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6 Interesting Facts About The Waste Management Industry

Hello people! Are you ready to let go of your garbage? Well, of course, everyone wants to get rid of their garbage as soon as possible. When we watch the garbage truck come and take away the waste, we breathe a sigh of relief. But how does the waste management industry manage it? How does it make sure that our environment stays squeaky clean and free of diseases? Let’s find out!

The waste industry grew into a full waste management industry when the population started growing and people started adding more and more trash to the already existing waste on a regular basis. Nowadays, there are various kinds of waste and multiple ways to handle them.

The Waste Management Industry
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From the moment you throw something away to the moment it ends up in a landfill or a recycling industry, there are a bunch of people and tons of processes that happen in the middle. They also make a lot of money from this trash. Let’s see if it is worth the shot.

1. Some places are charged for the amount of waste they generate

The Waste Management
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In case, you weren’t aware, waste management is funded by local and national taxes. That means you need to pay a certain amount of tax for the rubbish you generate. This is just a strategy to reduce waste generation and make citizens more aware of the garbage they produce. Some areas reduce these taxes if you recycle your trash often, which is another good strategy to make people aware of the importance of recycling.

2. There are a lot of companies that thrive on waste management

The garbage trucks you see roaming around in the neighborhood, collecting trash all day, are actually hired by multi-billion dollar companies. Some of them have specialized in multiple types of waste including the recycling process. The households pay around 12-20 dollars per week to the waste management industry and they make a huge sum of money out of the whole process.

3. Bill Gates is betting on waste management!

One of the richest man in the world with a bet worth of 90 thousand dollars has actually invested in a waste management industry, which is known to serve more than 20 million Americans. Since waste is going to be around for coming centuries, it is definitely a very good investment to make.

4. Countries that have poor waste management export their waste

Countries that have poor waste management export their waste
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Countries with poor waste management have to export waste to countries that manage it so well, they need more to keep the industry running. Sweden is slowly moving towards a zero-waste country and they recycle all of their household waste. Poor countries like Iran export their waste to Sweden to make space for the new waste. Waste management industry has a great scope to increase the number of jobs and complete the energy circle.

5. Waste can be turned into electricity

Waste can be turned into electricity

It’s not always a good option to pile up waste in landfills as it can lead up to a lot of nasty side effects and that includes severe pollution. When the waste can be recycled then why can’t it be turned into electricity. There are plants set up that are making millions of dollars out of generating electricity from waste. The UK exports about 3 million tonnes of garbage to European plants and imports it back as electricity.

6. There is an Uber-like service for trash

Uber-like service for trash
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When Uber was launched, people thought they had the best ideas in the transportation world. This concept has now been introduced into waste management as well. Some smart guys working in Rubicon have come up with a sustainable cloud-based service for waste. They developed a mobile app for picking up trash on demand, also keeping in mind about the cost-saving alternatives.

It seems like communities spend more money on trash rather than on schools and parks. I am sure, you will be looking at waste management industry and your garbage in a new light, now that you know where does it go.

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