Health & WellnessDifference Between A Picture-Perfect Body And A Healthy Body

Difference Between A Picture-Perfect Body And A Healthy Body

TRIGGER WARNING- Food disorders

As the present generation continues to numb down the difference between a healthy body and a picture-perfect body, we are being pushed into a hick of severe food disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. While promotion of a ‘Model-like’ body is not only deceiving the mind of the young ones, it also is averting this generation from claiming a nourishing body.

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Today, the active media’s representation of a sound body is ‘thin waist, perfect breasts or chests, hourglass-shaped lines’ etc., the intensity of becoming ‘healthy’ is somewhere nimbly fading. The mass is streaming towards the obsession of obtaining a body that is pleasing to the eyes and can attain the most likes or comments. Engaging in strict diet plans that do nothing but appallingly affect a person’s mental and physical health is today’s soaring trend.

So what is the difference between a picture-perfect body and a healthy body? We will get to that, but before let us understand some basic factions of this topic.


Picture-perfect body vs. healthy body
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It is a person’s idea and perception of their body appearance. It may or may not be accurately conceived of how that person looks. It often leads to an overwhelming desire to change one’s appearance, which affects one’s mental health.


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The impression where your skin looks smooth, glowing, acne-less, with zilch dark circles and where your body is as thin as a stick, where no body-fat is primarily visible and has flat abdominal. To add more to this list-pink lips, skin complexion (it vary from place to place, while in Asia fairer skin is more desirable in Western countries, tanned body is immensely craved).

This picture-perfect body is entirely unfeasible for many; hence not being able to fit in this category might cause people to lack self-esteem and immense body hatred.


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This notion is not only toxic for everyone but could also lead to fatality. As people, especially teens, drive into becoming a part of this society, they begin to compel themselves to achieve this unrealistic body figure. And for this, many people step foot on menacing paths that may result in serious eating disorders. Here is a quote from BodyWhys Claire’s food disorder story-

‘The first time I forced myself to be sick was unpleasant and upsetting, but I remember the absolutely wonderful feeling of purity and emptiness following it. I had eaten an entirely normal meal and yet had eaten nothing at all!’

It starts with standard weight-loss tactics and then may take a sinister ending.


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Keeping scientific details apart, a healthy body is a body that could delay being fatigued. It doesn’t matter your size or complexion; a healthy person will be body positive. It also means to be strained less and at peace mentally.

A healthy body is NOT the coordination of a perfect body image. Health is internal that later reflects externally.

It is obtained with good and complete meals regularly, with a daily exercise regime and inner optimism. If you are healthy, your body image will no longer matter.


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This apparent shift cannot appear with just a mere post or an article; it cannot miraculously get weaved out of its exposed citation. It will take gradual practice and awareness to find peace in our skins.

But first, people need to commence with themselves. By understanding the importance of primary health rituals like drinking a lot of water and eating greens, we will alter the gnarly idea of ditching eating at all.  By ditching the filter world, we can take our next grave step in revolting against this insecure mentality of body appearance. Put on hashtags that promote health rather than forged beauty.

Final Words:

Being overweight is a threat to health, but dealing with it medically prescribed is the way to go. Understand that beauty is not what is projected on your social media apps; it is very subjective and often shines from within. The idea to be perfectly shaped is corrupt, whereas health is a requirement. Let your confidence be more magnificent than any trend. And let your insecurity be smaller than the alleged waist.  

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