Food8 Healthy Eating Habits you should Stop and Adopt

8 Healthy Eating Habits you should Stop and Adopt

Eating being quintessential for human survival is one of the things we do every day on a loop. Plus healthy eating habits are even more important. For this reason, solely, Abraham Maslow has paired up food along with shelter and clothing under the first broad category of his Hierarchy of Needs.

Only when one is able to calm his stomach can he move up in the Hierarchical scale of needs. Most of us eat food with an absent mind. We don’t not savor the food we eat. Before the eyes are able to taste the food, someone blocks the view with a camera.

The #foodselfie is the reason why your phone gets to eat your food first! Many healthy eating habits like such are what bring to your screens. 

8 Healthy Eating Habits you should Stop and Adopt

1. Decoding Unhealthy Eating Habits 

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Unhealthy eating is not just the greasy double patties extra cheese and mayo burger that you eat. (Read that again to make your mouth salivate!). Healthy eating habits can also be the way you eat your food. So first let’s figure out the unhealthy ways you eat your food. 

2. Gadgets on the Table

The biggest and the most significant problem we all face in either of the three meals of the day is where we bring gadgets to the table. Without a doubt it is these gadgets that draw your attention from the food on your plate to their tacky screens. If you don’t see what you eat, how will you be able to feel and appreciate what you put in your stomach? 

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Moreover these gadgets hook you up to them and nobody on the table makes a conversation.

3. Eat At Least 1 Meal Together 

Be it with friends, family or roommates make it mandatory to eat together for at least one meal. Among all healthy eating habits, this one brings you closer to family. Eating together this way will promote a more homely feel and a wholesome eating experience. From the point of view of building family integrity, eating together is essential. bring about positive changes in your routine and begin today.

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Also as mentioned above, take no gadgets along. 

4. Being a Nitpick Eater

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It can become quite annoying for others when you are fussy when making food choices. Whatever is up on the table should be up for grabs after saying grace. This shows presence of healthy eating habits. Being choosy will only lead to deficiencies. It is totally fine if you have allergic concerns. But besides this if you don’t like a certain food items, try to adjust when in a public location.

5. Eating Food too Fast or Too Slow

Neither gobbling food nor keeping food out in the open for long hours is healthy. Eating too fast can result in weight gain, bloating and higher chances of choking. While on the other hand eating too slow can cause your food to become cold and it won’t be of the same consistency or taste. Healthy food eaten with good company with the best company makes for good healthy eating habits.

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6. Wrong Food Choices You Make

Along with the above poor eating habits, there are also some food choices you make, that are detrimental to your health. 

7. Excess Dairy, Sugar and Carbohydrates

woman with a doughnut
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For sure those macaroons and large triple chocolate shake taste yummy. But they are bad choices. Once in a while is acceptable. But if you find reaching for them too often, then there is a problem. These three evil sisters will not only increase your weight but are also known to induce acne and pimples. Keep it balanced and everything in moderation. This the greatest out of all healthy eating habits to adopt.

8. Depriving Yourself

You can only stick to such diets as long as you don’t faint or it doesn’t begin to show up on your face. Such extreme diets can take a toll on your body and can negatively affect your immune system. Here are various diet plans to follow.

Tell us in the comments below about which of the above healthy eating habits you can adopt.

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