Food6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

We all like to snack on things between meals or while those ‘Netflix & Chill’ sessions. But what do you do when you’ve decided to cut down on your big packet of Lay’s? Becoming health conscious and choosing to eat right sometimes feels like a struggle, or at least it did to me, initially…until I found these brands that make healthy snacks.

Here is a list of some of the snacks you can binge on without feeling any ounce of guilt.

6 Health Conscious Brands That Made Snacking Fun Again

1. Snackible

Image Source: Snackible

Snackible started up in the year 2015, and they were one of the first to push boundaries to make healthy snacks. They were bold enough to experiment and have done that wonderfully. Snackible has everything you could possibly think of. From the Flavoured Makhanas to right up to those amazing BBQ BeetChips, they make healthy snacks for those mid-work cravings that truly won’t alter your waistline. My favorite from their lot is the Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies. And they are deliciousness in a biscuit; I got to say. I absolutely love how they experiment with different ingredients.

2. The Green Snack Co

The Green Snack Co
Image Source : GreenSnackCo.

The Green Snack Co. is also out there, making the experience of binge snacking better for our bodies. They make healthy snacks catering to those who wish to eat better. They have a whole range of snack foods, from makhanas to super seeds.

What caught my attention, though, are their Kale Crisps. Kale is a super healthy green vegetable to consume. And to be able to eat that as a crispy chip-like snack that is healthy, is in my opinion, pure brilliance. So I know these Kale Crisps are soon going to be my go-to snack. These healthy snacks aren’t fried or roasted and are made with 100% natural ingredients. Oh, and did I mention they’re all gluten-free? Healthy snacking – all the way!

3. Gouri’s Goodies

Gouri's Goodies
Image Source: Gouri’s Goodies

Gouri’s Goodies started as a way to shift the founder’s own family towards healthy snacking. From breakfast mixes to energy bars, the goodies are delicious and rich in protein & fiber. I loved the variety in the energy bars and energy balls and also how they experimented with different flavor profiles. Their Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Bites sound like an absolute treat. To have that in place of those regular biscuits during your evening tea..totally makes eating healthy fun!

I also keep thinking about all those sweet boxes we receive as gifts on special occasions.. how they almost always get wasted as we don’t eat processed sugar anymore. Gouri’s Energy Ladoos seems just about perfect for gifting too, as they are both healthy and tasty.

4. Go-Desi

Image Source: Go-Desi

Go Desi is another one out there doing great things. They source straight from the farms and add in zero refined sugar and preservatives. The delicious goodies that they make are full of flavor and healthy for us. The way they work also ensures the good of everyone involved, and that is absolute brilliance. The Go-Desi Imli Pop sounds like a complete delight. If you like candy treats every once in a while, you must totally try Go-Desi!

5. Epiphany Snacks

Epiphany Snacks
Image Source: EpiphanySnacks

Snacking on something that’s delicious, high in protein, has no added sugar…all our dreams coming true, aren’t they? Epiphany Snacks makes all that happen & more. They’ve come into the markets with their amazing little bite-sized healthy snacks. The snacks that they call ‘a bit full of happiness & health’. So if you are a fan of those crunchy snacks and health conscious, you know what to get for yourself now.

6. The Healthy Cravings Co

The Healthy Cravings Co
Image Source : LBB

The Healthy Cravings Co. makes Jowar Snacks from 100% natural and homegrown ingredients. Their slow-roasted makhanas and puffs come in a bunch of flavours. They are full of flavour and are perfect if you like snacking on something crunchy. And as the name suggests, it meets those cravings in the healthiest way possible.

Whether it’s midnight sweet cravings or a complete lifestyle change into eating healthier…you now have these health-conscious brands supporting you all the way through. Sometimes it’s the tiniest of things like not finding what to eat during hunger pangs that let us down. Now all that’s taken care of with delicious snacks that you can load up on your kitchen shelves. That way you eat better and be healthier and surely, live happier!

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