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11 Effective Steps To Achieve Consistency In Life

What is consistency, and why is it necessary? Is it a habit? Do you feel the need to revolutionize your life? Are you more concerned about the outcome and the struggle of being consistent? If you have all these questions stuck in your head, read this article to understand the concept of consistency a little better.

What Is Consistency?

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In simple words, consistency is nothing but the art of doing the same thing over and over till you achieve what you wish. 

11 Effective Steps To Achieve Consistency In Life

1. Change the Mindset

Change the Mindset
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Have a positive point of view for every task. Be optimistic. Instead of saying no to challenges, accept them as an opportunity to go further in life. If you look at things positively or find something positive in every loss or failure, it will help you change your perspective. Without changing what you are looking at, you can change what you see.

2. Make A To-Do List 

Make A To-Do List
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Every morning or before going to bed, ensure that you pen down the tasks you need to accomplish. Preparing a to-do list will help you stay focused and complete all your assignments in time. Ensure that you add something different to your to-do list every day, which adds an exciting element to growth. It can motivate you to carry on the other tasks that follow.

3. Start Simple

Start Simple
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Break down and simplify your goals into achievable projects. Whenever something feels difficult, try to start simple. If the project is complex, break it down into parts. Be it a Maths problem, a savings plan, or household chores, start small and slowly build up the difficulty level. Jumping to the harder ones first can be demotivating.

4. Do What You Love

Do What You Love
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Start with what you like. If you start with things you dislike, you will drain the motivation early and quickly. If you do not know what you enjoy, try out new activities until you realize what makes you happy and what does not. In every task, find what you like and divide those activities evenly to keep yourself motivated. Listening to music while writing assignments can be a way of cheering yourself up. Discover what you love and lead with it.

5. Avoid Procrastination

Avoid Procrastination
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Procrastination acts as a crucial barrier to consistency. Procrastinating things keeps you from moving ahead. It will waste your time and reduce your productivity. Studies show that those who procrastinate suffer from a high level of stress and low well-being. Instead of falling into the endless cycle of procrastination and anxiety, compel yourself to get to the task.

6. Avoid Negative Self-Talk 

Avoid Negative Self-Talk
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Do not expect yourself to excel at everything. There will always be things you will need help with or difficulty coping with; avoid blaming yourself. If you feel lazy and unwilling to put in the effort right now, do not hurt yourself by degrading yourself. Take your time to work on things, believe in yourself, work hard and stay motivated.

7. Work At Your Own Pace

Work At Your Own Pace
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We all have our ways and time of getting things done. If you are a slow learner, start ahead or before time so that you do not have to stress out later. Do not rush things and do the task at hand just for the sake of doing it. Find the flow at which you can work best. Be the turtle, not the hare.

8. Don’t Multitask

Don't Multitask
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If you want to be consistent at something, you cannot multitask. You have to give each goal or activity its due time. While achieving a goal, dedicate yourself to understanding and accomplishing the task in its entirety. Don’t be distracted by other activities or the tasks ahead. Focus solely on the present.

9. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead
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Always have a plan to act as a map to achieving your goals. Take a piece of paper and write down your life goals in the centre. Now write down the hustle necessary, the path to achieve this goal and the hurdles that lie ahead. Follow the concept of mind mapping to get a clear picture of where you are heading. Planning makes you prepared for uncertainties. 

10. Be Regular 

Be Regular
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Consistency is all about being regularly present. If you skip a day, then you may have to start all over again. If you tend to avoid a task often, create an alternative, think of plan B. Write down how you will get yourself back on track.

11. Find Your Ikigai!

Find Your Ikigai
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Ikigai is nothing but your purpose of waking up every morning. Find your purpose. Everyone has an Ikigai within them; discover it. Try something new every day to get closer to understanding what matters to you. If you love what you are doing, there will be no worrying about consistency.

Remember that being consistent is not trying too hard but doing things effortlessly and regularly. It can be achieved either by doing the things that help you achieve the state of flow or finding joy in the things you do. Understand yourself, understand how you function and start by taking small steps but never give up.

Consistency becomes achievable when you do things you like, and with a little effort, it can become your way of life. Just keep at it!

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