourite movie or movies and let those good memories flow through you. As you do, you feel heaps better and recharged to start something productive or inspiring.

18. Make Your Meal Plan

Meal plan.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Meal Plan
Image Source : Foost

If you’re someone who makes their own meals then meal plan for the week. Look up interesting new recipes and ideas online and plan your weeks meal plan.

19. Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Do nice things.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Make Someone Smile
Image Source: ICAInsurance

Helping out something or going out of your way to be kind is always nice and will instantly cheer you up too.So take out time to help someone in need. You could do that by making a thoughtful check in call to your grandparents, your old friends. You could also cook a meal for the neighbours or offer to pet-sit for your friends.

20. Take A Nap

Take a nap if you are feeling bored.
Things to do when you’re Bored – Take A Nap
Image Source: EvoNews

But the best thing to do when you feel things getting a little monotonous?….is to NAP! Allow yourself to rest, relax and recoup. Sleep it out!

So…I hope these help you to break out of that boredom. Let us know in the comments what are your go-to’s for when you get bored….

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