Food8 Best Indian Desserts You Must Try Out

8 Best Indian Desserts You Must Try Out

Are desserts your guilty pleasure? Then give up your guilt for one more time and commit a sweet sin with the best Indian desserts. Everything can be swept away from cravings to bad moods by the luscious desserts. In fact, for some people, eternal Happiness equals luscious Food. As it’s exclaimed, food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul! Like some of us will prefer falling in a bucket full of chocolate rather than falling in love. As our ultimate fondness is towards confectionaries.

Have you ever fantasized about a world made of chocolates and ice creams? Well, then you have that sweet tooth. Fulfil your sugar cravings with yummy Indian desserts. To begin with, I’ll prefer a fusion dessert!

8 Best Indian Desserts You must try out

1. Thandai Mousse

Thandai Mousse
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Surprised? I know we usually hear of chocolate mousse, and the spellbinding taste it has, but trust me guys, despite having an entirely different flavour, this Thandai Mousse is just yummm! The fusion of Indian cold booze made of rose petals, saffron, milk, and sugar, etc. (Thandai), with the fluffy, creamy, and smooth Mousse has a soothing effect on our salivary glands. It is one of those Indian Desserts which can serve best as the limelight of your Holi parties. Hence, surprise your guests with the fusion sweet dish.

2. Sandesh

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Originating from the house of Bengalis, Sandesh definitely makes it to the list of wonderful Indian desserts and is prepared from two simple ingredients- milk and sugar. Yet, it has an extraordinary zest. I feel the marvellous essence is because of condensed milk, and the saffron it’s garnished with. Sandesh is treated as one of the religious sweet dishes of Bengal, and when cooked in its motherland, it has the most remarkable flavour. This is easy to prepare a dessert to fulfil your cravings and lift your mood. It’s tasty and healthy, thus, if you kill your sugar craving to maintain a proper physique you may have a bite of this healthful sweet as it won’t cost many calories.

3. Rasgulla

Indian Desserts Dipped In Sugar Syrup
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Syrupy desserts are always the sweetest, filling your mouth with saccharin, they discard all the bitterness and ill-feeling. Therefore, in India, guests are always welcomed with sweets to shower love and affection, forget all the bad moments, and just enjoy the sweet side of life.

The small white ball dipped in sugar syrup again has its origin from West Bengal. Spongy in nature, this dessert is easy to prepare as well as healthy because it’s made from milk extract.

4. Jalebi

This sweet, treacly dessert delight is uniquely shaped and is famous all over South Asia and the Middle East. The crunchy and tangled dessert has its own fan following. It’s aptly remarked that even a tangled life can be sweet, considering the live example of jalebi.

5. Gulab jamun

One of the best Indian desserts and my favourite is the yummy and slurpy sweet dish made of milk solids and is lovely maroon. This savoury dessert adds soul to any meal.

6. Malpua

This dessert delight is best served when hot and seasoned with sugar syrup on Holi eve. It has many varieties, some are simply made of flour and sugar whereas some are flavoured with bananas and milk to boost the taste.

Being a foodie, my love for Indian desserts sees no end, but that’s all for the sweet syrupy dishes. Next, we move to the famous devotional offerings.

7. Modaks And Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak
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The two truly make it to the top of the list when it comes to devotional offerings or Prashad, where Modak is quite famous as it’s offered to Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. The rectangular sweet Mysore Pak originating from Tamil Nadu is offered at various temples in South India and has a sacred value among other desserts. Both have an amazing flavour and are quite different from each other. Modak acquires a unique shape, whereas Mysore Pak is designed quite commonly. Both have their different history, but what we are concerned about is the mouth-watering treat they both are.

8. Dry Fruits Halwa

Dry fruits halwa
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Dry fruits have incredible health benefits. The cashews, almonds, pistachios apart from garnishing various desserts, can be cooked and converted into a dessert also. The dry fruit halwa has an amazing aroma and is easy to prepare to fulfil your sugar cravings. It is one of the best homemade Indian desserts. This sweet pie is so smooth that it simply melts in your mouth making you fall in love with its impressive taste. Hence, give it a try to fall in love with this homestyle dessert.

Most of us have become very health conscious these days, and are often worried that these sweet dishes may liquidate our beautiful physique. Don’t worry and fulfill all your cravings, all you need to take care is that you eat equally green food and take the shortest route to a fit body which also provides you with glowing skin. Hence, add sweetness to your life but with proper caution. And do tell us which is your favorite Indian dessert.

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