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10 Reasons Why Expensive Weddings Are A Waste Of Money

People nowadays are very much inclined towards having a lavish wedding. And with the boom in social media, weddings have become more about impressing people on social media and flaunting in front of them, rather than focusing on the people in question. Expensive weddings are a waste of money and have a lot of consequences attached to them. Let’s discuss whether a lavish marriage is good or bad.

10 Reasons Why Expensive Weddings Are A Waste Of Money

1. Not A Promise Of A Happy Marriage

Not A Promise Of A Happy Marriage

Expensive weddings are a waste of money because they are not directly proportional to having a happy marriage. According to various stats, the more money spent on a wedding, the less likely it is to end in a divorce. Spending more money on your wedding doesn’t promise you a happily ever after. Focus on making your wedding memorable for yourself, which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

2. Save The Money & Buy A House

Save The Money & Buy A House
Source: Money Crashers

Spending hefty amounts on a wedding is a waste of money and obviously not wise. Instead of that, you can use that money to pay the down payment of your dream house in which you are going to live. These things are going to bring you happiness and peace for the rest of your life. So, if you look closely, in a way, you can understand if a lavish wedding is good or not.

3. Weddings Are Stressful

Weddings Are Stressful
Source: Verywell Mind

Weddings are anyway stressful events. Expensive weddings are a waste of money as they can also bring the couple into debt. They might end up regretting it for the rest of their life. Instead of making it a huge affair, focus on making it more of an intimate experience. Enjoy your small and less expensive wedding rather than taking stress and tension, which will eventually ruin the main day.

4. The Idea Of A “Dream Wedding

The Idea Of A "Dream Wedding"
Source: Pinterest

Having a dream wedding is on the bucket list of a lot of people out there. But it is high time we start thinking more effectively and get it in our mind that expensive weddings are a waste of money. Save your money and the planet and cherish the idea of having a beautiful intimate wedding instead of having the “dream wedding.”

5. Unnecessary Extravaganza

Unnecessary Extravaganza
Source: DWP Insider

In just the last few years, Indians spent billions of their money on just weddings, which shows how expensive weddings are a waste of money. Having a big fat wedding serves no purpose, but it is merely a waste of resources. Families go over the top to make it more and more extravagant, which is entirely unnecessary.

6. No Check On Spending

It often happens to people that they don’t keep track of what they buy once they start spending on things. We feel we are adding more minor things to the cart. But it turns out to be a huge sum in the bill at the end of our shopping. Now when we are going to shop for our wedding, we often forget expensive weddings are a waste of money and keep on buying jewelry, dresses, makeup, and other things that are not even on our list.

7. The Extra Affair

The Extra Affair
Source: Broadsheet

A wedding involves inviting all your relatives, friends, and acquaintances who might not even care about your happy life or happy marriage. When most of them only come to enjoy, because it is a wedding ceremony, we spend money on expensive plates. Also, a lot of rituals include presenting gifts to the relatives of the in-laws. This again is the reason why expensive weddings are a waste of money.

8. It Brings In Lavish Gifts

It Brings In Lavish Gifts
Source: Birthday

Make it easier not just for yourself but also for your guests. A lavish wedding might make your guest uncomfortable and obligated to bring lavish gifts for the bride and the groom. Without even knowing, these expensive weddings are a waste of money as they never take into account the financial position of the guests. However, most of the guests would feel the need to present you with something that would match your status because nobody wants to be a topic of gossip by giving cheap gifts.

9. Criticisms Are Eternal

Criticisms Are Eternal
Source: Manhattan Bride

It doesn’t matter how much over the board you go for your guest, but expensive weddings are a waste of money. Certain people will always talk ill about the wedding, the food, the bride or even the decor. So, instead of making it a big affair for them and spending a huge amount of money on people you don’t even like, save it for your future.

10. Inviting Everyone

 Inviting Everyone
Source: Papier

You don’t have to invite each one you know to your wedding. This way, you are not only going to save your money, but you are also going to help the planet. Invite your family and a couple of close friends instead. Focus more on having an intimate wedding rather than having a huge one.

When you will be getting married, keep it simple, keep it low-key. People might not appreciate it. But your parents will have less stress and will genuinely be happy about you getting on with one of the important parts of life.

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