Food5 Best Energy Drinks to Keep you Stirred Up

5 Best Energy Drinks to Keep you Stirred Up

Energy drinks trigger refreshment of the heart and mind. It can transform your temperament towards work from “I can’t” to “I can”.

If sluggish, we are advised to take a step back…. Breath, refresh and restart. It’s okay to take a halt when one has to get rid of lethargy.

Be it the delicious sunshine, refreshing rain, bracing wind or exhilarating snow, in any weather, a small distance strolled in the alley fills you with vigour, thus, keeping you stirred up for assignments. Yet, there are circumstances when there’s no time or space or mood to take a walk; we go for the second-best refreshment, which is, food and energy drinks. Be it a night before the examination or presentation or you are just dehydrated and need energy to complete the sketchy task. Energy drinks are here to give you the needed boost!

Distinct people, varied taste preferences- while some may love the sweet dessert others are in awe with the spicy chicken. That’s why I have come up with 5 odd tastes in energy drinks.

The list goes as follows:

1. Banana-Almond Milkshake –

Banana-Almond Milkshake

Organic or Natural food is the new trend, hence, for those who trust raw food and drinks, here’s your corner.

Method of preparation: Take two peeled bananas, one glass of milk, and a few peeled almonds, settle all ingredients in the grinder and blend. Your delicious refreshment is ready within minutes.

2. Orange juice with Ice cream-

Orange juice with Ice cream

One of my favourite combinations is the juicy orange with the chilled ice cream. If beverages with chilled ice cubes are your ultimate pleasure, you belong here. The cooling effect with the blend of health-benefiting orange juice is just incredible.

3. Warm water with the lemon sap and salt-

Warm water with the lemon sap and salt

Just a few hours before the exam, and you need immense vitality but have no time. Here’s your effortless solution.  

Method of preparation: Heat a glass of water, add half sliced lemon to it and salt as per your taste. The refreshing drink is made within seconds. Though it does not have a very good taste, it does have tremendous health benefits, like weight loss, prevents constipation, thus resisting any kind of stress.

4. Spicy mocktail –

Spicy mocktail

For the believers of “bitter is sweet”. Chilli has a burning sensation but for you, it soothes your tongue. Are you always in search of some spice in every grub you have??? Do try this mix of spices- sour lemon and chilli revised as a lite drink with an amazing taste.

Method of preparation: Take some mint leaves, and green chillies, add half a cup of water to it, grind them and keep aside. Prepare tamarind water, add jal jeera powder, the mixture of mint leaves and green chilli, mix well. Your spicy mocktail is ready to consume.

5. Matcha/Green tea, one of the most healthful energy drinks-  


Always conscious of health and skin and want to avoid caffeine and nicotine? Here’s your solution: try Matcha, the Chinese green tea which along with refreshing your mind and soul also has remarkable health benefits.

Method of preparation:  Take 5-10 tulsi leaves, 1-2 lemongrass; wash it and keep it aside. Now heat one cup of water, add lemongrass, boil for 2-3 minutes, add tulsi leaves, boil for another 3-4 minutes; when the water turns light green, add a pinch of cinnamon powder, and black pepper powder, mix well. Your healthful energy drink is all set, just take a sip.

You may add sugar and lemon juice for flavour. Either make the Green tea at home or purchase the Matcha online.

We are often intrigued by how the different components of a particular drink benefit us.

So have a look at how the individual ingredients have a refreshing effect as well as help you increase your mental sharpness.

  1. Banana is consumed as a post hangover for rehab. Hearing that, you can imagine its miraculous assistance in refreshment when turned to an energy drink. It comprises amino acids which help in the construction of neurotransmitters ( serotonin and dopamine), that assist you in staying calm and focused. Enriched with fructose energy and ingredients which improve your mood.
banana and milk

Milk acts as a resource of hydration. Rich in vitamin D and apart from performing its essential function of calcium homeostasis, it also facilitates overall neurodevelopment. Almonds, as we are already familiar, increases mental sharpness.

2. Ingestion of chilled items has a tingling and stimulating effect on the body and incites the body cells. In 100 cals of Ice Cream, there is 54.43 mg of sodium which maintains the electrolyte balance in the body and thus retains the fluid flow, having an energizing impact.

ice cream

For Orange juice, I believe it is a symbol of fresh and healthy energy booze. Hence, the energy drinks consisting of both delicious ingredients is just yum.

3. Lemon sap is loaded with flavonoids, citric acid, vitamin C and minerals which cleanse and refreshes your body from within.  Citric acid provokes a rapid and short-lived salivary response, thus, startles the body cells.


Warm water, apart from facilitating body detoxification, enhances blood circulation and activates metabolism which again has an invigorating effect. Water always spreads magic, be it in food, drinks, or elsewhere.

4. Peppery foods have always served as stimulants. They produce titillating and awakening effects, thus, increasing the perceptiveness of senses. So live life with a little spice as it doesn’t cause any serious long term affect.


5. Last but not the least, Matcha or green tea, a beverage free from caffeine and nicotine.  The zero-calorie drink keeps your energy levels stable by balancing the sugar levels. It consists of antioxidants and rehydrates better than water.


It increases your metabolism speed and lowers stress by reducing high bp. The benefits are uncountable and truly, green tea is a beverage which not only quenches the thirst but also dissipates sorrow.

And thus, they combine to give you energy drinks loaded with vigour.
Hence, to fight away sleepiness or drowsiness, take up any recipe, prepare and sip the tasty and healthful energy drink. Do tell me in the comments which one you liked the most.

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