Food4 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

4 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

It is no wonder that so many digestive and nutritional supplies, gas pills, and digestion aids are now available in the market. Most of these conditions probably start with incompatible food combinations. This is a matter of great discussion in the midst of the growing concern about diet and the many theories.

Incompatible food combinations can lead to confusion and can contribute to contaminants, allergies, and other imbalances in our digestive system. Now let’s look at some of the familiar food combinations, if taken, can cause serious health issues.

4 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

1. Beans And Cheese

Beans And Cheese
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This combination is very common and familiar in Mexican cuisine. But did you know that the combination recipe of cheese, beans, hot sauce, and Guacamole is super unhealthy and it can even cause bloating gas, and other digestion related problems? Unlike the general idea, however, beans don’t provide you with gas alone. If you have a weak digestive system, try not to make cheese and beans both at the same time.

2. Burger With Fries

A tray of this popular food combination can result in the formation of a charcoal-like substance through over-cooked foods with high levels of fat, conservatives, and other chemicals. The French fries combined with sugar in potato can create cytokines which can cause inflammation and speed the aging process. Yeah, we often order these fries without even thinking, to go with our burger and pizza, but this can cause severe health issues unknowingly. The trans fats in both food items, as the burger patty and chips are both very deeply fried, lower the blood sugar level in our body causing you to feel tired and sleepy.

3. Dessert With Alcohol

Dessert With Alcohol
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Let’s talk about sugar and alcohol two things that are still the largest parts of our favorite indulgences that have been somewhat demonized in the wellness world. A good glass of wine or a delicious piece of cake is part of a balanced, rounded diet. If you eat clean, it can contribute to your overall health! But it is one of the incompatible food combinations. Sugar can act like a drug and can lead to major health problems. It is a toxin, and it becomes strenuous for your liver to metabolize easily. It is the same for alcohol. Both of these can significantly contribute to weight gain.

4. Bananas And Milk

Bananas And Milk
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Summer is knocking at the door, and this is the best time you can order a super exotic banana smoothie to start the day with. While bananas and milk have been combined in chilled milkshakes for many years, they may pose various health risks. This food combination is not recommended by doctors because it can be extremely harmful to the body. You can take milk first, and eat bananas after 20 minutes if you want to have them.

You also need to avoid milkshakes that are made out of bananas since this may hinder the digestion process and can affect your sleeping pattern. Bodybuilders and individuals who want to gain weight and strength to achieve high-impact training have this as a good option whereas it is not recommended for people with allergies, including asthma patients since it produces mucus that contributes to respiratory problems. It causes heaviness in the body and may slow down mental activity.

Try these healthy and green food alternatives instead.

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