Tips and Tricks4 Easy Steps for Your Eyecare

4 Easy Steps for Your Eyecare

Let’s talk with eyes, as words often seem like lies.

Perfect eyes. Free from dark circles and filled with glaze is what everyone desires. Eye care is essential to maintain their natural beauty and strength.

Eyes convey a lot without our consent and at times drain out emotions unknowingly which may prove perilous on our part. Well, the viewing tool of our body is the most beautiful creation of nature as in its absence, we can’t define or soak in the beauty. Thus, it is our sole duty to keep it healthy, glowing, and beautiful till eternity with proper eye care.

The pair of small buttons fixed below our forehead holds a lot in themselves, emotions, memories, and the magnificence of the unbroken nature. Along with all this, it also wields plenty of pain, as it’s rightly exclaimed that even with tears in your eyes, you can curl your lips to a smile and say everything’s okay!!! And this tension and distress is the major cause behind those black and unsightly eye sacks circumscribing the beautiful little eyes.

eye care and health

Hence, it’s high time we got rid of all the impurities and made our eyes as beautiful and innocent as they were in our childhood. After all, they are that single organ of our body that doesn’t grow with the rest of us and remains the same throughout.

For anything to look fabulous, it has to perform its basic duty, otherwise, artificial beauty is of zero significance. Similarly, eyes are for vision; hence, to help them carry their duty should be our solitary concern, as spectacles more or less are again an adulteration to the pure creation of nature.  

4 Easy steps for Your Eye care

1. Add vitamins to your daily diet for essential eye care

eye care

Essentially, vitamin A is the most crucial vitamin to maintain your vision or eyesight, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only one helpful in keeping your eyes healthy and beautiful. Other vitamins like vitamin E for maintaining the under-eye skin firm, vitamin C for protection from free radicals, etc. are important as well.

Well, the fact that a lack of vitamin A may lead to night blindness can’t be ignored. Thus, vitamin A is the most essential for your aim of getting basic eye care.

2. Applying Kajal not for beauty but insulation as well


Following the old traditions is not such a bad idea, and mostly it proves beneficial. In fact, in many religions, not only girls but boys too apply kajal. Apart from adorning our eyes, it also offers eye care as it protects the viewing tool from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Though not proven scientifically, some theories say that when the burning rays of the sun slam the gorgeous pair of eyes, then kajal acts as a cooling agent, thus insulating it from any damage.

And, it is, no doubt, a powerful fashion statement! Imagine those gorgeous black eyelids covered with a glowing white sclera, and then a raven cover of the shiny black kajal.

Since we are talking about insulation from harmful rays, the best way to protect the lovely little eyes from the burning sun is through sunglasses as it’s affirmed at times to protect beauty we need to actually cover it.

3. Time to get rid of those wicked dark circles

dark circles

One of the most common complaints and a lot of questionable remedies are regarding the stubborn black eye sacks. The glory of perfect eyes is completely eaten up by these circumscribing black bags. The reasons being numerous for their existence, right from dehydration to constipation and biological issues or lack of sleep, insomnia, or just excess of work pressure. But we are here not for reasons, but treatments.

treating dark circles

In my view, the easiest trick to get rid of these dark circles and regain those perfect eyes is through the application of cooling agents, like cucumber extract and mild natural stain removers like potato sap. Keeping yourself hydrated is also an easy step to accomplish as water has its unique ways of healing problems. Following sleep cycles and a proper diet also comprise essential eye care.

Then the question arises is there an immediate solution if we have to head to a party and flaunt these gorgeous eyes? So yeah, you always have an artificial weapon in the name of concealer. But again, a temporary solution is not an ultimate one, hence, you need to get rid of these bags naturally.

4. Get the perfect eyes with the flawless eye makeup

eye makeup

Once you have regained those innocent eyes of childhood you now aim for perfect eyes. Eye makeup may add charm to your look or may completely demolish it. Hence, we need to have flawless eye makeup to flaunt the pair of perfect eyes. Be it the eyeshadow, eyelashes, or even lenses, everything should be properly paired up with your overall look. Following the trends should not be our priority; rather, aim for makeup, which complements you and your skin tone.

eye makeup

One of the best picks in eye makeup is a glimmering golden eye shadow with dark black mascara. Others may be shiny blue eyeshadow to make your perfect eyes look like the shining sky or a deep river and mesmerize all the people around. Glowing green eyeshadow accompanied by white eyeliner is just like the lovely flowers growing in leafy green forest. Well, the choice of eye makeup is completely yours, depending on the place you are visiting. It may be sober or shiny but must make you look confident and gorgeous.

We are lucky to have this beautiful creation of nature, and hence, must put in our best efforts to conserve its beauty. Blessed are those who are able to see the world with their perfect eyes, and feel the emotions with their heart. Thus, value what you received innately as it is priceless.

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