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hiding secrets

Hiding Secrets and 4 Safe Places to Do So

From magazines hidden under the mattress to stuff rammed to the underside of the table, I guess it was never easy to get away with hiding secrets. ...
steps to break a bad habit

6 Simple Ways to Break a Bad Habit

Chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken- warren buffet We all have certain habits that we figure we...
unknown plants

5 Unknown Plants and the Varied Abundance of Nature

Discovering the unidentified has become a moto recently, hence, we twin avocados have come up with some interesting facts related to the unknown plants to increase your...
growing up

Growing Up in and Across the 4 Stages of Life 

Physical and mental growth is an inevitable part of one's life. Growing up to position ourselves at a good place in society is the ultimate motive most...
Time Management

Best Ways of Time Management in Stressful Hours

Eternity is yet an imaginary theory and the truth prevails that time moves collaterally with our actions and waits for none. Hence, it's very important to manage...
colour combinations

Top 10 Colour Combinations Always in Trend

Colour combinations are probably the most important thing to get right, as our everyday crusade starts with looking at the closet for half an hour and being...
energy drinks

5 Best Energy Drinks to Keep you Stirred Up

Energy drinks trigger refreshment of the heart and mind. It can transform your temperament towards work from “I can't” to “I can”. If sluggish, we are advised...
magical element water

Water – The Magical Element (3 Varied Aspects)

Water is commonly quoted as 'an elixir of life'. It's difficult imagining a moment without it whether you see it in the evolutionary aspect or in modern-day...

Facial Gleam and Body Fitness in 4 Easy Steps

Striving for a gleaming skin and physical fitness? Here we have the simplest remedies to all your hardships. In the present scenario, we put in all our...

What are the Signs that May Convey your Skittishness?

The blaring of horns, the screeching of the harsh metal to the floor, the thudding of the hammer to the nail, lightning in the clouds..... URGHHH! Well,...

How Hobbies Recite A Lot About Your Personality

Pastimes or what we conventionally name hobbies seem to recite a lot about our inclinations, our way of occupancy and gawking at life, in brief, our all-around...
revamp your closet

How to Revamp Your Closet in Five Quick Steps

Too many clothes and nothing to wear?! Trust me, searching for clothes every time you dress up can be a gruelling process. (While in college, I...

5 Crazy Rose Flower Types to Know Immediately

The first image that strikes when something romantic is in question, is of a rose flower. This stunning flower has the world enchanted by its beauty. There...
5 Hacks To Deal With Failed Plans

5 Hacks To Deal With Failed Plans

If only we had a dollar for each time a plan went down the drain! There are instances innumerable that can attest to the fact that life's way...
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6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

We all like to snack on things between meals or while those 'Netflix & Chill' sessions. But what do you do when you've decided...

Mental Wellbeing And The Pet Effect

When mental wellbeing is talked about, it is often misinterpreted by being “happy” in every circumstance. But in reality, mental wellbeing is associated with...
how to make soaps at home

How To Make Soaps At Home In 5 Easy Steps

I've always liked experimenting with and making new things. Finding some wood, wanting to make something out of it, collecting stones and pebbles to...
Important Life Disciplines

11 Basic And Important Life Disciplines Everyone Should Follow

Disciplines for life are something that we are all familiar with, but very few of us actually follow them. A disciplined life is one...
poetry society of india_twinavocados

10 Best Indian Poetry Societies You Can Join!

If you have a deep endearment for poetry, then why are you still sliding through mere ‘poems and prose’ books? Live the eloquent and...

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