Food4 Best Green and Healthy Foods To Complete Your Day

4 Best Green and Healthy Foods To Complete Your Day

Neither starving nor an unsavory diet, all we aim for is flavorful but healthy foods. It’s conceded that good food lifts the mood. Hence, I welcome you to the world of food where there’s no suspicion or guilt, only joy, and equilibrium.

Green, as a color, symbolizes benevolence and balance. The universal emotion stabilizer spreading positive energy all around also helps in maintaining the equilibrium of your diet. Thus, all the healthiest green foods, right from leafy veggies to citrus fruits, make it to the list of healthy food items. Now apart from fiber, you look for zest in any grub so here we come to your rescue. Offering you some amazing ways to add flavor to your daily healthiest green foods. Here are recipes for all whether you love sweet and juicy fruits, green and healthy foods, veggies, or spicy meat. From raw grains to simmered chicken, all healthy food coming your way.

4 Best Green and Healthy Foods To Complete Your Day

1. Mount Your Day With Nutritious Breakfast

Mount Your Day With Nutritious Breakfast
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Sprouted grains salad is my favourite way to start fresh with every new day. Right from benefiting your skin, and hair to serving as the promising low-calorie food, sprouted grains are just the best.

How to make it flavourful – Take a bowl of sprouted grains and add some tasty fruits to it like pomegranate, grapes, chopped banana and cucumber, depending on whatever is easily available. Now, some spices to enhance the taste like black pepper powder, ground cumin, black salt and finally a few drops of lemon sap. You can even garnish it with freshly chopped coriander leaves, it tastes wonderful.

Your breakfast is all set, just munch it. Where sprouted grains are rich in protein, various fruits work amazingly for your skin and health. Pomegranate serves as an oxygen mask; it prevents gluttony. Similarly, the rest are rich in vitamins, thus, boosting your immune system. Coriander leaves are best to garnish any diet as they facilitate digestion by destroying the stomach worms.

Enjoy your sweet, sour, spicy, and robust snack.

2. Try The Homemade Healthy Food

Try The Homemade Healthy Food
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Iron is a necessity for the proper functioning of the body. From nourishing us with energy and stamina for the days work to protecting us against diseases. Iron functions in numerous ways, yet, the topmost is its task of aiding in carrying oxygen to the blood. Thus, a food rich in iron served the best for lunch.

I am talking about the leafy green spinach highly rich in iron. When cooked with fresh cheese or paneer, it is mouthwatering. Palak Paneer as we call it is one of the best healthiest green foods I am familiar with.  

Where the green spinach is filled with iron and other vitamins, paneer or cottage cheese is no less. It works as a natural source of folate, thus, directing better production of red blood cells. Being rich in calcium, it strengthens our bones and teeth. Well, more healthy when homemade i.e. (chhena).

3. Here’s Your Innovative Evening Snack Mania

Here's Your Innovative Evening Snack Mania
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Bored with eating junk food and wondering how to make your evenings healthy but savory? Here’s your answer, try the colorful vegetable poha or pasta. Loaded with green vegetables like broccoli, capsicum, chilies, coriander leaves, and lovely red carrot, this is a healthy snack suggestion for foodies. Pasta is a universal love but most of us are often worried that it may impact our health, so give up the worries and enjoy your yummy vegetable pasta or if bored, you may replace it with poha.

This healthy snack primarily consists of cabbage which works as your inflammation checker and lowers the blood cholesterol levels. Raw or cooked, in both the forms it consists of amazing health benefits. Cauliflower apart from adding taste to various food items prevents us from belly disorders.

Capsicum, rich in vitamin C keeps the skin youthful and helps in maintaining the natural shine of our hair. The garnishing component of carrots consists of plenty of nutrients, but the benefit of it being simmered is that it becomes a source of beta carotene. Thus, power-packed evening snacks are ready to be served hot and spicy.

4. The Non-veg Delight For Your Dinner Table

The Non-veg Delight For Your Dinner Table
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Chicken stuffed pepper! Try the chicken slices covered with green bell peppers. Sounds yummy, right? But what’s nicer is that it’s even healthy. All the non-veg lovers are mostly concerned about their increasing health issues like fatty liver, or obesity and this prevents them from enjoying the tasteful meat. Here, to your rescue so that non-veg food is no more a guilty pleasure.

Stuffed in bell peppers which are highly beneficial for our health right from benefiting our eyes and skin to treating the ruptured brain tissues, it works in incredibly amazing ways. It detoxifies the blood and reduces anxiety. Even meat is full of vigor, hence, the perfect combination for a healthy recipe.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
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As it’s claimed that salad is not a meal but a style, so we must try to merge green salad with every diet we consume. Good health requires good food, and the food you gobble up can either serve as the safest and most substantial form of feast or the quietest form of poison. Thus, make sure you eat savory and spicy but fresh and healthiest green foods.

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