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4 Effective Habits for Your Morning Routines

Morning is the most annoying time of the day. The time when you have to leave the sweet embrace of your bed and go into the cruel, cruel world to face its atrocities.

Not a very pleasant start now, is it? Let’s flip the script, shall we?

Morning is the most beautiful and serene time of the day. The time when you get up, energetic off your bed to tackle the challenges of the day with a feeling of rigor and gusto!

Well begun is half done. Nothing could stand truer to illustrate the importance of morning routines in our lives. So, here we are, with an attempt to highlight the significance of morning routines and some habits that can help you make the most of your day.

The relevance of having a good morning routine

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Take a look at every single “successful” person that you have the ability to come across; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant; every one of them had a very fixed, engaging morning routine.

Intuitively speaking, beginning your day with a sense of accomplishment by having accomplished every task of your morning routine dictates the pace of your day to be a more productive one. There have been numerous studies that link the inclusion of a morning routine with increased levels of happiness, health and productivity.

4 Effective Habits for Your Morning Routines

Now that we have established the importance of having a good morning routine, let’s talk about what you can do to make your mornings a more productive, butt-kicking time of the day. Mind you, the list of habits that we have included is by no means an exhaustive one and is in no particular order. There is no one size fits all equation here. Pick the habits that you feel would work the best for you. (This is our way of maintaining plausible deniability ?)

1. Wake up at the same time every day

At the end, morning routine is a routine, am I right? A routine requires to be a little fixed, rigid and is supposed to make you a little uncomfortable initially. Unless everything is regulated for us, we would embrace all entropy and wake up whenever it suits our whims.

Waking up at the same time every day gives a much-needed structure and order to the entropy-dictated day of ours.

2. Ask yourself a prompting, thought provoking question

Steve Jobs, every morning, would ask himself a question which took the following effect, “If this was my last day on earth, what would I look to accomplish?” Being able to ask yourself a question is an art that has lost all meaning in translation.

The question doesn’t need to be as intense as the one Jobs asked himself, but asking yourself a question like “What all do I need to do today?” or “What am I grateful for?” has a critical outcome. It ignites the brain to think more and consequently makes you able to do more.

3. Eat up!

Even Colossus from Deadpool concurs with me on this one. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” (Read it in a Russian accent for better effect). Kidding aside, it is supposed to be the heaviest, most nutritious meal of the day.

However, our extremely busy lifestyles have made it impossible to get in without feeling guilty or getting late for work and having our boss reprimand us for having a good habit. Make some time for healthy eating habits!

4. Have a straight head for a straighter day

Having clarity is something we all crave for. Has it maintained its elusiveness? Damn right, it has. However, we found that tackling the mental fog in the morning itself makes it harder for it to cloud our judgments later during the day.

Getting your head straight could be accomplished by any activity of your choice; read, meditate, work if you must but have a sense of clarity before you get to the priorities of your day.


We figured that this is the time when you have the flexibility to actually make smart, radical changes to your current lifestyle and hence, we came up with something that is practical, required, and largely applicable! Try these out, and tune in for more life-changing and thought-provoking articles!

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