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How To Choose The Right Houseplant For Your Home

Buying a new plant for your home feels so close to the feeling of brining home a puppy!A houseplant isn't just something you buy to amp up...
spices for immunity

9 Spices For Immunity To Strengthen Your Body

Whether it's change in weather that is causing a flu or a world wide virus that's making us sick.... it is extremely important to keep our bodies...
fall asleep quicker

15 Ways To Fall Asleep Quicker

Every now and then we struggle to fall asleep. There's tossing and turning and we find ourselves staring at the fan for longer than we'd like to....
digital detox

10 Reasons Why We Need A Digital Detox

The times we live in where everything we do right from waking up till we sleep revolves around tech devices. From talking to our purchases and most...
stereotypes in Bollywood movies_twinavocados

9 Stereotypes In Bollywood Movies That Were Our Favorite!

Growing up watching films gets stuck in our minds as if it is the first memory we really own. They are always special and full of optimistic...
face masks

10 Rejuvenating DIY Face Masks

Whether it's lack of vitamins, overload of stress or simply just dehydration or cold weather.... it can impact our skin in more than one ways. Sometimes it...
hair mask

11 DIY Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

A lot of times whether it's due to weather change or a lack in our diets our hair seems to take the brunt. What used to be...
homemade granola

Homemade Granola & It’s 3 Delicious Variations

Eating nice, healthy breakfasts are a big part of having a good lifestyle. Having said that on most days I feel like I wake up and start...
wake up happy

14 Ways To Wake Up Happy

The mood we have in the beginning few hours of the day often sets the day's tone. If you wake up happy, positive and full of energy,...
Easy Ways Of Plant Propagation

4 Easy Ways Of Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation is a simple yet rewarding way of growing plants from your existing lot. If you are a plant parent, then I'm sure you know how...
offbeat places to visit in india

17 Offbeat Places To Visit In India

Travel means different things to different people. Some people travel to escape their mundane routines and dive into a new experience. Some travel to meet new people...
Minimalism & It's 3 Stages

Minimalism & Its 3 Stages

Minimalism, the word, and the concept came into my life through social media a few years ago. Initially, it was about having a minimal outfit or a...
6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

We all like to snack on things between meals or while those 'Netflix & Chill' sessions. But what do you do when you've decided to cut down...
how to make soaps at home

How To Make Soaps At Home In 5 Easy Steps

I've always liked experimenting with and making new things. Finding some wood, wanting to make something out of it, collecting stones and pebbles to create wind chimes....
Important Life Disciplines

11 Basic And Important Life Disciplines Everyone Should Follow

Disciplines for life are something that we are all familiar with, but very few of us actually follow them. A disciplined life is one of those things...
Expensive weddings are a waste of money_twinavocados

10 Reasons Why Expensive Weddings Are A Waste Of Money

People nowadays are very much inclined towards having a lavish wedding. And with the boom in social media, weddings have become more about impressing people on social...
importance of sex education_twinavocados

8 Importances Of Sex Education To Bust The Myths

Living in the 20th century, people would still refrain and hush while a topic on sex would come up. They often don’t like to share their experience...
best road trips in India by car_twinavocados

15 Best Road Trips In India: Popular Among The Tourists!

Travelling has never been out of the trends, no matter what the situation is. It took a halt for a few months but got back in shape...
How to be Your Own Best Friend_twinavocados

7 Ways To Be Your Own Best Friend

God helps those who help themselves.Algernon Sidney We have all grown up listening to this famous quote at least once in our lives. This quote is not just...
Fermented Foods

10 Fermented Foods For A Healthy Gut

Fermented Foods are simple to make, delicious to eat, and are loaded with goodness that keeps us healthy and improves our immunity. Fermentation is a process where...
Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

20 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

In this face-paced world, it is super essential to keep our mind, body, and soul healthy. It is believed that it takes us 21 days to form...
Scuba Diver

7 Interesting Things About The Life Of A Scuba Diver

Scuba Diving was a term I first heard of back in 2011. On a family holiday to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, we embarked on this journey...
journal writing is therapeutic_twinavocados

Journal Writing Is Therapeutic: 6 Reasons Why You Should Maintain A Diary!

Journal writing is therapeutic in nature. At least 1 Billion people maintain a diary worldwide. People often maintain a diary to put their thoughts into words. And this...

11 Effective Steps To Achieve Consistency In Life!

What is consistency, and why is it necessary? Is it a habit? Do you feel the need to revolutionize your life? Are you more concerned about the...
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cold process soaps

How To Make Cold Processed Soaps In 11 Steps

Soap Making is a therapeutic and calming space for me, it's a journey that I started off with Melt & Pour soaps. But soon...

10 Facts about the Royal Family of Jaipur

Jaipur, named as the capital city of Rajasthan, India, was historically known as the Kingdom of Amber. The current royal family includes, Maharaja Pandhanmabh Singh,...

How To Choose The Right Houseplant For Your Home

Buying a new plant for your home feels so close to the feeling of brining home a puppy!A houseplant isn't just something you buy...
embrace your inner child

15 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

Remember when we were little how everything was playful, fun and adventurous. We laughed the loudest, spoke out our hearts and enjoyed each moment...

5 Facts vs 5 Myths about Green tea

Green tea is an ultimate stress buster for a lot of people. With people adopting a more healthy lifestyle, green tea has been the...

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