Spirituality8 Hobbies Recite A Lot About Your Personality

8 Hobbies Recite A Lot About Your Personality

Pastimes or what we conventionally name hobbies seem to recite a lot about our inclinations, our way of occupancy and gawking at life, in brief, our all-around personality.
It’ll be more clear if we consider a real-life illustration, like the moment one exclaims “I love playing cricket” we respond as “then you must be a huge buff of MS Dhoni, and aspiring to become a cricketer like him.” Hence there are millions and billions of unique personalities as there are people around the globe. Your personality is shaped by hobbies and habits hence you need to understand what personality your hobby reflects and the genre in which you can give your hundred percent, hence excel.

8 Hobbies Recite A Lot About Your Personality

Starting with the few common ones and then some real weirdos.

1. Listening to music

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For those who love music, they do so because music makes them shirk the worldly conspiracies and brings out the creativity hushed up in them. If you are a music devotee you conceivably aspire either to become a musician, a singer, a dancer, a lyricist or maybe none of it and just listen to music in your leisure period for entertainment. Altogether, you are someone who wants to lose yourself in the melodious notes as it helps you to bring out the best version of yourself.

People who are either spiritual, health-conscious or believe in the purity of self. One of their favorite pastimes is :

2. Yoga

Yoga is the emblem of stability. If you do it with unconditional allegiance you possess the best concentration power.
As a yoga enthusiast, you love peace and harmony. Austerity may be something you want to aspire to. Your mantra is to live healthy, with a free spirit and you are strongly inclined towards cleanliness of your soul. The most appropriate field of work for you is as an influential speaker, counselor, yoga teacher and much more.

Moving to some solitary ones:

3. Sleeping

To some, it may sound really weird that how can sleeping be a hobby but as I said initially- diversified people and diversified hobbies. If you love to sleep and spend all your leisure time doing the same then you are a daydreamer who is contributing zero percent towards breathing those dreams. You possess an easy-going stance towards anything and everything. To you, sleep may be a cure to all your dilemmas and also a ripe delight but people around may dub you Mr. Lazy, still, it doesn’t bother you much as your hobby soothes you.

Next up are some exciting pastimes.

4. Shopping

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You believe in tasting the variety of life. For you, every day is a new day and comes with a fresh color so you wish to hail it with a new wardrobe. To some, you might look extravagant, but you love to flare and don’t care what society reckons. The best-suited job for you is as a marketer, fashion model and similar.

5. Probing your photo gallery

Some of us have made glorious memories and ventures and all we love to do is reminisce about them every now and again. Those who have elicited this as a hobby are either obsessed with oneself, love to gawk at their own pictures or are very much immersed in their old recollections. You are presumably not relishing life as you enjoyed in the yore and therefore striving to find your prosperity through the recollections. Well, you need to comprehend that life is a roller coaster of cheerful and tragic incidents and should try to commit your valuable juncture effectively.

The next genre is for people who enjoy life and are blithely removed from any sophisticated ruse.

6. Travelling


The nicest means to infer what niche one abides in the realm is through travel.
If you love to explore the world, mother nature and all-new alleys round the golden globe, it’s your genre. You are best suited for jobs of cruise ship work, flight attendant, International aid worker and many more. You can mold yourself as the atmosphere demands and that’s one of your best traits.

7. Eating


You are a foodaholic and can surpass all tiers to fulfill your cravings. In love with flavors of life and enjoy blithely the spices of all grub. Zest is always your discretion. You truly believe in the saying that we got only one life and we should live it to the amplest, hence, you don’t worry much about what tomorrow may surprise or startle you with.

Lastly, for today’s generation:

8. Surfing the internet

The common notion, to which all of us abide, the web. The Internet has become a ritual: without surfing the web at least once, our day doesn’t come to a verge. If you are a netizen, this is your arena; you have an infatuation towards the web and are always glued to the keyboard, for some purpose or the other. To a netizen, there are a variety of options to choose from; it can be decent, nasty, constructive, futile, solely depending on your usage. Your gadget is the world to you and perhaps you can’t visualize vitality without it.

hobbies and the future
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Well, the catalog of hobbies will never show up an edge; there’s a lot more than aforementioned but the main aspect is to understand that your hobbies shape your personality as well as the future. Hence one needs to be careful and differentiate between a hobby and an addiction. Where hobbies characterize the complete you, an addiction defines that part of you which is just tormented with something or someone. Now the choice is yours, whether you want the entire you or a mere part of it.

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