Tips and Tricks4 Easy Steps for Facial Gleam and Body Fitness

4 Easy Steps for Facial Gleam and Body Fitness

Striving for gleaming skin and physical fitness? Here we have the simplest remedies to all your hardships.

In the present scenario, we put in all our efforts to stay healthy, fit, and glowing for eternity. We endure so much agony to attain a promising physique like going to gym classes, doing extensive exercise, and whatnot. Similarly, to procure glinting skin, we plop in all our time, endeavors, and riches yet someplace or the other we lack.

What if I tell you that both can be accomplished concurrently by proclaiming a few susceptible tricks and treads? Yes, you don’t need to devour boiled vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need not do a massive workout. But merely take the thorough route to healthy skin and a fit body. Here’s your one-stop solution, not only ushering to a glittering skin and a decent physique but also a prosperous life.

4 Easy Steps for Facial Gleam and Body Fitness

1. Embark on your day with these natural herbs

  1. Indian lilac or Neem
  2. Ocimum tenuiflorum or Tulsi
  3. Leaves of Maurraya koenigii or  Curry leaves
  4. Cinnamon or Dalchini.
  5. Fenugreek seeds or Methi dana

How to consume?

Now I am not asking you to spend your entire day making these natural herbs edible, barely one hour and you are all set for the entire month. All you need to do is dry an adequate amount of Neem, tulsi, and Curry leaves separately. Then grind them separately and stock them in appropriate containers. Daily take one spoonful of each with hot water in the morning.

All three are rich in antioxidants and have plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Dazzled with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, they cleanse the body from within. Purifies blood, hence providing you with glossy skin. Their configuration is such that they facilitate digestion, and reduce inflammation and issues of bloating. Replenished with essential ingredients, they help in weight loss.


For the other two, that is, cinnamon sticks and fenugreek seeds, you can consume them either in powdery form or by soaking the seeds or sticks in water overnight (separately). These consist of key components that help in losing weight.

Cinnamon, apart from spicing up your food, is a goldmine of health-benefiting units and functions as a beauty regime where cinnamon helps in processing excess spice and promotes metabolism rate, thus facilitating the loss of visceral fat. Fenugreek is effective for curbing the appetite, hence thwarting overeating. Both are rich in astringent properties hence providing you with smooth skin texture.

2. Water- the magic ingredient to fitness


It’s been rightly expressed, “If there’s magic it’s in the droplets of water.” We know that 75% of our body comprises water; the essential job of it is to keep the body hydrated. Consuming a definite volume of water, that is, around 10-14 glasses or 06-07 liters, activates your digestive tract and soothes the internal functioning of the body.

Many of you might be aware of the fact that if subjected to high temperatures, our body burns more calories. The excess fat and toxin start melting at a rapid rate and flow down with the liquid. This implies that for immediate results one should consume warm water which heats up the body from the inside, thus facilitating the loss of piled-up fat.

Drinking a stipulated volume of water daily has a detoxifying effect, hence purifying the body and skin, providing an internal gleam.

For more effective results one can consume warm water with lemon and honey. Lemon, rich in citric acid, oxidizes 30% more fat during a moderate workout. Honey bestows you with flawless skin. The entire composition of hot water + lemon + honey is most effective in reducing belly fat.

3. Yoga for physical and mental fitness


Yoga is considered to be one of the most productive means to tone your physique and skin. Doing yoga regularly also helps in increasing your concentration power and memorizing capacity.

Well, not getting into the philosophical details, I’d like to quickly enlighten you with the 3 best yoga pranayamas or techniques that will help you lose weight as well as obtain a brighter skin tone. They are:


Now, there might be a query- why only these 3? So let me tell you, the aforementioned pranayamas individually work in varied ways and deliver multiple benefits.

Kapalbhati insulates you from problems of acidity, constipation, etc, also strengthening the nerves of your abdomen.
Anulom vilom is most effective in improving your blood circulation.

Surya Namaskar replenishes you with fuel for the day’s work and keeps you fresh and robust.

Doubtlessly, I can proclaim that practicing them daily will bring you tremendous privileges. Yoga not only provides you with toned skin and a good physique but also strengthens your immune system, thus protecting you from innumerable ailments.

4. Supplementary means of fitness

1. For Pure Skin

pure skin

There are various other ways to shed off the impurities of your skin.

Dark circles: Want smoky eyes free of dark circles? Follow these simple hacks:

  1. Potato extract
  2. Cucumber extract
  3. Tomato sap + gram flour(besan) + turmeric powder + honey

Try any one or all three separately with an appropriate time interval.

How to use: Apply under the eyes and leave for around 10-15 minutes. Within 30 days you can sense the difference.

Caution: For the 3rd hack, don’t let the paste dry as it may loosen the under-eye skin.

Acne free skin: Pimples have become a dilemma for all age groups and genders.

For an acne-free skin apply a paste of :

  1. Neem + Tulsi + Turmeric powder + Lemon sap

Leave it for 10-12 mins and wash your face with clear water. You ‘ll acquire a glazing skin within 10-20 days free of acne and all other impurities.

2. For Physical Fitness


A disciplined and attainable workout plan unfailingly works out. All you need to do is design a workout strategy that is preferable for you.

I can narrate mine and you can make the various modifications as per you eating, working and snoozing pattern.

My fitness regime is as follows:

  1. 10 Mins of Running.
  2. 10 Mins of Jogging.
  3. 20 Mins of Brisk Walk.
  4. 10 Mins of Stair lunge and Step-up.
  5. 20 Mins of Yoga.
  6. 10 Mins of Plank.

Lastly, exercise that part which you particularly want to get in shape (It may be the hip, waist, tummy, or any other part).

Following the fitness regime and a regular diet plan will help you get a good physique within 3-6 months.

workout plan

One thing you need to comprehend is, “ We can’t fit and flare in one day”. We have to devote ourselves if we wish to achieve anything and the same is the circumstance with our skin and physique. Following a proper workout plan along with proper eating habits will help you achieve your goal, Well, I hope, by heeding the thorough route it might become a speck easier for you to attain your mission.

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