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35 Little Acts Of Kindness You Should Do

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It takes seconds to make someone’s day, literally, not more than that. You can persuade someone’s overall entity by giving you the bare minimum. Kindness is, in fact, the most underrated practice in the world. It benefits the giver more than the taker.

Here Are 35 Little Acts Of Kindness That You Should Always Practice.

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  • Let us start from the easiest, give someone a nice and thoughtful compliment. It doesn’t require much effort and it can make someone’s lousy day.
  • Babysit for free for someone you know, who has been losing sleep and their very precious self-care day.
  • Wash your and your family’s dishes for a whole day. It is effortless, really.
  • Give a nice and affordable tip. The bit of penny that you add in the tip can seem zilch for your heavy pocket but can mean a substantial amount for someone else.
  • Become an organ donor, TODAY! And be promised to live even after you are gone.
  • Plant a new tree. This is the simplest and most benevolent thing you can do for yourself and the budding environment.
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  • Pack your leftover meal (and of your family) and distribute it among the people who might need it. This way, not only you are sustaining but also feeding the stomachs of many.
  • Give a paid holiday to your maid. They deserve it, and you know it.
  • Spend time with your grandparents. Or if you don’t live with them, just have a mundane conversation with an elderly person that you come across.
  • Pick up the garbage and scarps from the street and prop them in the designated dustbin.
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  • Help your parents in doing the household chores. Just don’t argue here, please.
  • And wait, while you are helping them with the chores, bake something for them and your peers or colleagues.
  • Rate your experience with shopping and food apps. We always take no notice of it, but it really can mean the world to our mere helpers.
  • Don’t be a lazy peep and ditch your seat in the metro or the local train, for someone else.
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  • Prepare ‘Thank You’ notes for all your day-to-day helpers. Your gardener, driver, security guard, shopkeeper, etc.
  • Just listen to someone’s problems and struggles and let them share their heart out. It is the least and yet the most hallowed thing you can provide.
  • Learn urgent medical techniques, such as CPR, and or how to help someone when they are choking.
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  • Tell someone weird yet hysterical joke. The weirder, the better.
  • While scrolling down on any social media app, comment down something really motivating and fervent on any stranger’s page.
  • Regret is a bitching feeling. It could mold an eternal reckoning feel that will always daunt someone. Hence, forgive.
  • Say hi and smile at random strangers. The best you could do is making them smile, which is the best gift, indeed.
  • Volunteer at a local Non-Profit Organization, or even a lame startup. It matters.
  • Set two compatible friends on a blind date. Oh! What a blessing.
  • Take out some bunch of underprivileged kids to a good restaurant. And treat them for a whole day.
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  • Don’t do quite much and just donate some blood.
  • Take some time out of your day and tell someone how good they are at their job. Make them feel precious and talented.
  • Tutor someone for free. You could do it part-time on just weekends because, well, you know, a gift of education has no match, whatsoever.
  • Donate your old books, stationary materials, clothes, home supplies and items, toys and teddy bears, glasses, etc. to a charity organization.
  • Feed some strays and play with them, every day. By doing this, you will also be rewarded with their loyalty and adoration.
  • Hold the lift for someone who is carrying a bunch of loads, and help them to their floor.
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  • Call a long-distance friend, and tell them how much you love them.
  • Spend your birthday at a shelter. And cut your cake with them.
  • On festivals, spend time with homeless people and stray animals.
  • Speaking of festival, don’t burn crackers that are too polluting or too noisy. Animals gets tortured bad on these auspicious days, when humans are celebrating.
  • Use the 5 golden words as much as possible – Please, Sorry, May I, Thank You, Pardon me

Final Words

Practising kindness is a gift to yourself and others. These are the most obvious and effortless acts of kindness that you can do to make the day of someone. It’s too simple. Make kindness a habit!

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