Travel7 Amazing Cafes You Must Visit In Rishikesh

7 Amazing Cafes You Must Visit In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, oh how much I love this little town! Whether you sit by the Ganga, watch the mesmerizing Aarti, or simply enjoy the view of the mountains, it’s all so gorgeous. What’s better is that with all this goodness it also happens to have some amazing cafes. It’s such a perfect getaway from the big city madness. It’s been my go-to place for as long as I can remember and it never disappoints. What I love is everything seems new and different each time I visit this lovely place.

7 Amazing Cafes You Must Visit In Rishikesh

1. Cafe Karma

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This quiet place in Tapovan, Rishikesh is one you cannot miss. With a great view of the mountains, a very chill vibe, and food that’s so delish it’s one of my favorite cafes to chill at. What I love about the cafe is the laid-back vibe. They have board games and a terrace that has a stellar view. The place also has rooms with a nice little balcony if you’d like to stay there. Their honey chili crispy potatoes are my top choice but the vegan banana cake is also quite a hit.

2. Beatles Cafe

Source: The 60’sLife

The oh-so-popular Beatles Cafe is another one in Rishikesh that you must tick off your list. It’s also known as the 60’s cafe in case you have trouble finding this. The view of the river ganga, fun music to groove to, and delicious burgers…. what’s not to like?!

3. Ganga Beach Cafe

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Along the Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh is this gorgeous place called the Ganga Beach Cafe. Tucked in the little streets so sometimes it’s tricky spot, but since its a popular one, ask around if you get lost? The cafe has floor cushion seating and a very cosy vibe, it makes for a perfect place to enjoy a hot cup of tea and the gorgeous view!

4. Divine Cafe & Bakery

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Divine Cafe is the in-house cafe at the Divine Resort. A super elegant place to visit if you’d like to splurge a little for a fantastic view and some amazing desserts. Their chocolate tart is one I would eat at any time of the day, but enjoying that with the sunset is like a 10/10!

5. Devraj German Bakery

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Devraj German Bakery, is the place that is almost always difficult to get a seat at, but it’s worth the wait. The folks here make some of the best cup of cappuccino in Rishikesh. So if you’re a coffee lover, make sure you get there. Their cheesecakes and croissants are quite popular too. If you’re stay in Rishikesh for long it might just end up becoming your morning go-to place for coffee and bread. And well the view of the Laxman Jhula is of course something that adds to the experience (:

6. Hide Out Cafe

Source: CafeHideoutR

This one I would say is a little off the beaten track. It’s located near the Koyal Ghati, which is slightly away from the rest of Rishikesh. But the view is amazing and the food is amazing. So while you’re there and want to enjoy a meal away from the crowd, gazing at the gorgeous river…. then this is your place. It’s beautiful to sit here and have a lovely lunch but I think it makes for an even better sunset watching place. So order some hot coffee and pasta and experience bliss at the hide-out.

7. TAT Cafe

Source: Tripadvisor

Tat serves a wide variety of Israeli cuisine, but sometimes a kickass view is all you need to make your day better. A great place to enjoy your breakfast and enjoy the view.

Over time Rishikesh has adapted to its travellers and no one leaves disappointed. It’s just how the town is, the warmth of the locals, the breath-taking views of the Holy Ganga & the gorgeous mountains….. everything about this place brings me a whole lot of joy & I hope you enjoy your time there too.

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