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20 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

In this face-paced world, it is super essential to keep our mind, body, and soul healthy. It is believed that it takes us 21 days to form a new habit. And I like to think it’s never too late to pick up new habits or start something new, which is good for us.

To keep up with the world and keep our balance restored, here’s a list of 20 habits for a healthier lifestyle. Because what good is this life is we don’t keep ourselves in check and stay fit.

20 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

1. Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early
Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle – Wake Up Early

‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,’ well, I guess they weren’t all wrong about that. Waking up early has been proven to be beneficial for our bodies.

It’s during the morning hours that we are most alert and have better cognitive abilities. But that’s not all; getting up early gives us a whole lot of extra time to pace ourselves for the day. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and have time to enjoy a cup of warm tea while listening to the birds chirping. The quietude sets us in a lighter mood which leads to better productivity throughout the day.

2. Have A Warm Glass Of Lemon Water

Have A Warm Glass Of Lemon Water
Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle – Drink More Water

We all know how good it is to keep our bodies hydrated. What’s even better is to have warm water with a few drops of lemon in it. Lemon water aids in digestion, improves our skin, and regulates metabolism. It’s like a complete cleanse for our body. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate!

3. Meditate

Image Source : CaTimes

Meditation is a technique to focus on one thing, usually our breath, to achieve a state of calmness. Its benefits include reduction in stress levels, and generating feelings of compassion and kindness. It is a beautiful habit to develop; it leads to a better life and helps us regulate our emotions. Meditating for even 10 minutes a day brings tremendous change to our well-being.

4. Eat A Wholesome Breakfast

Eat A Wholesome Breakfast
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Having a healthy breakfast packed with nutrients is the best way to fuel the start of the day. Research has proven that it’s the most important meal of the day. When we eat a wholesome meal in the morning, we are less likely to nibble on snacks throughout the day.

5. Get Moving

Get Moving
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Most of us have jobs that need us to sit behind a desk with our eyes glued to a computer screen. Spending the majority of the day like that is not ideal. So it’s essential to take out time for movement between work, whether it’s a quick walk outside to get some fresh air or a 5-minute stretch-your-body session.

6. Stay Mindful

Stay Mindful
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Mindfulness means to be fully present in whatever we do. Be aware of your breath, your surroundings, your thoughts. And every once in a while, inhale for 5 seconds. Hold. Exhale for 5 seconds. It’s a quick reboot for the system and a habit that leads to a healthier life.

7. Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Meals
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Balancing work life and staying fit often clash out. With a busy schedule, we are quickest to neglect our health and our meals. Meal planning is a beautiful habit to inculcate for a healthier lifestyle. It allows us to take stock of what we are consuming and prepare a schedule for our meals beforehand.

8. Eat Slowly

Eat Slowly
Image Source : HealhtiGuide

More often than not, we tend to rush through our food. Slow down. Take the time to eat each bite, which makes it easier for our body to digest and makes the food tastier. Relish those flavours, and when you do, your body is going to thank you.

9. Reduce Sugar Intake

Reduce Sugar Intake
Image Source : DietDoctor

Consuming refined sugar is bad for our health. But what about those midnight sugar cravings? Try switching to natural sugar alternatives like jaggery or coconut sugar instead.

10. Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New Everyday
Image Source : Pinterest

Learning something new every day Taking time to learn something new breaks older patterns of functioning. It allows our brain to focus on something other than our daily worries. When we learn a new thing, we tend to feel confident, and it’s true what they say; knowledge is power.

11. Read For At Least 30 Minutes

Read For At Least 30 Minutes
Image Source : IndulgeMe

Research shows that readers are more empathetic and have better mental and physical health. Reading also helps us calm ourselves down while increasing our vocabulary and knowledge.

12. Train Your Muscles

Train Your Muscles
Image Source : Pinterest

Exercising or Working out is a sure shot way to lead to a healthier life. But taking out 20 – 30 minutes every week to train our muscles is an even better habit to take on. Muscle training increases our strength, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and improves our mood.

13. Journal

Image Source : Everyday Health

While staying fit, we often forget to take care of our mental fitness. Every night before going to bed, take some time out to write down your feelings. Slow down and connect with your inner child. Know what you’re feeling and take charge of those emotions for a happier and healthier life.

14. Self Care

Self Care
Image Source : CrmhFoundation

Take a nice warm shower, massage your body, nourish your skin and your hair. Sometimes, after a long day at work, a warm bath and self-love is all you need.

15. Digital Detox

Digital Detox
Image Source : WomenFitness

Schedule a digital detox every day, where you take the time to be away from technology. Use that time to relax and unwind.

16. Sleep Well

Sleep Well
Image Source : NYTimes

To function at our best and to be productive, it is imperative to sleep well. As we’re growing up, we tend to stay up late binge-watching Netflix and end up sacrificing our sleep. Sleeping 7-8 hours every day is a sure fix to a healthier life.

17. Declutter

Image Source : Registry Partners

Take out time to declutter and organize your environment. Throw or donate the things you don’t use and only keep what you need. At all times, try to keep your space tidy. The space we are in is a reflection of our mental state.

18. Take Some Time Off

Take Some Time Off
Image Source : NostalgiaDairies

Often, our work takes over, and it gets harder and harder to come out of the rut. When things get that hard, take some time off. Pack your bags and take yourself on a mini-vacation because sometimes, a little break gives a fresh perspective on life.

19. Be Grateful

Be Grateful
Image Source : Forbes

Living life with a thankful heart is the best way to increase our vibration & live happily. Keeping a positive attitude and feeling gratitude is essential to living an abundantly healthy life.

20. Smile More & Be Kind

Smile More & Be Kind
Image Source : FirstPost

Smiling is an instant mood booster that has many other health benefits too. It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. But other than that, a tiny smile goes a long way. Your smile and kindness could make someone else’s day a little better too.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle enables us physically and mentally to tackle the stress we might face in our lives. It’s indeed tough to make changes in the way we’re living life. But don’t get overwhelmed; start small. Consistency brings change, slowly but surely.

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