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Bi-curiosity: Delicate Difference Between Bisexuality And Bi-Curiosity

Let us spread light upon an emerging and less-talked term that has come to talk- Bi-curiosity. This is very often confused with Bisexuality, and people sometimes interchange the word. But is it the very same? Uhm, no, not likely!

With the pacing of time and evolving mindsets of people, many unstemmed or unfamiliar sexualities have been encountered. People have started expressing their ‘unconventional’ orientation, and the masses are initiating the venture of accepting everyone as they are. Even today, we are unknown to many factors of sexualities, which might become apparent in the coming few decades or even years.

But boy, do we know that it is yet a VERY long way before we ultimately begin to love and embrace each other’s realities without judging their orientation.

With that, let us spread light upon an emerging and less-talked term that has come to talk: Bi-curiosity.

What Is Bi-curiosity?

what is bi-curiosity
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Bi-curiosity stands for, as it is termed- curiosity of being ‘bi’. Simple right?

Bi-curious people are typically engaged in a relationship (sexual or romantic) with a particular orientated sexuality yet are curious about having sexual intimacy with another sexual gender.

It is primarily used to assert a heterosexual person wanting to have a sexual relationship with the same gender. But this term could also be used when a gay or a lesbian person wants to have a relationship with the opposite gender.

Bi-curiosity could often exist as ‘Q’ as in ‘Questioning’ from LGBTQ+ (here Q could also mean Queer).

What Does It Mean To Be Bi-Curious?

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Is a bi-curious person in love with another gender or doesn’t want any intimacy with their current partner (or type of partner)?

No, it might not be this intense of a feeling. It could be a sheer desire to have something with particular people (who are not in the range of their typical relationships).

Let us understand this by this scenario-

You are a heterosexual person in a healthy relationship with another heterosexual. One day you are walking on the streets, seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex. As in the life of normalcy, anyone can find anyone attractive despite their sexual terms.

But this attraction is a bit jarring. You want to kiss them, and this leaves you wondering- “am I bisexual? Or is this just bi-curiosity?”

These attraction sequences could not only be limited to people you meet physically. You can be shortly aroused by a woman in a porn video or a mere celebrity in a TV series.

How Is Bi-Curiousity Different From Bisexuality?

Difference between bisexuality and bi-curiosity.
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Bisexual people are those who are utterly aware of their sexuality and the fact that they like both genders. 

People often identify themselves as bi-curious when they are struggling to label their sexual identity. They might take their unwind time and come out as bisexual at a later time. Or else, they could realise that they solely like having a sexual or romantic relationship with a particular gender and hence exclusively be gay, lesbian, or straight.

What Should You Do If You Are bi-curious?

Source: Women’s Health

Take your time. First of all, you, of all people, have to accept this verity. Don’t jump to a conclusion just by what you read on a social media post or by just reading the term. Take your time.

Being identified as Bi-Curious (or any ‘unconventional’ term) could be socially abashed. Hence, firstly be proudly associated with this truth. After this, let your friends and family understand this term and accept you with this. Give them potential time and space too. Educate them, don’t confront them.

Later, when the time feels right, act on it. Explore your reality along with your sexuality.


Source: Homoculture

Now, understand the fact that NO ONE can give a term to your sexual actuality. Not this article, Google, psychologist, your parents or friends, social media, or even any LGBTQA+ member. You are who you want to be, and your sexuality is what you term it to be. You can love ANYONE you want because LOVE IS LOVE!

Be proud, be you!

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