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8 Benefits Of Yoga For A Healthy Body

A body fitness regime, that has withstood the test of time and that, is undoubtedly Yoga. The origins of this enigmatic health routine date back up to 5000 years, in the Indo-Saraswati Civilization in India. Yoga found its place for the first time in the form of scriptures in Rig Veda, one of the oldest compilations of the Hindu way of living. Several mythologists regard the Hindu god Shiva to be the god of Yoga.

Yoga, however, was never a religious practice so to say. It was only meant for better breathing, awareness building, and to develop a higher consciousness for a better balance between the mind and the body. Yoga has been in practice to keep our body and mind aligned. Even after so many hundreds and thousands of years, it remains the same for one and for all. 

The Benefits of Yoga
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8 Benefits Of Yoga For A Healthy Body

1. Stress management

Stress management
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There’s nothing better than yoga when it comes to stress reduction and ultimate relief. Yoga has the potential to detoxify your body and your conscience completely. During all the subtle breathing exercises and stretching routines, your body feels rejuvenated and reverberating with unprecedented positivity.

2. No equipment

No equipment
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Yes, you do not need fancy and expensive gym equipment. Most of us join gyms and keep paying the membership fees without even paying the gym, a visit, or two. With Yoga, you can pretty much learn the postures and how to breathe on your own by simply following free online classes. You don’t need an expensive trainer for yourself either. But do not, for a moment think that you do not need some kind of training. Of course, you are required to be taught how to do it. Once you learn the art, you can continue on your own terrace or your balcony.

3. Better sleep

Better sleep
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If you are one of those who do not think being nocturnal is somewhat cool, then you have got to learn how to get yourself a good night’s sleep. If you start practising yoga, within a week or so, you will be getting adequate sleep and have a lot of energy throughout the day. Since lethargy will subside once you indulge in yoga, you are more likely to take part actively in household chores as well as work with more energy at your office. With all those extra strides you’re most likely to dose off easily.

4. Strengthen your core

Strengthen your core
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Do not make the mistake of thinking that yoga is some sidekick sort of exercise. Every pose and posture has the ability to strengthen various parts of your body if done accurately. It replaces heavyweight and power training and is much better than them. No need to intake food supplements and energy boosters. Yoga is natural and builds your muscle stronger from within making you fit not just by looks but also from within. It eases high blood pressure and controls sugar levels and cholesterol.

5. Ease your chronic pain 

Ease your chronic pain
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Yoga can ease your pain like nothing else. The major chronic pains in our body like arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, migraine, and other chronic pain you might be having for years are cured with the practice of yoga regularly. Since it is a mind as well as a body exercise, it heals you from within and permanently and that too without prescription drugs. There are separate body postures stipulated for separate body aches, and you must figure out which one is more effective for you (unless you have a yoga instructor). There are loads of yoga videos available online for free, which can be really helpful in figuring out what you need.

6. Better flexibility

Better flexibility
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With all the stretches in yoga, you are bound to be more elastic than before. You may feel you don’t need to be flexible as such for your day to day living. But if you are thinking on that line you are most definitely wrong. Better flexibility of your body, especially of your back will help you work for long hours at the office. Your fitness levels will rise and in turn,\ you will be able to endure your tiring days better.

7. Balanced Metabolism

Balanced Metabolism
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There are so many varieties of poses that controls so many different aspects of your mental and physical self. Despite certain misconceptions, appropriate yoga poses will help you in better digestion with increased abdominal activities. Performing a plank or bringing your knee towards the chest are two examples of yoga positions that will help you with inconsistent digestion issues.

8. Better blood circulation

Better blood circulation
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Similarly, there are postures in the practice of Yoga that specifically deals with the better blood circulation of your body. Better blood circulation is the key to a relaxed mind and body which in turn increases your productivity by leaps and bounds over time. Better cardiovascular functioning, better breathing practices lead to better control over your blood pressure levels as well.

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