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Tips and TricksA Summer Wedding And 6 Dazzling Ingredients To Perfect It

A Summer Wedding And 6 Dazzling Ingredients To Perfect It

Summers are quite intolerable in India. Hot weather, intense humidity, the constant search for cold beverages and air-conditioned rooms and what not you need to face during the arrangements of your summer wedding! We all realize that Indian weddings are stunning and bigger than most other events in life, but sweaty frustration and humid weather can ruin the whole festive atmosphere.

So, what can the couple do? Will they need to avoid getting married in the summer? Obviously NOT! They can transform their summer wedding into a fun and pleasant affair with sophisticated and well-researched preparation. Here we present all the perfect details to convert your summer wedding into a glorious success:

1. Cater Your Guests With Cool Cocktails At Your Summer Wedding

Cater Your Guests With Cool Cocktails At Your Summer Wedding
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Offer the visitors a soothing and cold welcome cocktail. You can serve more beverages over the entire length of the event to keep your guests hydrated and comfortable. Try introducing new fruit juices and milkshakes to the meal. You should have ice cream treats if it fits your style and budget. Be clever with the choice of the summer wedding venue so that your visitors can appreciate your event.

2. Choose Lighter And Comfy Wedding Attire

Choose Lighter And Comfy Wedding Attire
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In India, the bride often opts for heavy fabrics with embellishment, heavy jewels, and intricate hairstyles. However, during the summer season, you can obtain something more comfortable and lighter to carry. Your relaxation is important during long ceremonies. Try selecting a finer fabric for your wedding attire. It will further help discourage the heat and warm temperature from lowering the energy levels. You may recommend a light dress code too, keeping in mind the convenience of your guest.

3. Prioritize The Decoration Of Your Summer Wedding

Prioritize The Decoration Of Your Summer Wedding
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To build the theme and ambience, decorations are important. The significance of an event is often transmitted through the decorations. A successful decoration will reinforce the purpose and importance of welcoming guests. Flowers are an essential part of India’s summer wedding decor. In the summer months, there are plenty of beautiful flowers available in the market. You may decorate your wedding place with these seasonal flowers. Talk to your marriage planner or vendor to take advantage of the best offers.

4. Take Into Account The Time Of The Wedding

Take Into Account The Time Of The Wedding
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Book your wedding early in the morning or in the evening, if possible. Try not to consider the afternoon because you and your visitors can get pretty hot at this hour of the day. If you are scheduling a wedding outdoors, make sure that there is an appropriate shade or you can opt for fans and air-conditioned tents. Trendy umbrellas that enhance the mood and setting are also an option.

5. Consider A Lighter And Fresh Menu At Your Summer Wedding

Consider A Lighter And Fresh Menu At Your Summer Wedding
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Throughout the hot summer months, appetite should be generally lighter. Consider selecting sweet, cool, and attractive food. You can also avail of the cool arrangements of cakes and fresh fruits which hold more attention. Prepare a nice appetizing meal with the help of the caterers for the main course. Try considering the menu to be lighter and cooler, just like grilled fish or chicken, a fresh salad and seasonal greens. Try to stay away from the strong, greasy, milk items in your summer wedding menu.

6. Ensure Proper Hygiene At Your Wedding

Ensure Proper Hygiene At Your Wedding
Image Credits – eater.com

Hygiene is the key aspect to be remembered by every caterer. You certainly do not want to be informed that your visitors fell ill after eating at your wedding. Just make sure you don’t risk your health with the caterer you employ. Take care of cleaning and keeping any perspiration far off from the banquet.

India has scenic locations to host a lovely summer wedding, right from beaches, forests, hills to gardens. The choice of an indoor venue is a safer alternative, but we believe that in the summer, the lovely and vibrant surroundings are perfect for a day wedding. What you have to do is make sure that you have planned appropriately to beat the scorching heat of the sun. Put aside the summer blues and enjoy the special day in style.

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