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60 Décor Items To Match Your Pinterest Aesthetics

Your room is a very personal space that becomes a place where you spend most of your time and acts as a safe haven. Hence, it’s important to make it a space that reflects your essence in terms of your own personal aesthetic. Room décor doesn’t have to be very expensive if planned properly. It’s more of a process of developing a space that makes you feel comfortable and boosts your creativity than purchasing expensive materialistic objects.

Here are 60 décor items to match your Pinterest aesthetics

1. Vine leaves

Vine leaves give any room the greenery it needs. It feels like having a piece of the environment inside with you, without the annoying insect’s part. Vine leaves are made of plastic, require no maintenance, and are an eye-catching accessory that can light up any room. On top of that, they are very inexpensive and can be found on Amazon as well as at any local décor store.

2. Fairy lights and LED lights

Having the same color of light can become really monotonous. To switch it up, fairy lights are a great option because they give a room a dainty feel and can be decorated in any shape or pattern to personalize it. Their warm, golden tone provides coziness and a fairy-tale aesthetic to the room, making it perfect to feel at bedtime. LED lights, on the other hand, come in a range of colors and can be used to create a trippy atmosphere in your room.

3. Shape mirrors

Long gone are the days of simple square or rectangle mirrors. Mirrors today come in any kind of shape imaginable and can also be customized. Aesthetic mirror shapes such as crescent moons, stars, clouds, and other elements add a unique factor to a room and also add to the cozy fairy tale aesthetic while also being useful.

4. Cozy neutral rugs

As comfortable as beds are, soft, fuzzy rugs are unmatched in their level of comfort and warmth and can be used in many versatile ways. To match any room aesthetic, rugs of neutral or pastel colors, such as beige, brown, coffee, etc., can be used to add to the warm tone of your room. They are also quite affordable and can be found almost anywhere.

5. Posters

Posters are the simplest, least expensive, and most personal way to make any room more visually appealing. They have the option to be about any band, group, or media that you love or even just simple pictures, but, in any case, they add to the symmetry of the room and make it more aesthetic. They also don’t require you to be a very crafty person, as they can be decorated in any order and still look good. They also work well with vine leaves and fairy lights to create a stunning look.

6. Tapestries

Tapestries are centuries-old items of room decoration that still have their allure. They can add a touch of vibrance or a pop of color to any room and bring the elegance and beauty of art with them. They are easy to carry, not easily dirtied, can be personalized according to individual taste, and add a splash of different textures and a historical element to the room, which adds to the rusty aesthetic.

7. Plants

The presence of plants adds earthiness to a room, along with a splash of color. Not only do they look good as décor, but they are also known to relieve stress, boost your creative side, improve air quality, and more. For people who love greenery, they are a must-have, and for people who won’t be able to care for actual plants, they can use fake ones, which look just as good while adding depth to their surroundings.

8. Candles

Candles today come in all shapes and sizes and can help not only in adding a golden glow to your room but also help in fighting stress and anxiety. From using candles for a study session to just putting on music and vibing in the candlelight, they can be the perfect addition to your room’s aesthetic without being overly expensive.

9. Digital clocks

Clocks are deemed unnecessary in some ways because we all use our phones or wristwatches to check the time, but having a physical clock, especially a digital one, can add to any room’s décor while also making you feel more productive. They are very minimal in nature and don’t overly take all the attention but subtly add to the aesthetic and also help in concentration during study sessions.

10. Vinyl records

Vinyl records are the perfect addition for all music lovers. In a world of Spotify and Apple Music, there is something beautiful about having vintage vinyl records, which can also be displayed along the walls of the room. Since they are circular in shape, they blend in perfectly with any room’s décor and help display the personality of the room owner while also adding to the aesthetic.

11. Warm lamps

Lamps of different shapes and styles add a very warm and happy vibe to an entire room, especially at night with the white lights switched off. Lamps can be small in size or even bigger ones with a stand, but they tend to take over the space and make it dreamier.

12. Cushions

Cute, cozy, quirky cushions of different shapes and designs can be put on the bed or on the chair, and along with providing comfort, they also speak a lot about a person’s personality and aesthetic and blend right into the room décor.

13. Bookcase

For all the readers out there, a bookcase will tend to be the star of your room, especially wooden bookcases. Not only will they encourage you to buy new books and add to your reading habit, but they also add to a rustic aesthetic without taking up a huge amount of space as they come in different sizes.

14. Wall hangings

Wall hangings don’t just have to be framed; they can be anything on a string, like tiny shapes of stars and moons, hearts, or anything that speaks to you and might go well on your wall and color.

15. Baskets

Wooden baskets are convenient for storage and look elegant at the same time. They can be used to store miscellaneous items like board games, crafts, etc., and put in any corner without spoiling the look of the overall room.

16. Nameplate

For those who like to customize room décor, a nameplate would look very cute on the wall or the desk and give a personalized touch to any room. The nameplate can be wooden or even plastic, and there are many websites or shops on Etsy that make them at affordable prices.

17. Oil lamp

Oil lamps are not something we necessarily need in the world of tube lights, but they still hold their charm and will be a beautiful antique addition to any room and may even be useful in a blackout. Always go back to the basics, people!

18. Multilevel stair stand

A multilevel stand adds many dimensions of storage while also looking good. They can be used to store anything, from plants, books, figurines, and more.

19. Hooks to hang slings

Slings and bags take up a lot of space in cupboards, but another brilliant way of storing them is by hanging them up on hooks in any corner of the room. One hook can store up to three slings, and they look like pretty wall hangings while also being practical.

20. Human figurines

Human figurines have become very popular room decorations in recent years. They are very vague and don’t have any details but general figures of a human body, which look very artsy.

21. Glass boxes to store accessories

An efficient way to store all your accessories, which are usually scattered all over your dressing table, is to put them in rectangular glass boxes that you can put on the table. It makes your dressing room appear organized while also being visually appealing. 

22. Bulbs for mirror

Bulbs surrounding the mirror are something seen in almost every influencer’s room, and there’s a good reason for the hype around it. Not only do the bulbs add an amazing amount of light, which is perfect for getting ready and applying makeup, but they also enhance the entire look of your room, making the space look like something out of a Kardashian episode.

23. Vinyl player

Although vinyl records are good for decoration, they are even better when played on an actual vinyl player. This is a décor item that should be present in every music lover’s room because, even though it is an age-old method of listening to songs, it always gives a classic and timeless feel.

24. Clothes rack

A clothes rack is useful for hanging up those bulky coats that take up too much space in the closet, as well as your favorite everyday clothes. It expedites the dressing process while also being visually aesthetic.

25. Stickers for walls

Stickers can be used on the walls to cover up spaces with small, compact designs of your favorite fandoms, emojis, characters, and even clothes, all in a similar way. They have a particular shine and ease about them that even posters can achieve, and they tend to stay sturdy without coming out for long periods of time.

26. Fake flowers

Taking care of real flowers can be a real task, which is why fake flowers are the best option for decorating the room. The colors are brighter and shinier, and they retain their shape and glow while making the room décor look more sophisticated.

27. Curtains around the bed

Using curtains in the headboards of beds or all four corners of four poster beds gives the room a very fairy-tale appearance while also adding an extra layer of coziness and privacy. The elegant way they fall from the ceiling makes them an eye-catching element of any room.

28. Bottles filled with fairy lights

This decoration is simple to make and is a great way to recycle old glass bottles used for water or coffee by filling them with rolls of battery-operated fairy lights. Not only are they perfect for decorating different corners of a room, but they can also be used as props for room photoshoots.

29. Fancy lamp with stands

There are ordinary lamps, and then there are extravagant lamps. For people who prefer not to keep their room minimalistic but make it bold and more artsy, lamps that come in the form of figures like trees or moons and quotes are the perfect addition to the room.

30. Laundry basket

Your laundry doesn’t have to look messy if kept in aesthetic-looking laundry baskets that are wooden or even canvas. With sassy quotes like “Laundry today or naked tomorrow,” laundry baskets blend right into any corner of the room while appearing organized.

31. Bulletin board

The study area of your room should be a space that enhances productivity, and a bulletin board is a perfect way to do that. They can be used to put up post-its, postcards or even set up a dreamy mood board, which adds a lot of colors to the room.

32. Calendar

Another décor item to enhance productivity is setting up a calendar, either on the desk or hanging on the wall. Calendars come in thousands of themes and can even be customized using personal pictures. Also, nothing can beat the satisfaction of crossing off each day on the calendar.

33. Sunglass stands

Sunglass stands are another cute idea for dressing table décor items. These stands are perfect for storing your different sunglasses while also putting them on display to add to your dressing table aesthetic.

34. Stationary organizer

An efficient desk décor item is a stationery organizer, which comes in different layouts and is an easy and convenient way to store all your stationery while also going along with the colors of your desk.

35. Post-it notes

Post-it notes are small, cheap, and incredibly sticky, making them easy to use, and they come in like a million colors. They can be added and removed from literally anywhere while remaining neat and cute with the rest of the stationery. 

36. Small wastebasket

For people with less room space, a small, compact wastebasket can go a long way in keeping the room clean, taking up less space while also fitting in. These wastebaskets come in different styles, with lids and without, and can even be customized.

37. Book end

For rooms that do not have space for a bookcase, bookends might be the perfect solution. The books can be propped up on the desks, and the book end can be used at the end of the line to help them stay propped up. These ends can be in any shape, but they usually tend to be small, cute figurines that light up the desk area.

38. Guitar stand

People with instruments, especially a guitar, have to deal with the guitar constantly falling to the floor and taking up a large amount of space. Guitar stands are simple to install and use, and they add a chic music studio look to the room while also making guitar storage convenient. 

39. Projector

If you have a blank wall anywhere in your room, a projector will be your holy grail. They are less expensive and provide a better experience than television; they are simple to use and install, and they provide a relaxing experience from the comfort of your bed. 

40. Rotating chair

What’s more fun than a simple chair? A rotating one! One of the many reasons people work from bed is that their desk chair is insufficiently comfortable. With a rotating chair, comfort, style, and productivity all come together.

41. Cute coasters

Coasters are ideal for preventing glass staining on your side table and desk, and they are also very cute! They come in any number of designs, and you can customize them according to your room’s aesthetic.

42. Jewelry organizers

It’s so easy for jewelry to get lost and all tangled up due to it being scattered across different corners of the room and not being kept carefully. Jewelry organizers help with proper maintenance and storage for your jewelry while also giving your dressing table a much cleaner look.

43. Shoe stand

For studio apartments, storing shoes can often be an issue, and the best option is to get a shoe stand. They come in multilayer options according to your needs, and their craftsmanship goes very well with any other piece of furniture.

44. Colorful comforter

The color of your comforter has the potential to change the entire aesthetic of your room. Colors like black, grey, and shades of blue give off a very monotone vibe, while shades of green and red give off earthy and warm tones, respectively. A printed comforter can brighten up your room even further.

45. Candle stand

Candles usually come in their containers, but to give even more of an antique and Victorian vibe to any room, plain candles on candle stands can be used. Their sleek appearance can transport you to an 80s film, and it serves as a statement piece. 

46. Lap table

For people who do not have desks or prefer to work from bed, lap tables are an easy fix. They can contain your laptops, notebooks, a cup of coffee, and other stationary items conveniently and can be stored under the bed without taking up much space. Wooden lap tables, in particular, look very sturdy and aesthetic and last for a long time.

47. Wooden alarm clock

While digital clocks add more of a modern, futuristic aesthetic, wooden alarm clocks, with their shrill sounds, are timeless antique items that still look beautiful as a piece of room décor while also making sure to wake you up on time!

48. Polaroids

The film camera aesthetic is back, and the best way to make use of those Polaroid pictures is to hang them around in your room, on fairy lights, or just in a basic manner.

49. Coat and hat stand

A multi-usable prop that can be used for just about anything for easy access and more storage, This stand can be put in any corner of the room and, with its symmetry, looks like a decorative item.

50. Hanging flowers

This décor item is a mixture of flowers and lamps. Flows that hang from the ceiling, especially on high ceilings, add a certain glamour to any room while also being very affordable to maintain.

51. Rope swing

For rooms with wide spaces and lots of natural light, a rope swing is a great item to add to the bohemian vibe and a fun place to relax while being indoors.

52. Porcelain figurines

Porcelain figurines are usually seen in European culture but are quite the rage today as they add to the art and culture presented in a room. They can be used as small showpieces or even as big figurines that act as statement pieces.

53. Disco bulb

Disco bulbs can quickly transform your room into a party and chill zone for when you have guests over. With multiple colors and flashing patterns, they are perfect for dance parties or even just chilling.

54. Spotify song frame

Spotify song frames are one of the most famous customized gifts of all time and can be used to decorate almost anything, from frames to keychains to coasters, etc. Their ability to associate pictures and songs are what makes them unique, and they add a beautiful, loving, and playful touch to any space.

55. Skincare stand

A shelf to organize and store your countless skincare products will be the best investment you will ever make. These stands are rotatable and spacious, and products can be divided on a day and night basis, making it countless times more convenient to store skincare without making a mess.

56. Typewriter

A typewriter was a very prestigious antique to collect in the days before desktops and keyboards, and it became the star of the room for any writer. Something about their unique design and all the history behind it makes them a priceless possession, even if only for decorative purposes.

57. Quotes frames

Frames on the wall don’t need to be just pictures; they can also be quotes that motivate or add happiness to your life. These quotes balance out all the pictures and eye-catching décor and act as a binder to make your room look perfect.

58. iPad stands

iPads are very useful devices, especially for taking notes and studying, but due to their size, they cannot be carried around all the time and are prone to damage. An iPad stand for the desk helps with easier note-taking, provides a cute, personalized space to keep your iPad, and goes well with any desk décor.

59. Whiteboard and marker

An alternative for a bulletin board is a whiteboard with a marker, which is preferable for making to-do lists, writing down study notes, and even drawing. They are very accessible from your desk and give your room a more organized and studious feel, which might be just what you need to increase your productivity.

60. Stained glass

A stained-glass window is a unique piece of room décor and the ultimate statement piece. Made with extreme craftsmanship, they can be put in place of regular windows or even just hung on the wall, but the colorful shadows and glow they add to the room cannot be matched.

Every little, small element adds up to make a room into something you can be yourself in. These small items can be mixed and matched to create a room aesthetic that is uniquely you and will make your life a little easier!

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