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6 Healthy Habits Once should follow in your Daily Life

Now that we’ve talked about how to break your bad habit, let’s look at 6 things that you could do and develop into healthy habits to replace the vice that you’ve endeavored to overcome. Please note that they are in no specific order, which means no habit is better than the other.

6 Healthy habits Once should follow in your Daily Life

1. Reading


Remember the time Ms. Gretchen was always standing at our heads to have us come prepared with the reading designated for the class and we being the hotshots, never did that? Turns out, she was right. Reading is one of the best habits to pick up. It improves our creativity, focus and attention spans. Plus, we get to sound like smartasses in front of our social groups.

2. Volunteering


It is immensely gratifying to help other people. It is proven that volunteering has positive impacts on our self-confidence, happiness and provides us with a sense of purpose. It also helps in countering the impacts of anxiety, stress and anger. In chronic cases, volunteering has also helped in fighting depression.

3. Exercising


Exercising helps our brain to secrete all sorts of feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which have direct and long-lasting impacts on our happiness and confidence levels. An additional benefit is you not looking like a slob and appearing more attractive and making it easier for you to move around and engaging in your everyday tasks.

4. Gardening


It’s almost weird, but researches show that people who have flowers in or around their offices, homes, yards or work desks tend to be happier that those who don’t. Also, gardening invokes in us a sense of responsibility, because of, you know, the plant whose existence depends on how much attention it gets from you.

5. Planning your day in advance


How cool would it be to know what would the overview of your day looks like every day? Do you know that it can be done? Yes, genius! Planning our day gives us a sense of certainty and this certainty translates to less distractions, including being distracted towards the triggers that we talked about a few moments earlier.

6. Meditation


Meditation does not mean sitting for hours on end doing nothing, with our eyes closed like a yogi! Research has shown that practicing mindfulness for as little as three minutes a day boosts creativity, improves decision making ability, and makes being happy easier. Just sitting in silence and observing the thoughts that we are having at any moment is a great start.

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