Personality Development9 Things to Look For in a Mentor

9 Things to Look For in a Mentor

Every individual needs to have a mentor in their life. Having a good mentor is one of the best things in life. They teach you the importance of life and the correct way to lead it. In addition, they will always want to see you successful and happy.

Let’s have a look at some of the things to look for in a mentor

1. They want to mentor

Things to Look For in a Mentor
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Never make someone your mentor who doesn’t want to become one. Someone who is not interested in mentoring other people will never make a good mentor. They will never do justice to you and it would always be better to get yourself out of it.

2. They are experts in their niche

Things to Look For in a Mentor
Source: trainingindustry

Never make the mistake of choosing a mentor who isn’t an expert in his field. You cannot rely on someone who is not good, especially about their work. They are just going to waste your time, effort, and energy.

3. They are good listeners and give valuable feedback

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We all need someone in our lives who is a good listener. A good mentor will make sure to listen to every single word of yours. It is how he is going to come with his valuable feedback and solutions to your problems.

4. They deserve to be in that position

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Before selecting your mentor, make sure to check whether that person deserves to be in that position or not. Not everyone has the quality of becoming a mentor, as it is a tedious job to do. Never make the mistake of choosing someone like that to become your mentor.

5. They are eager to learn

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Being a mentor doesn’t mean that they know every little thing. It is okay for them to have zero knowledge about something. But it is not okay when they take that on their ego and refuse to learn something new. A good mentor would always be eager to learn every exciting and unique thing that comes their way.

6. They keep the relationship work-related

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A relationship requires two people. First, the kind of energy and enthusiasm you are putting should be equal to your mentor’s power. Second, a good mentor will always know how to keep your relationship work-related and intact.

7. They are honest, kind, and honorable

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A person who is not genuine or correct doesn’t deserve to become your mentor. He must be someone who has the guts, to tell the truth about every situation to you. It is how you are going to improve and better your life. Therefore, honesty and integrity are the two things that should never get skipped while choosing a mentor.

8. They don’t judge

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You can’t make someone your mentor who is judgmental and disapproving about every little thing. Everyone deserves a mentor who believes in giving constructive criticism rather than a demeaning statement. A good mentor’s job is to guide you and bring that hope from inside you.

9. They are willing to share knowledge

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A good mentor will never hesitate in sharing their valuable knowledge. They would never fear someone else taking over their position if they keep sharing their valuable insights. A good mentor will always know that sharing knowledge will only make you a bigger person.

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