Books25 Must-Read Poetry Books To Have On Your Bookshelf!

25 Must-Read Poetry Books To Have On Your Bookshelf!

Poems are a type of art that never fails to touch hearts. Poetry always lives in different forms and ways. It is beautiful, it is heart-touching, and it gives serenity to the soul.

Many poets came and went, but some of them and their majestic writings can never be forgotten. Some poets remain in the deepest core of readers via their words and poems. If you are an avid poetry reader, keep reading the article.

Here Are 25 Poetry Books That Are A must For Your Bookshelf.

1. The Complete Poems Of Emily Dickinson By Emily Dickinson

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Source: Tardis Wiki

Classically written and beautifully presented poems, this poetry collection is ultimately one of the most recommended poetry books to read.

2. Ariel: The Restored Edition By Sylvia Plath

Source: The Independent

After Path’s demise, her husband bought this critically acclaimed collection to life, which became an instant hit in literature. This is poetry that is a worthy read.

3. Poems About Trees By Harry Thomas

Source: NIPHT

Harry Thomas is a genius writer, and his book Poems About Trees is such a shred of evidence for that. Every poem in this book will connect with you, and it is an excellent addition to your bookshelf!

4. I Had A Brother Once By Adam Mansbach

Source: Goodreads

A brother wrote them to a brother that is long gone. With such emotion perceived in each line, the poems in this book are amazingly driven.

5. Chlorine Sky By Mahogany L. Browne

Source: Refinery29

This book will speak to you like no other can if you are a young girl. Every poem is relatable and empowering.

6. Love Her Wild By Atticus

Source: Brief Take

Atticus is one of the most famous Instagram poets. Love Her Wild is one of the three books which is his artistic best to have.

7. Sinners Welcome By Mary Karr

Source: Apple Books

Becoming the person you are is the only journey that matters; Mary Karr puts her journey into poems and verses and presents them to you in the disguise of this book.

8. There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce By Morgan Parker

Source: Twitter

Are there really? Read this book and shape your side of opinion.

9. Oceanic By Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Source: Good universe next door

Once you read the poems in Oceanic, you find new emotions being conceived. There is a need for this book on your bookshelf.

10. North By Seamus Heaney

Source: Goodreads

It takes an avid reader to feel Seamus Heaney’s poems. If you are an avid reader, be hurried up to get yourself this book.

11. Clap When You Land By Elizabeth Acevedo

Source: Ryan R. Campbell

National Book Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo’s book is what we call an essential read.

12. The Princess Saves Herself In This One By Amanda Lovelace

Source: Lucciola

Famous for her modern writing style, Amanda Lovelace writes short yet powerful poems that will make you wonder.

13. Angel & Hannah By Ishle Yi Park

Source: Goodreads

A passionately written book is a novel in verses, which is a very underrated style of writing. Ishle makes sure you find the newness you need in this style of writing.

14. Leaves Of Grass By Walt Whitman

Source: Chicago Tribune

First published in 1855, the rules of rhymes or such do not confine the poems in this book.
It is beautifully written and is best to read.

15. When You Ask Me Where I’m Going By Jasmin Kaur

Source: Twitter

Even if you are not much of a poetry person, When You Ask Me Where I’m Going will join connections with you; such is its beauty.

16. Light Filters In By Caroline Kaufman

Source: Carousell Malaysia

Undeniably an excellent read on the list. From the writing style to the presentation, this is a beautiful book.

17. Ivory Gleam By Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang

Source: Samvedna

Each poem in the book Ivory Gleam is relatable and understanding to everyone’s everyday struggle. It is a must-read.

18. Life On Mars By Tracy K. Smith

Source: The Book Castle

The 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner is another massive deserving book on the list. It will allow you to feel as you go through the pages.

19. Black Girl, Call Home By Jasmine Mans

Source: Goodreads

It is a book that is inspiring and stunning with the concepts that it encounters and believes it produces as poems.

20. Kiss Of Broken Glass By Madeleine Kuderick

Source: Goodreads

Amazingly rhyming and synchronized, Kiss of Broken Glass is dark and just what you need to feel mystic.

21. The Sun And Her Flower By Rupi Kaur

Source: Brief Take

One of the most famous modern-day poets, Rupi Kaur’s second book, The Sun and Her Flower, has made a significant mark on people’s hearts.

22. Milk And Honey By Rupi Kaur

Source: dogtrainingobidienceschool

When we talk about Rupi Kaur’s debut novel, it was even more famous, and people still adore it the most. Her writing is compelling and meaningful.

23. Purple Riot By Mary Suneetha Joy

Source: Amazon

Loss is a strong emotion and the main theme driven into poems and verses. It is a recommended remedy for broken hearts.

24. A Thousand Mornings By Mary Oliver

Source: Amazon

Mary Oliver will take you on a ride with different feelings and different meanings to different experiences. Such a must to read.

25. Pillow Thoughts By Courtney Peppernell

At last, Pillow Thoughts is what you call a comfort book. One to read when you’re down or right before you go to bed!

Pick your choice and bring yourself a book that will give you peace and reason to feel. And yes, happy reading!

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