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20 Soulful Indie Singers that should be on your playlist!

Music is one of the best forms of art. Many well-known, talented singers are ruling the world with their beautiful music, songs, and lyrics. Sometimes, many just as deserving (if not more) remain unknown and apart from your daily and go-to playlist, which is not only unfair to them but to you too, you music-lover.

Indie and folk songs are purely made to touch hearts and here are 20 Indie singers and their songs that deserve to be on your playlist.

20 Soulful Indie Singers that should be on your playlist!

1. Under the Same Sun by Ben Howard

Source: YouTube

Ben Howard is an English singer, musician, and songwriter. He composes folk and indie songs and they have a deep strength to magically soothe everyone. Get your Sunday playlist complete with Under The Same Sun.

My yearn oughta turn these things, turn these things around

But I learned from you

Oh, I made these plans, made these plans

With you around, dear

With you around, dear

2. Tu Bata by Roney Guha

Source: YouTube

Sometimes many talented artist’s skills get shadowed under famed artists, such as the case with Roney Guha. His voice is the purest thing out there and so are his songs, especially this Tu Bata.

Noor tere chehre ka

Karta mujhe madhosh

Nashe si chadhne lagi hai

Mere ruh me aur jahan mein

Tu bata, kya hai meri khatha

3. Alag Aasmaan by Anuv Jain

Source: Songwhip

Anuv Jain is mostly expertise in producing Indie Fusion songs that melt hearts. His first song was called Meri Baaton Me Tu in 2012 when he was just in class 12th. His song Alag Aasmaan is simply one of his best.

To ek baar phir tu hanske zara

Dekh le meri in aankhon mein

Main kaid kar loon har wo pal tera

Teri ye baatein jo hain

4. Falling Slowly by The Swell Season

Source: Dailymotion

The Swell Season is an Indie and Fold rock duo that started its musical journey in 2006. They created the song Falling Slowly for the 2007 film Once and won Oscar for that.

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice

You’ll make it now

5. The Cave by Mumford & Sons

Source: YouTube

Mumford & Sons was a famous band consist of four-member. Sorry, One Direction fans Mumford & Sons probably be one of the best bands, though they too broke up. One of their songs, The Cave, has a feel which will light up all your road-trip fun.

‘Cause I have other things to fill my time

You take what is yours and I’ll take mine

Now let me at the truth

Which will refresh my broken mind

6. Mushkil Mein Jeena by Swarathma

Source: YouTube

Swarathma is a Bangalore-based Indian Folk and fusion band that constitutes to be one of the best heart-warming music breeders. Mushkil Mein Jeena is a true art that needs more listeners.

Patthar ke seene mein

Dil ki surangein banaate raho

Thehre se paani mein

Hansti tarangein uthaate raho

Mushkil mein jeena na bhoolo

Koi geet gaate raho

7. Ocean- Dream Level by Parekh & Singh

Source: YouTube

Parekh and Singh are Kolkata-based singers with charming and moreish voices. Once you hear their songs, you know they were born to sing. Ocean- Dream Level needs a place in your playlist.

All we do is move,

Away from the memories that you wanna lose

I like to change who we are,

Why can we be like movie stars?

8. Tune Kaha by Prateek Kuhad

Source: Behance

Don’t we all love Prateek Kuhad? He is, today, India’s most famous indie artist and no one is complaining. His songs deserve all the love they receive and even more. His song Tune Kaha is mentioned here because of the breathtaking background sounds and his voice.

Shoor aya aise to, tu befikar hain kyu?

Sharmai manzile tu bekhabar hain kyu?

Rango se dosti hai maine bhi kari

Kya hai tu sochati mujhko bhi to bta

9. Wild by Dhruv Visvanath

Source: YouTube

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t, even once, seen Dhruv’s recommended song on YouTube, with him wearing a fancy hat. From his music to his voice, everything is A-perfect.

As the wild calls

Someone echoes the long loss within

Call your mother

Comfort no longer scares me in

Your shelter

10. Kya Pata by Osho Jain

Source: LyricsFa

The best part of this Mumbai-based singer and songwriter is that his songs contain an unmilled, unique feel. The proof you ask? Listen to his song Kya Pata which will make you travel through his broken heart.

Mai jab bhi nayi raah chunta hu,

Mujhe vo bohot yaad aata hai,

Mai jab bhi naye khwaab bunta hun,

Mujhe vo bohot yaad aata hai,

11. Bas Yahan by Vaibhav Malhotra

Source: YouTube

India consists of many and many beautiful and talented artists, such as Vaibhav Malhotra. His voice naturally builds up of an Indie singer. Bas Yahan is one of his best songs with such caressing lyrics.

Kya pehchaan hai meri,

kya khoobi , kya khaami meri

Kya galat aur kya hai sahi

Sawaal hai bahut , par jawab hai nhi

12. Follow You by Second Sight

Source: YouTube

No there is no extra-budgeted caste upon the untainted pieces of music of this Mumbai-based Indie singer Second Sight. Follow You might be the perfect song by which you propose your loved one, trust me.

13. Muskuraegi by Akshan Jain

Source: YouTube

Akshan Jain is a budding singer with such an intense and raw voice. Muskuraegi is his second single and holds quite a requirement on your playlist.

Ek baat bata du mai tujhko bhi

Tujhe le jaugi door kahi

Jin haalaton mai katt rahi thi yeh begairait si zindagi

Ab savregi

14. Deathcab by Ditty

Source: YouTube

Aditi Veena aka Ditty comes with her exhilarating music from the exhilarating state of India, Goa. Her song Deathcab is such a feel and relatable song for all those who fall in love for the first time.

Maybe I was under the impression

I could always, always ask you questions

I can’t help falling in love with you

I can’t help falling back in love

15. Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Man

Source: YouTube

They are an Icelandic indie-folk and rock band that consists of five members that were formed in 2010. Dirty Paws is a motivating and empowering song that will charge you from within.

The bees had declared a war

The sky wasn’t big enough for them all

The birds, they got help from below

From dirty paws and the creatures of snow

16. Re: Stacks by Bon Iver

Source: YouTube

Bon Iver is an American-based indie folk band that was formed in 2006. They have made one of the most gratifying songs, including Re: Stacks.

On your back with your racks as the stacks are your load

In the back and the racks and the stacks of your load

In the back with your racks and you’re un-stacking your load

17. Cold Cold Cold by Cage The Elephant

Source: YouTube

Another great American-based band was formed in 2006. Their song Cold Cold Cold will make you groove and make your heart soothe down.

And as the darkness falls it fills up both my eyes

My life before me was like a flash in the night

With my arms open wide

18. Leave by Glen Hansard

Source: YouTube

Glen Hansard is one half of the band The Swell Season. His song Leave is a heart song for all broken hearts.

And the truth has a habit

Of falling outta your mouth

Well now that it’s come

If you don’t mind

19. Creep by Radiohead

Source: YouTube

If you are in a mood for some 80’s charm and music, go hear Creep from the band Radiohead that started as early as 1985.

But I’m a creep

I’m a weirdo

What the hell am I doin’ here?

I don’t belong here

20. Aaoge Tum Kabhi – The Local Train

Source: YouTube

The local Train is a Hindi rock band that all Delhiites are crazy about. They make unique and sassy song numbers that no one can end up not loving. Aaoge Tum Kabhi is one of their best.

Aaoge Tum Kabhi

Meri jaan keh rahi

Gayega ye sama

Gayegi ye zameen


Give an indie artist a fair chance because more than them, you deserve the pieces of heaven they create. Just do it!

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