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20 Amazingly Informative YouTube Channels to watch!

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If you are just randomly stalling through your days, with no relevant informative knowledge and awareness of your life, your future goals and aspirations, world, and just society in general then if there is even a purpose of your being? Like seriously?

Entertainment is quite important for mental breeziness. At the same time, watching things that are insightful and informative is a lot more crucial in many ways. Now, you might be wondering where to watch things that will brighten up your thought processes. Worry no more, our very favourite YouTube has got all set for you. It has more than you need.

So here is the list of some great informative youtube channels with some amazing videos to watch!

1. The Swaddle

Source: The Swaddle

Probably, the most unfailing channel that provides us with facts and historical graphs behind all the social subjugations and inhumanity practices. You will be showered with many ideologies and origins of customs that are irrelevant in many contexts.

2. Singh in USA

Source: YouTube

The owner of Singh in the USA is Harnoor Singh. His channel is full of information regarding
education in Foreign countries, specifically in America. If you aspire to go to different countries for education and are still confused about the processes, do go check him out for the best understanding.

3. The Quint

Source: The Quint

While the country is enduring the reality-phobic media houses, The Quint could be your safe,
a place for real news and the latest updates.

4. Luke Alexander

Source: YouTube

This young man has a lot to say. And trust me you, you have got to listen to what he has to say. He shades lights on the younger generation and kinds of stuff. He takes is consideration things like social media influencers and mental health.

5. Cut

Source: YouTube

A channel that brings some let yet important concept in light in a fun way. They hold on to
experiments, games, etc. which is entertaining yet proficient to watch.

6. MsMojo

Source: Twitter

If you want to live and breathe in the world of movies and series, MsMojo can help you gain
lines in it. You will find new details, concepts, BTS, bests and worsts, Top 10s, etc. to binge.

7. Screen Rant

Source: LinkedIn

Again, be the encyclopedia of the movies and series world, with this amazing YouTube channel Screen Rant.

8. Brut India

Source: YouTube

Politics may be a tricky concept for some and more is the ‘reality’ side of it. Brut India tries its best to give you just that.

9. Soft White Underbelly

Source: YouTube

Probably one of the most underrated channels on YouTube, Soft White Underbelly, brings real-life people being cased in traumatic occupations and customs. You will see many prostitutes, even teenage prostitutes, pimps, addicts, etc. sharing their stories. You will hear things from them that will shake your deepest core.

10. SupertutorTV

Source: SupertutorTV

Wondering what extracurriculars you need to impress foreign top colleges? Or how to study for the famous SATS and ACTS? SupertutorTV is sufficient for then.

11. Blue Seat Studios

Source: Blue Seat Studios

Don’t you dare miss this channel if you have a younger brother, sister, child, or anyone for that matter? It teaches about some serious concepts like consent in a narrative sense which becomes easier for kids to grasp.

12. TEDx Daily

Source: TED

Bring up your daily morning (or midnight, whatever works with you) motivation podcast with
TEDx daily and be the best version of yourself and successful.

13. Jubilee

Source: YouTube

Know more about human emotions and wants with this just-needed channel Jubilee. Don’t miss out!

14. Iris

Source: YouTube

They talk to real-life people about various things. The best part is that you can find some
entertaining segments as well as some informative videos regarding many other things.

15. SheThePeople Tv

A channel that you do need to be this very enlightened person. If you are she, then you need
this. They give a detailed explanation about many women-centric issues, biological and

16. Sprouts

Source: YouTube

Literally, a school that is better than any school. Dump all your ‘useless’ chores and put your
time in this channel to sprout your brain.

17. ScoopWhoop Unscripted

Source: charmboard

There is only one channel out there, which could make you laugh out loud (literally, don’t just
lol) while gaining sight of very real-life issues. It is our ScoopWhoop Unscripted.

18. Abhi and Niyu

Source: Forbes India

They bring in all the NESSASSARY information that you need about all the reports, accounts, and dynamics of all the latest. With detailed analysis, you will become more and more aware of subjects ranging in the world today.

19. Big Think

Source: YouTube

What is the purpose of life? A question we all are indeed searching for and No ‘Big Think’ to not give this answer, but will definitely provide you many more psychological subjects of human beings and studies on daily emotions.

20. BuzzFeed Videos

Source: YouTube

At last, watch this light-hearted yet something-to-attain channel in your free time. You will need this.

Bye-bye and happy watching.

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