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20 Ultimate Dogs For First-Time Owners!

Getting a dog is quite a responsible step one could take. Suppose you’re considering dogs for first-time owners. In that case, there needs to be careful consideration, prior preparation, dog-proofing the house, evaluating the budget of raising a child, and many more crucial tasks are required to be done before getting a dog for the first time.

But do you know what the most crucial step is? And vitally the first step in becoming a paw-parent? Knowing which one to get and why to get it. Do you know that there are some breeds of dogs that are not very suitable for first-time owners? And do you know that there is also a list of recommended breeds for first-time owners?

Worry No More, Here Are 20 Dogs Suited For First-Time Owners

Golden Retriever

dogs for first-time owners- a golden retriever.
Source: PetMD

One of the sweetest dogs for first-time owners who get highly comfortable in an environment, a golden retriever might be the best dog for you.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
Source: The Spruce Pets

Being a dog that is small in size, Shih Tzu suits well for any family type. They are also a fantastic companion to human beings.

Lhasa Apso

Source: The Spruce Pets

Like Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso also has almost the same visible size and is very much recommended for beginner parents.


Source: BeChewy

One of the easiest dogs to care of, pugs are highly friendly, cute, active, and loving dog breed to own.


Source: Wikipedia

While Japanese Spitz is great for first-time owners, German Spitz might not be the best choice. Though this German Spitz is a great dog to own, you should opt for the Japanese ones if you are a beginner.

German Shepherd

Source: Ceaser’s Way

Known for getting top scores in the list of intelligence and obedience, the German Shepherd is again a brilliant choice for the first-timers.


Source: I Love Dachshund

If you live alone or with a partner, Dachshund is a requirement for you. They are delicately adorable, and due to their small size, they don’t take much of your house’s space.


Source: Best Dog Shop

Known for their sharpness and cuteness, Chihuahua is a great first-time pet. They are small, require fewer grooming sessions, and are also accommodated as excellent watchdogs.

French Bulldog

Source: Unsplash

One of the best choices for first-time owners, French Bulldog requires fewer grooming sessions, exercise, training, etc., and is even small in size. Also, they will make you laugh all day long.

English Bulldog

Source: The Spruce Pets

A great companion to own, English Bulldogs have a beautiful attitude and aren’t such a handful. They are a great family fog too.


Source: AZ Animals

Poodles have a great temperament and are very much suited for beginners. They come in variants in sizes, and you can get one as per your preference.


Source: Papillion Animal Hospital

Though not much of a cuddly dog, papillons are an active breed to have. They are just too much cute and will love you a lot.


Source: The Spruce Pets

Again, a tremendous first-time pet, Beagle, is social and is easy to train and groom. They are quite affectionate towards their owners.


Source: Dav Pet Lovers

If you have a thing for body-building and exercising, boxers could save your visits to the gym. They need a good amount of training and exercising; hence they will keep you fit.


Source: Highland Canine Training

One of India’s most famous dog breeds, you can not go wrong with a Pomeranian even if you are a first-time owner. They are sweet, loving, and loyal pet.


Source: Zooplus

Labrador Retrievers are a fantastic family dog and even better for beginners. They are not much big or even much small in size.

Mixed breed

Source: Woman’s Day

While many have distinct opinions about mixed breeds, they are just as capable of being the best pet if you are a mere beginner.


Source: The Spruce Pets

They are pretty cheerful pets. They will love you and be even more possessive about you. Also, they are way too cute.


Source: The Happy Puppy Site

If you don’t have many kids at home, Rottweilers could be an excellent pet for you. They can also be fantastic guard dogs.

Great Dane

Source: Daily Paws

Great Danes are not only a perfect first-time pet to have, but they also can be a good roommate. Hence, they are highly recommended if you are a bachelor and live alone, as they will give you a good vibe of a roommate.

All the dog lovers, here is your chance to get a paw-buddy. Get your home ready for a beautiful little angel. NOW!

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