Tips and TricksTop 10 Colour Combinations Always in Trend

Top 10 Colour Combinations Always in Trend

Colour combinations are probably the most important thing to get right, as our everyday crusade starts with looking at the closet for half an hour and being ambivalent about what to wear. Which top will go with which skirt, and then the complimenting colour of heels is missing in my shoe rack….ughhh!!!!!

colour combinations

Phew!! it’s a tough task to decide the complementary colour of costumes and life’s too short to wear boring clothes. Appropriate selection of colour in apparel matters a lot as they not only define you but also shape your personality.
Different colours signify diverse sentiments. They transmit the non-verbal message as each colour manifests thousands of expressions and probable facets of the person donning it.

So end your struggle as here I offer you some colour combinations which never run out of trend.

Black is an evergreen trend and complements most of the colours, thus, becomes a major part of our daily wear. Right from tops and tweeds to lingerie and heels, it fits in every way. But the colours which actually complement and complete the intimidating yet seductive black colour are:

Black + Orange –

black and orange

The mixture of mystery and adventure is spellbinding. Black and orange is the new sexy trend these days. Be it the Bollywood or Tollywood stars, everyone is shining in the popular look. I certainly feel this is gonna add to the list of evergreen colour combinations and remain as flaunting as it is.

Black + Silver –

black and silver

Bring out the secret shining star dormant within you. Black indicating the secretive story of your spirit and silver just giving it a shiny outline. The silvery black combination is always a hit for clubs and chillouts.

Being nimble, black fits in with most of the hues like Neon, Red, Pink, etc, forming great colour combinations in both formal and informal attire.
Next, we take up the colour of perfection, i.e., white. Though it is like a universal solvent, it transmits its own vibe of purity and innocence if and when parked with other shades. Just like black, it complements most of the hues but only a few of them ornament white dresses flawlessly, and they are:

White + Green –

white and green

A leafy white flower is the most beautiful creation of nature as it circulates positivity, friendship and peace. Going for backpacking in nature? This is the best colour combination to hit the green mountains and deep valleys.

White + Red/Maroon –

red and white
Image credit: HowToWearFashion

Reminds you of the Christmas jingles, right?! The combination is truly as poetic and delightful as the Christmas celebratory spirit. Red and white, when coming together, signify purity in love. Well, for maroon, I feel it’s the best fit because it may not look as good with other shades as it does with white.

White + Yellow –

white and yellow

Happiness… pure and innocent smile is what this colour combo carries along. Spreading refreshment, optimism, and confidence to face challenges. Best suited when going for gym classes or in leisure.

White + Golden –

white and golden
Image credit: DHgate Wholesale

Golden glitter and the perfectionist white is a hit colour combination to a decent outhouse party. It’ll reflect your innocence, and the inner golden glint.

White is for peace and hence, pacifies various hues. I’ll also show you the black and white aspect of life, but before that enjoy some bright light:

Blue + Yellow –

blue and yellow

Deep ocean and the vast sky signify responsibilities of nature. When blended with the brightness of the yellow sun, it looks incredible. In a world full of classy people, be the bright and lovely wizard.

Silver +Pink –

silver and pink

Have to attend your best friend’s wedding ceremony and wish to hit the dance floor? Dress up in a silvery pink lehenga.  The soft pink with the twinkling silver will catch everyone’s attention.

Red + Dark green –

red and dark green

The bridal outfit has to be the most glorious apparel in a woman’s life but if you are perplexed how to carry so much of passion with the lovely red, balance it with the universal emotion-stabilizer green.

Life can become colourless in a second but will definitely make you fall in love with the black and white angle of it.

Black + White

black and white

The joy of dressing is an art. The mixture of universal taste with the peace territory is just wowww. Use it as formal wear or casual wear, it truly fits in every spot.

Now, do you waste too much time looking for which colour combination will fit the best on which occasion or place? Here’s your answer –

Colour Combinations which never go out of trend at a workplace :


Flaunt your wardrobe with these amazing colours which will be formal and fashionable for your workplace –

  • Black + Grey
  • White + Chocolate brown
  • Grey + Purple
  • White + turquoise

You can hit the workplace with any of these colours as they are neither too bright nor too dim.

At a Club –

  • White + Glimmering Silver
  • Orange + Shiny black

And many more to swirl in the dance floor.

At a holy party-


We are often confused about what to accessorize with white at the colourful holy gathering.

  • White + Light yellow
  • White + Red
  • White + Navy blue
  • White + Pink
  • Sky blue + Pink

Thus, you can display your favourite colours anywhere you wish to, just the right complementary colour has to ornament it.

Girls, I hope, the suggestions make you look more colourful and bright. And to end your daily strive, do revamp your closet from time to time. Well for guys who are reading this, you can make full use of the tips to buy gifts in the perfect colour assortment for the girl in your life, be it your girlfriend, friend and wife, mother or sister as gifts spice up your relationship, be it in the form of clothes, accessories. technologies, or personalized gifts.

We should always aim to dress simple, but elegant and significant.

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