Travel9 Hidden Gems In Himachal Pradesh

9 Hidden Gems In Himachal Pradesh

When someone just says ‘Himachal’…. my eyes light up! Any parts of Himachal in my opinion are gorgeous. The warmth of the people, the mountains, and the freshness in the air…. what’s not to love about it right?
But what if I told you about some hidden and lesser known villages of Himachal … now that would surely make you want to visit this beaut and will make you a mountain lover! (:

9 Hidden Gems In Himachal Pradesh

1. Nako

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Unspoiled, serene, and gorgeous to look at… this little village in the Kinnaur district is one to visit if you like going to the lesser-known places. It’s mostly popular amongst the lot that likes to trek and love nature. This lakeside village along the Indo- China border is nothing short of beautiful. The fresh mountain air, the Himalayas all around, and a blue lake….. if that’s not gorgeous, I dont know what is!

2. Chitkul

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Slightly difficult to reach and the last village along the China border is Chitkul. A study revealed that Chitkul has the cleanest air in all of India and well it’s believable. The village is known mostly for its apple orchids, well apart from the picturesque views.

3. Komic

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The Spiti and Lahaul region has some gorgeous tiny villages, Komic is one of the lot. It’s known to be the highest village in Asia and undoubtedly has some amazing views to offer. Everywhere you turn around you would spot nothing but beauty. With a 500 year old monastery and hamlets and hills, you can hike around…. it makes for a perfect adventurous vacation spot.

4. Dhankar

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Tucked between the towns of Tabo and Kaza is Dhankar, which at one time used to be the capital of Spiti. It is said to be one of the most stunning places in the valley. It’s bowl-like structure and the monastery on the mountain top make the visit totally worth it. Dhankar is absolutely noncommercial which makes it even more gorgeous. The glacial lake encircled by snowy peaks is my favorite bit in the village.

5. Barot

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About 67 km from Mandi is this beautiful village with some breathtaking views. Barot, the newly found paradise, is a perfect getaway if you like adventure and nature. A secluded village surrounded by the gorgeous deodar forests, its beauty all around. While you are there you could go trekking or even go fishing in the Uhl River.

6. Malana

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The ancient village of Malana is one of the oldest democracies. Known as a Cannabis Haven this village grows its own Malana cream hash. Weed lovers from around the globe find their way to this paradise. Its beautiful and stunning views I would say are reason enough to visit the village.

7. Tosh

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Located near the hills of Kasol in the Parvati Valley, Tosh is another one with some unparalleled beauty. Fresh mountain air, raw beaut, and the views of Parvati …. it make for a peaceful retreat and are perfect for your quest for inner peace. It’s also home to a trance party if that’s something that excites you.

8. Kaza

In the remote Spiti valley is this town called Kaza. Home and base for several treks, it is a loved place by mountaineers and nature lovers alike. Snow-capped mountains all around make Kaza a secluded hamlet in the valley.

9. Janjehli

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Another beautiful one in the Mandi district is Janjheli. With its hilly slopes, deodar and pine trees, and trekking routes it’s one lovely village to visit. Paradise on earth some like to call it, I wouldn’t disagree…. especially after witnessing a gorgeous sunset in this village.

Oh lovely Himachal the feeling of living in old houses, enjoying pahaadi meals and that fresh mountain breeze. The mountains are calling and we must go?!

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