Food8 Classic Hollywood Cocktails You Will Absolutely Adore

8 Classic Hollywood Cocktails You Will Absolutely Adore

“… shaken, stirred”, “…then add a thin slice of lemon peel”, ring a bell? Of course! It’s Bond, James Bond, and his drinks! straight from the movies. Shout out to all booze lovers, we have assembled some of the classic Hollywood cocktails from the movies and series for you to take a sip and a dip in that excellent and exhilarating golden liquid and feel the buzz.

8 Classic Hollywood Cocktails You Will Absolutely Adore

1. Vodka Martini And Vesper Martini

Vodka Martini And Vesper Martini
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Coming right up is our all-time go-to Vodka Martini And Vesper Martini. Needless to say, these drinks need no mentioning of their destination, as the world and above know it quite well. Martini is a cocktail made with Gin and Vermouth, garnished with lemon or olive twist. Combine Vodka, dry Vermouth, and ice in estimated ratios and you have your vodka martini or mix vodka, gin, and Lillet blonde together for your very own Vesper.

2. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned
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A classic for all whiskey lovers, from the 60’s drama Mad Men we have Old Fashioned. Of the fame of the binge-worthy drama, the drink holds the crown of the most successful cocktail of the past decade. Therefore it’s a must-try; plus anything with whiskey never disappoints! Simple and easy to make, all you need is Bourbon or Rye whiskey, dashes of Angostura bitters, sugar cube, few dashes plain water in defined ratios, follow the procedure to the T and there, you have your old fashioned.

3. Tom Collins

Tom Collins
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A classic martini with a lemon twist, celebrating the 19th century, next up is the infamous Tom Collins, from Meet The Parents. De Niro’s personal favorite is perfect for any evening. Having a history attached to it, we get a faint sense of turning-pages-of-history emotion in it. Here’s its simple and interesting recipe for you to try and enjoy: a three-quarters tablespoon of sugar, dashes of lime or lemon juice, pieces of broken ice, a wine glass full of Old Tom gin, a bottle of plain soda water; mix it up well with a spoon, remove the ice, and serve.

4. French75

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Drinks and Wars have a special relation, the one drink associated with WW1 is as unforgettable as the event. Named after the 75-millimeter French artillery gun, French75 was Hollywood’s classic. It was showcased in Casablanca. The legendary champagne cocktail is a blend of Champagne, Lemon juice, Gin, and dashes Simple syrup, which by no doubt is a sweet romance for your taste buds.

5. The Red Eye

The Red Eye
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Lastly, we have this classic Hollywood cocktail from The Cocktail, a Tom Cruise classic, which is a hangover cure. Strange, right? The Red Eye is a ravishing red swig of vodka, Bloody Mary, cold beer, and cracked raw egg.

6. Cosmopolitan

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A party-perfect and a real charmer with its sweet and sour taste, this is still the same as it was when it rocked the famous 90’s show The Sex And The City. The pretty pink martini cocktail is built on citrus vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice, and garnished with a lime wheel or zest.

7. Manhattan

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A classic in itself, swiftly won hearts when it first appeared in Some Like It Hot in 1959. Abiding and appetizing this mingle of American whiskey, Italian vermouth is perked up with a few dashes of aromatic bitters.

8. 7&7

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A lemonade-like fizzy drink is bliss and beautiful on a hot scorching summer day. Tune to a 1977 classic, Saturday Night Fever, and sip along with John Travolta this whiskey and soda blend.

The list is endless and exciting, the more you dig the more you are promised to get. Without any second thoughts, try these classic exotics and wash your taste testers with timeless blends from some of your favorite movies and actors of Hollywood.

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