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7 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Important

The times we live in require us to slow down and take life by the day. Each of us has a fair bit of trouble, anxiety and stress in our daily lives. While most of it seems to be caused by things that are not in our control, some could be by our habits. We may be too busy to declutter, but that does not mean that decluttering is to be ignored entirely as it impacts us so much! Living in a cluttered environment is one of the reasons to feel anxiety and stress.

Doesn’t it sound believable? Try it, declutter your immediate surroundings. Put that book back in its rack, the pen in the pen stand, earphones in the right places. Make the space all neat and organised, and notice the difference in how you feel. Lighter, I bet!

7 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Important

1. Brings Clarity

When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and 'good orderly direction' to enter- Julia Cameron.
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Decluttering brings forth clarity about what is important to us. When we live in a clean, organised space and has fewer things, we can truly focus on what’s important. With clutter all around us, we are mostly just distracted.

2. Promotes Self-Care

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Removing things that aren’t as needed or valuable anymore creates open space in your home & your mind. Having lesser items to worry about brings forth the space to pay attention to what’s really in front of us. Having open spaces is visually less daunting for our eyes, and that feels a lot more relaxing. Having a soothing environment to function is promotes self-care.

3. Improves Decision Making

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The act of decluttering is not a one-time thing. It is something you end up doing over and over again every few months. Doing the action of removing items from your space exercises our decision-making abilities.

4. Saves You Time

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Not having to clean up and organise every day, having a proper place for all your things, saves you time. While doing anything, you don’t have to look for your items, and you know exactly where things are. It saves time, and that makes you so much more efficient.

5. It brings Peace Of Mind

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Clutter somehow brings forth the feeling of things being unfinished. You will end up sorting things out in your list, and everything will inevitably feel not done. Having an organised space generates this feeling of peace and calm. Once you’ve decluttered your physical space, take time out to declutter your mind too.

6. Keeps Your House Clean

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A cluttered house is messy, with things not in their proper places—food plates in the room, toys on the floor, towels on the chair. A decluttered house, on the other hand, is neat, organised and clean. The decluttering process makes the house clean, and there’s a place for everything, which makes it organised.

7. Brings Forth Freedom

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You’d have so much more freedom and joy if you weren’t constantly tidying up your house. You aren’t as easily irritated; you have more time for yourself. You can truly enjoy being present with yourself and bring in all those good vibes.

Decluttering is essential as our space defines so much of our daily behaviours. It impacts how we wake up, how we feel throughout the day. It keeps us optimistic and stress-free.
It’s essential to note how we live our everyday lives and make changes to lead the best possible life. A Happy, joyful life.
Once you begin decluttering your house, you want to declutter other areas in your life. Your wardrobes, computers, your mind.
It truly makes us take stock of things and prioritise how we wish to live our lives.

So, how do you like to go about it? Mention in the comment section if you have any tips and tricks.

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