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5 Habits That Are Blocking Happiness

We are looking for it everywhere! Whatever we do, a constant thriving pressure to find happiness is always persistent. Happiness is that key that is somewhere hidden in plain sight but we are not able to reach it. But we have some habits that are blocking happiness that we are unaware of.

The entirety of the human race is running behind happiness. Primarily doing what you like is the mantra behind it. That what people think.

We are hell-bent on giving you happiness. For sure reading, the stuff we give you is always aimed to put a smile on your face. But there are some habits that you if you incorporate, would help you lead an extremely happy life.

5 Habits That Are Blocking Happiness

1. Blocking All Them Feelings

Each emotion induces separate different kinds of feelings within. These feelings range from a multitude of diverse ones like good, bad, sad, happy, angry, confused, etc. But there can come a time and a situation, where we are told to not keep every emotion on display. The question arises is whether or not it is good to carry on this habit?

Around us, a million times it is heard that boys don’t cry, girls don’t show anger, women shouldn’t be too loud, etc. All these are emotions repressed. 

According to studies, keeping the negative emotions under covers will also make you unresponsive to feeling any incoming positive emotions as well. Go for ways that help to keep that negativity at bay and let happiness take the wheels.

2. Don’t Hold Grudges for Happiness

There are people who have their hearts on their sleeves. These people are the ones who aren’t comfortable keeping anything inside. No words or feelings just pass through them casually. They analyze and speak out whatever positive or negative they have to say. 

On the contrary, there ones who will let every word or emotion strike very hard and they keep it inside until it pinches them. These people are very apt in keeping grudges. 

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Living life in a way like the latter one is a sure shot way to block any happiness. When you keep grudges, there are negative emotions that automatically attach to it to. In short, a beaker of negativity and frustration is what you will turn into. This habit of keeping grudges is not something, those happy go lucky people adopt. In addition to being cranky, sad, and depressed all the time; holding grudges will also lead you to become exposed to a lot of health issues too like depression and acute cardiovascular strokes. Holding grudges will only make you hurt yourself. Where’s the happiness in all this?

3. Way Too Much Competition and Comparison

This is by far the one that is most commonly seen out there. In every sphere of life, if you just compare and let the green monster ride your back, there will be very few instances in your hand that will actually make you feel happy. 

Keep in mind, that everyone succeeds at a different rate, at a different time, and in a different field. Nobody can compare the success of a content writer to that of a figure analysis. Both the fields are totally incomparable. The logic here lies in just concentrating on your own space and happily doing what’s best. Making comparisons and putting in a lot of unhealthy and unwanted competition will lead you to the road down misery in some time.

4. What xyz Has to Say?

Another toxic habit that steals your happiness is being a way too inclined on what opinions others hold. People obviously will have something to say about this thing or that. But what you select out of the pool of things they have to say is the real deal. Be wise and let only minuscule of things affect you. 

Best is to take what others have to say at face value. Constructive criticism is cool but making your life and all its decisions based on someone else’s opinion is a great tragedy. Analyze your work yourself. What others have to say and mostly those insignificant ones aren’t required at all.

Here also comes in handy advice from those experts. They opine that those who are majorly dependent and live off the advice of others, can have mental health issues like depression and anxiousness, plus they won’t be able to project their personal boundaries.

5. Don’t Let Your Past Dictate 

Seriously what’s the point in dwelling on the past? When the past overrules your thought process, there is so much you are missing out. Basically, the current happiness is what you become blinded to. A study showed that those who are more into the present are happier and feel connected to the world. Throw your past out of the window as there are better plans awaiting you.

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Try to learn from past experiences and not let the past rule. 

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