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American Universities:5 Important Admission Essentials an Indian Student Must Know

Getting into an American University is something that many Indian students aspire to, and yet the competition and the substantial essentiality to get into one good US University is quite complex.

The authentic qualification to get into USA based college is different from what the maximum numbers of Indian Colleges require. Hence to verify for any good school, you must know the actual criteria and extra efforts you need.

But firstly, Why to choose American University?

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  • While Indian universities focus on a particular curriculum which confines your education to a particular subject, American University will offer you the freedom to educate yourself on distinct and preferable subjects and topics.
  • You will be leaping into a great research-based education system.
  • You will not have to give up on your passions as you will be provided with classes based on music, dance, writing, etc.
  • You will get to meet different people from different countries.
  • You may also opt for open curricular colleges.
  • None of the subjects will be given the tag of superiority, unlike India where the science stream is defined to be the apparent best and with scope.
  • American colleges care about not just a student but for an all-rounded person. In India, national exams like JEE or NEET, never demonstrate a person’s true capabilities. Here luck plays a role as well. While in the foreign education system, they will give, you as a person, a fair chance to get recognized.

But let’s focus on the negatives.

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  • Will you be able to live in a foreign country, most probably away from your family? It may seem a bit facile thing as of now, but it may become mentally daunting for a lot of students.
  • The fees. It costs a LOT to study in the USA without scholarships and financial aid. And even after these reliefs, you may find it an overwhelming amount to afford.

Let us now look at the specifications to fulfil, before applying to USA Universities. (Also the points mentioned below are for the top colleges, ivy leagues, or more than average colleges)

School marks-

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The 12TH mark sheet won’t do any real good.  More than most colleges would look at your high school transcripts (9th to 12th) so you have to be strong in all four years. If your marks drown in any particular standard, it will hurt your chances.

Test score-

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These standardized tests are a demand for admissions. These tests are SATs, ACTs, and English Proficiency tests called TOEFL or IELTS, GRE, etc. You may further read about these on their respective official sites. Your scores in these tests will play a massive role in your selection process.


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This is something that is completely ignored in Indian College’s admission process unless you are applying for that particular extracurricular.

It lets the college know you more than your classroom background. There are countable times when your exes will compensate for your bad marks or test scores.


source: Owlcation

Again, a very new thing for an Indian student, colleges will provide you columns to write your experiences and your insights which will reflect the type of person you are.

Recommendation Letters-

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Here, teachers, counsellors, and mentors will be needed to fill a recommendation letter for you. A positive and impressive reflection of you on the LOR will maximize your enrollment chances.

These are some basic requirements you need to uplift for your admission. Make sure you have got all your documentation ready before the submission deadline.

Now, before beginning to stress out for various things flee and find the colleges that suit you perfectly and will provide you with the best academic and personal experience. Don’t overburden yourself by aiming to just Ivy League and top colleges, make sure you aim for safety colleges too. Then read the requirements stated by those particular colleges (sometimes some colleges exempt test scores and will ask you to give their test).

At last, let us understand the concept of the common app and the coalition app. These are two priority applications that many colleges will ask you to access for your profile building. You could check out the website of the college to verify whether they require a common app, coalition app, or any personal application. Later register and fill out your profile on these applications.

There are many more little details you must acknowledge as the admission process for American Colleges is way too intricate. Things like financial aid and loan requirements are major factors you must get your base upon.

All the best.

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