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9 Dumb Businesses That Made Huge Money

You sure need a million-dollar idea to become rich, but have you ever wondered that even a dumb business idea can also help you make a fortune?

9 Dumb Businesses That Made Huge Money

1. The million-dollar homepage

The million-dollar homepage
Source: theguardian

This idea belongs to Alex II, who is responsible for creating this homepage. He created this back in 2005 to get some funds for his university education. This page consists of a million pictures that are arranged in a thousand-by-thousand pixel grid. They wanted to sell 1 million pixels at the cost of 1 dollar/pixel. You might be surprised to know that he made a $10,37,000 profit out of his insane idea.

2. PostSecret Project

PostSecret Project
Source: wtop

Before Quora and Reddit, there was a unique platform for sharing secrets. This page created by Frank Warren allows their users to share their secrets and you can also read these secrets. His blog site has more than 800 million views and it is quite famous. The entries are anonymous and are 100% true.

3. I wear your shirt

I wear your shirt
Source: wanderingaimfully

This crazy idea by Jason Zuke helped him make a fortune. All he had to do was wear a different t-shirt every day for 4 straight years. This just helped him make money as he consistently kept posting about it. He also made huge money after selling his last name.

4. I do, now I don’t

I do, now I don't
Source: whackyideas

This was created by Josh Opperman who was left by his fiancee. He had his engagement ring which cost him $10,000 and this is where he generated his million-dollar idea. This website helps people in selling their engagement ring and people can also purchase it from there (obviously). Now, this might be a crazy idea, but it is helping a lot of people.

5. Billy-Bob Teeth Inc.

Billy-Bob Teeth Inc
Source: tvtime

Jonah White, the founder of this business made a fortune from selling fake horrible-looking hillbilly teeth. He got this idea in 1994 and you might be shocked, but they are making and selling thousands of them. This pair of teeth is still thriving and more than 20 million have already been sold.

6. Vitality Air

Vitality Air
Source: thelogicalindian

Fresh and clean air is simply going to be a luxury in the future and we all know it. This is where the idea came into the minds of Moses Lamb and Tony Pacquette. They filled a bag with fresh air and went on selling it on eBay. Bidding for this went as high as 99 pounds and they also export to several other countries like China, India, Vietnam, etc. They are earning around $300,000 a year by selling this and they are also thinking to bring in flavoured air for their customers.

7. Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel
Source: insidehook

This insane idea allows people to send their own personalized potatoes. This business idea was developed by Alex Craig and it surely helped him in being a very wealthy man. You can also find several things here like potato love bear bundle, potato postcard, potato pal, and several other things too.

8. Flat D-Pads

Flat D-Pads
Source: patientroom

This is one such idea that you might have thought of yourself but backed out thinking no one would be interested in buying it. But the idea for fart trapping pads was developed by Brian Connect and Frank Marowski which solves many issues such as gastric bypass odours, female vaginal odour, bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, feminine hygiene odour, etc. This business is surely making huge money.

9. Pet Butler

Pet Butler
Source: patvin

In many countries like Singapore and Dunai, picking up your pet’s poop is mandatory. This is where this business idea comes in. They provide cleaning and sanitation services for their clients. It has expanded extensively and they provide several other services too like pet sitting, pet training, etc.

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