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5 Happiness Science The Universe Has Set For Us

Our life is like a facet of two coins. It is filled with both mirth and pain. One is simply incomplete without the other. Indeed, one does depend on the other. Without the feeling of sorrow, we will never know the feeling of rejoicing. Therefore, there is a universal theory that works behind happiness science. Let’s disclose the chest to know all the easy ways to be happy in life.

Life from a different perception

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Going through miserable times makes the feeling of euphoria more powerful indulging in happiness science. We, humans, grow more despair as we grow up. We forget that even the little things are worth celebrating. Likewise, we often forget to work on how to be happy in a relationship.

Life itself is the biggest party we have, the greatest reason to celebrate. 1 out of 7 people don’t have shelter but still, if you look at those people, they are the ones who know the importance of life. They complain less, pray more. That has become their happiness science, the faith in God. It is a fact to rejoice that you have enough food to eat. However, around 57% of the population cant afford a one-time meal. But if you go and ask for food from their end, most of them will be ready to share their own, regardless of whatever they have. That has become their rejoice as well as happiness science, sharing, and caring.

Some senior citizens live in old age homes cause their children has thrown them out of their luxurious abode. It hurts them, but then they put their whole faith in God and still live peacefully. Their rejoice is living life as simple as possible and find out easy ways to be happy.

Humanity is the biggest ecstasy

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Happiness science becomes a way among all the easy ways to be happy in life. For instance, here is a small incident happened to one of my friends, and he narrated to me:

Once I was walking in a park when I saw four little kids talking to each other in sign language. They were playing. I couldn’t understand their signs, but I did understand their feeling and their beautiful smiles. It gave a chill down my spine. And in a few seconds, I realized that I was smiling sheepishly looking at them, with empathy not out of sympathy. Little kids with great innocence, totally devoid of the harsh realities of life, still have a peaceful life. Even with their disability, they were perfectly happy.”

Living in that particular moment, celebrating their flaw was their jubilation is a part of happiness science. When I listened to the story above, I decided to take time and learn sign language so that I can talk to them. Learning signs are my personal rejoice and can become a set of easy ways to be happy in life.

You Smile, I Smile

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Smiling at a stranger while crossing their path on the road gives us immense pleasure especially when the person smiles back. This simple science of passing a smile is a feeling of calmness on its own. According to research, smiling is contagious.

When we smile at someone or someone smiles seeing us, it strikes our mirror neurons and suppresses our facial muscle control, and we automatically smile. “You Smile, I Smile” is not just a proverb it’s a fact!

Seeing people smiling around us is the biggest elation of life for a lot of people, which again sums up the happiness science.

Life is full of joys, you just have to find yours

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The basic thing to understand happiness science in life is that whatever path we choose in life will determine our present and can change our future. Some people understand it while some not. Strangely, even after knowing the fact, one might deny understanding that the path they chose, needs us to walk on it alone. We forget to follow happiness science and find out how to be happy in a relationship.

The past is gone, the future awaits but, it is the present that we are living. So, why we waste our time searching for a partner or purpose in life, instead we have to know the happiness of science and just enjoy every moment and wait for the hidden surprise life has for us.

Live Big, Not Long

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You can fake your feelings in front of people, but you can never fake them for yourself. Your mind, body and soul will always know its emotional parameters. And life is about both happiness and sadness, it depends on us how we want to live.

If you really think life is just for surviving and not living to the fullest, I recommend a movie for you to see. “Anand”, the 1971 Bollywood movie of Mr Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Sumita Sanyal, Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo. A film that will show you that even when life is about to end, it’s worth a shot.

And it is a famous dialogue that intrigued everyone is,” Babu Mosai, Zindagi Badi honi cahiye Lambi nahi” (meaning: Life should be lived big, not long.)

The universe, with the happiness science, has created a lot of rejoicing and mirth for you in your further journey. So, go ahead, cheer up and grab it, and relive your own inner radiance.

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