Craft/DIYAesthetic Decor: 17 Best Ideas To Brighten Your Room

Aesthetic Decor: 17 Best Ideas To Brighten Your Room

Want to lighten up your room, but don’t have the extra pennies to spend on adorning it? Do not worry; continue reading to find out the best room decor ideas.

The first possession where we could fabricate our creativity and vision is our room. It is the place we ought to feel comfortable and at home. Hence it must be cosy, aesthetic, and welcoming to you. It is your happy space that must speak out your name.

Hence take a weekend out and bring your room to life. Here are 17 aesthetic décor ideas that will brighten up your space. And the best? It doesn’t cost you much.


aesthetic room decor
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One of the most aesthetic crafts that you can do is create a picture wall. Attach your memories, engraved in the pictures, on the walls.
You can paste random pictures or could hang them on with plastic wires. It will give a homey vibe to the room.
You could also hang your favourite characters, like Joey and his pizza. What say?


small plants
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Nothing gives your room a more naturalist aura than actual natural plants. (Make sure to address plants that do not require sunlight, or put it on windows where they receive rays regularly).
Even big plants could advertise good sense to your abode. You could put lucky plants like bamboo or positive plants like cactus to have the best effect.


fairy lights
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These crazy-good lights bring aesthetic adventure, as well as are pleasing to capture in a room. It automatically refines the vibe of the room and brings comfort. Lay the lightings on the edges of the wall, or hang them on the cliff of your bed.
You could put big bulbs too if that suits your style. It will offer immense serenity to your chaotic room.


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Funky, quirky, sassy, or any click you want your room to say, add DIY covers to your boring pillows and achieve that ‘look’. Little pompom pasted on it can also be a splendid choice to brighten and lighten up your place.


Source: Made With Lover

There are many accessories and glitter graphics with which you can plaster your room walls. It will glow up your place.


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Why be basic when you can be artistically fabulous, uh? Be classy and design the platter of your room quite intelligently. Make sure to cater to every asset of your room coordinated in a particular colour pattern. Pick a favourite colour contrast and cherry up the walls of your room with it.


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Want a bit of positivity in your surrounding? Make sure you sparkle your bed-top with a dreamcatcher. A tad bit of superstition does not harm; hence apply the beauty of a dream catcher in your room to catch the best of dreams (one can only hope).
It looks intimate and warm.


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It is nothing but a reminder to go pretty simple. Don’t overdo anything. Let it be natural and classic. Minimalism is an eternal trend.



Apart from the apparent looks, your room needs a good sense of smell. Nature-scented odour and eye-pleasing seduction in the room will be attained once you glorify it with candles. Candles are the aesthetic that will complete the overalls of your happy- place. Make sure you choose the scented ones rather than the mundane lighted -candles.


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Here, make sure you put things representing your personality, not just the mere ‘trend’. Be it quotes or ordinary scenery hangings, let it define the actual and authentic you.
You could also put on headboards.


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Much of a reader? You could do many things with your dear friends (some would call them mere books) and use them as classic décor for your place.
Be intelligent with this book decor idea, and go with what your heart tells you.


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Be it a plain curtain, fairy curtain, dramatic curtain, or net curtain; it never disappoints the outlook of your room.
You can even creatively organize them on your bed’s edge to have an exquisite refinement. Curtains hold a special attire to any place and are an irreplaceable essence.


Source: Interior Design Ideas

Remember Monica’s famous ottoman? It was perfect for the arrangement. Ottomans are far more stylish and aesthetic than traditional chairs, don’t we all know that? So, get yourself one for your aching room. You could design it up and give it an excellent shelter in your place.


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Mirrors could grand your small room in the most stylish and elegant sense. Mirrors attract everything together in place and compact the comfy atmosphere. You could either hang it up or cutely lay it around.

You can also statue a mirror in the corner of your room and attach heavy lights on its edges to make it shine finely.


Source: Business Of Home

Take up a good space out of your room and alter up with your dear belongings.
This could be the paintings you drew, photos, collections, CDs, etc.
Let it be your happy place.


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Be artistic and modify an updated “penholder”.
Add stickers, glitters, quotes, etc., and put all your materials like scissors, pen, pencils, etc., in it. You can also perform creative DIY here.


No matter what ideas you try to inculcate from here, the most significant décor you could do is creating a part of yours in the room. Make sure when you enter your place at the end of the day, it calls you.
Please don’t overdo it. Just be yourself.


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