TravelDharamkot & It's 7 Best Cafes

Dharamkot & It’s 7 Best Cafes

There’s something exciting about going a step ahead than the regular track. To break boundaries and explore something new. Like they say some of the best things happen when you break out of the comfort zone and find gold.
This is what I felt too, when while visiting Dharamshala, I decided to walk a bit further one evening. And when I did, I stumbled upon Dharamkot…this lovely village that you can only hike into. No cars, away from the crowds, tucked between gorgeous mountains and wheat fields…. I found my joy!
Dharamkot is beautiful and scenic but also has some of the nicest cafes all along as you walk through.

Bodhi Greens

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – Bodhi Greens
Image Source: TheBestAdrdess

Sometimes while travelling finding good food becomes trouble. But you know what’s tougher, to find Vegan Food…so when I stumbled upon Bodhi Greens Cafe, I was overjoyed. The food is delicious and they cater to all kinds of dietary requirements. Allergic to peanuts or anything else, tell them and they’d prepare a meal all for you…. I absolutely loved their Buddha Bowls and Nutty Protons.

MoonLight Cafe

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – MoonLight Cafe
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What’s better than a good cup of Ginger Tea…. a good cup of Ginger Tea and an amazing view of the mountains.The Moonlight Cafe in Dharamkot is a vibe! The Gorgeous mountains to gaze at and a slice of the very popular Bhagsu Cake just make for a perfect start to the day.


Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – Trek n Dine
Image Source: DrifterPlanet

A one stop cafe is what I like to call Trek n Dine…a little fancy but a whole lot of yummy. With all kinds of cuisines and an ambiance that sets the mood, this is a surely a favourite. Although everything at Trek n Dine in delicious, their hummus is out of the world! Hop in for a meal at any time and you would not be disappointed.

The BirdHouse Cakery

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – The Birdhouse Cakery
Image Source : BirdhouseCakery

Warm cinnamon buns, a cup of coffee and a smiling baker who fills your heart…. that’s what the experience at The Birdhouse Cakery is like. Passing by this quite little bakery you know the smell of hot cocoa would be enough to make you want to visit. Anukriti, the baker also makes one of the best cheesecakes ever!

Open Heart Cafe

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – Open Heart Cafe
Image Source: OpenHeartCafe

With outdoor seating overlooking the gorgeous mountains and food that’s yum yum yum…. Open Heart Cafe is a for sure stop to make while in Dharamkot. A location so good and cookies that are the best in town this one makes for a great place to sit, gaze at the view and read a book.

Spaced Out

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – Spaced Out
Image Source: LeftOye

Spaced Out is one of the first few cafes you’d encounter as you walk through lower Dharamkot. With an outdoor seating, great food and board games to play, this one is for sure one of the cafes you must dine at.

Om Cafe

Must Visit Cafes In Dharamkot – Om Cafe
Image Source: OmCafe

Another lovely ambient place to chill and enjoy a nice meal in Dharamkot is the ‘Om Cafe’. With live music at night and a very calm and welcoming environment, it really is a perfect place to hangout.

While food makes for a important part..dont forget to stop by at small tea shops for a cup of tea and a nice view. And definitely try Tibetan Momos at the local shops. And walk around, explore and enjoy yourself… because life is too short and we must live each day like it’s our last.

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