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7 Drinks To Improve Immunity

We usually resort to potions and herbal drinks when we fall sick or need a quicker recovery. That’s one to go about it and usually when we are down, we want to try everything we can to feel better. But how about we make healthy tasty drinks a part of our routine and have them everyday to keep our bodies strong. Cooler drinks for the summer heat and warm tea’s to for the soul and body in the winter….. go ahead, read on about these magical drinks to improve immunity.


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Kadha is a special Indian medicinal hot drink that has a ton of health benefits.The ingredients are usually boiled in hot water and made into a decoction. It’s super simple to make too. Boil water and add in some ginger, cardamon, turmeric, cinnamon till it becomes a nice and warm. You could add in a bit of honey or jaggery for sweetness. The ingredients are also ones that make improve digestion so best to have it after dinner. The drink is soothing and a sure way to boost your immunity.

Green Smoothie

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Some of the best things happen to our bodies when we eat green veggies. But eating veggies is no fun sometimes… besides it takes a while to get to start liking them, if you’re a fussy eater.So how about drinking those green vegetables in a smoothie. An Apple & Spinach smoothie is one of the tastier ways to improve immunity. You could try adding an avocado too to make it creamier and healthier. The vitamin C in the smoothie helps in keeping our bodies fit. Experiment with it too if you like, try on different green veggies, maybe add in some blueberries for a different taste too!

Lemon Water

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You know we all must drink at least 2 Litres of water everyday to keep ourselves hydrated. Water on its own is essential and improves our skin too. But adding lemon to warm water and drinking that is a total game changer. Lemon is a great antioxidant and is rich in Vitamin C. Starting the day by drinking lemon water is sure way to improve your immune system. You could add in honey and ginger to this, that adds in a whole lot of other benefits to it.

Carrot Juice

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Carrots are said to have a special role in improve the immunity of our bodies. They are rich in antioxidants that fight off viruses and allergies. It’s tasty, refreshing and a wonderful way to improve immunity. Drinking a glass of freshly made carrot juice helps in keeping our eyes in check too.

Water Melon Cooler

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Best way to beat the heat is by making yourself a watermelon cooler. Watermelon is a powerful antioxidant that improves immunity and prevents illnesses. Eating watermelon is good for us but to add in some variety, try making a watermelon cooler. Add in watermelon and lime in a blender and garnish with fresh mint. Its delicious, super refreshing and loaded with health benefits.

Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile Tea is another one of the drinks you could drink to improve immunity. Chamomile Tea has great benefits and is a remedy for many health issues.It has anti inflammatory properties, so when you have a sore throat or tummy cramps, the tea works like magic. Drinking a cup of this warm tea instead of that morning espresso is a sure way to improve immunity.

Golden Milk

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This one is a popular in the Indian households. Often known as ‘Haldi Doodh’.. it’s one we have all had at one time or another.
Made with Milk,Turmeric, Honey, Ginger and a bit of Black Pepper. Heat everything except the Honey in a pan. Add in Honey in the end and enjoy this hot drink that will cure all kinds of aches.

Keeping our bodies stronger and healthier is definely the number one agenda. We must keep ourselves fit because when we dont have a healthy body we can’t keep our mind clear either. It’s like a healthy body sets the stage for everything that comes later.
And as Jim Roh rightly said, “Take Care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

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