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5 Awesome Tips To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

There is only one thing for many people that prevents them from loving summer and that is unbearable heat. Yet, honestly, there is no excuse to deter you from loving all that is amazing about the season at incredibly high temperatures. And though you don’t have loads of cash for a central air machine— or a palm fold fan— there are still many ways to keep your summer days cool and relaxing.

You don’t need to panic in case you are finding it difficult to cook or just craving for an outdoor gig, there is always a ray of hope for you. Adding just a few things to your lifestyle will dramatically alter it during the scorching heat of the summer. And if you wonder why you shouldn’t countdown until autumn, these are some of the best things you can easily take up to beat the heat of summer.

5 Awesome Tips To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

1. A few pots of greenery in your room can cool down the temperature

To realize why plants look beautiful you need not be a botanist. Rather, dig a little further under the charm of them and you can find the inner landscaping benefits that go far beyond aesthetics. There are many advantages of household plants. You will readily get to alter your mood, purify the air in your room, and even make your space cooler than usual. For your information, a plant releases moisture into the air that helps to change the relative humidity and comfort of the room.

2. Apply fragrance before hitting the bed

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It might sound weird to swipe antiperspirants at your skin before you go to bed, but it may also make you sweat less the next day. The drop in the body temperature at night will better help the deodorant do its job. The antiperspirant needs to work through the sweat glands and block them. Overnight, you will be relaxed and cool and it helps the skin to dry out, and a much greater percentage can be absorbed.

3. Opt for spicy appetizers

Spicy food in places with warm temperatures is so common. Eating something warm turns out to be a great way to stay cool. Capsicum, the pepper material that spicy food mixes, surrounds the mouth with pain receptors. The brain then interprets this as warm, making you sweat, and the moisture on your skin then refreshes you. The brilliant thing is you can do all this without constantly raising the temperature of your body to refresh yourself as things outside start to warm up.

4. Cut off your ice cream intake

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How often do you crave your favorite flavor when you are around your favorite ice cream parlor during the scorching heat of the month? I guess every time! But do you know that avoiding ice cream during summer can help to cool you down? More and more intake of ice creams makes it difficult to digest the high-fat content. The additional energy used by your body to digest the ice cream may increase your body’s temperature a bit. So it’s better to try out a fat-free frozen dessert such as sorbet or Italian ice if you wish to cool down.

5. Choose water-rich food at your table

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Dehydration is a fast way to overheat in the summer, so be clever and drink additional water whenever possible. Seasonal products like watermelon cantaloupes and cucumbers contain loads of water. They are also easy to digest, need not be cooked and taste better in this season than the rest of the year. This is the perfect summer food, in other words.

Sweating and summer generally come together. But they don’t have to, despite what the years have taught you. You can follow the above-mentioned techniques instead of letting the sweat roll over your face like Niagara Falls whenever you go out in the sun for a while to move from just-showed chic to fly-and-dry Sahara levels.

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